Silicon Wafers Are Used In Electronics

Silicon wafers are semiconductor devices used in many electronics today. Even though they sound like a snack, they have a very important job. They are used in making computer chips by many manufacturers. These tiny little wafers have a big job. You cannot find any electronic device anymore that does not contain one of these.

Silicon is a conductor of electricity. When altered it cannot only conduct electricity but can also be used as an insulator. The amazing thing about these wafers is that the main ingredient in them is none other than beach sand. We all know that sand acts as a conductor for lightening but that technology is also used in computer and electronic circuit boards.

The sand used to grow the wafers is monitored very closely. The sand must be kept clean and free of debris. If the process is contaminated, it can make for a faulty connection. Growing silicon wafers is done in a strictly regulated environment and handled with great care by experienced technicians.

During the thin film manufacturing process, wafers are produced in a variety of sizes and specifications. Composition includes many different things before fabrication is complete. They are then handled with care and packaged for distribution.

Wafers are cleaned with a special compound to make sure their consistency is not altered in any way. This cleaner is a weak acid so as to remove any kind of impurities or to take care of any issues caused during the sawing process. The sawing process is used to make sure they are the appropriate size needed for the application.

The different sizes are for different applications but is determined by the mechanical strength of the components. Although sizes vary, wafers are generally manufactured between 100mm and 300mm in diameter. That makes for a very tiny, yet very important piece. These parts vary in price and are dependent on size and usage.

The machinery used to manufacture these parts can cost as much as a small factory. For such a little thing, the expense is great but when they are so necessary in electronics there is no way around making them and making them correctly. Generally they are made of silicon for electronics applications, but other materials are being employed as well.

These little pieces are used in many different electronics in the world of today. Computers being the obvious but others include cell phones as well as any digital appliances. Silicon wafers are a main component in anything digital. With the conductor insulation aspect of the device a wafer must be used. They are revolutionizing the world of electronics as we know it.

The silicon wafer is also commonly referred to as an IC, chip or microchip. We see commercials everyday for microchips, computer chips and processors without even realizing what these little microdevices are. Consumers are only interested in the end device, but you should know that the silicon wafer is one of the most common, most necessary building blocks to almost any electronic device you own.

Just think, this tiny and in today’s world necessary device was discovered by accident it has changed the world of electronics as we know it.

Samsung Galaxy S2- The True Name Of Technology

In today’s advanced living mobile phone is one of the most important need of a person these days. Samsung is one of the leading manufacturer in market that has grabbed attention of many people. This smart handset has been filled with several astonishing features and applications that makes it truly worth for buying. Till now Samsung galaxy S2 is rumored and this smart handset is not yet officially announced in market.

According to the sources Samsung Galaxy S2 comes furnished with several fantastic features which makes it really a fantastic device. Users can find Samsung Galaxy S2 with many latest applications and features that are enlisted below:

Eye-popping Applications that keeps you updated

Social networking integration.
Digital compass.
MP4/DivX/WMV/H.264/H.263 player.
MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player.
Image/video editor.
Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF).
Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa integration.
Voice memo/dial/commands.
Predictive text input .

Get A better view –

Samsung Galaxy S2 can give its customers a better viewing option as this superb device has a 3.7 inches of Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors and along with the size of 480 x 800 pixels.

Its Display has been made more attractive with the additional features which makes Samsung Galaxy S2 really an alluring handset.

Gorilla Glass display.
TouchWiz UI.
Multi-touch input method.
Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate.
Touch-sensitive controls.
Proximity sensor for auto turn-off.
Swype text input.

Additional Features :

Samsung mobile phones are always recognized for their better performance and it is only with the multimedia feature that Samsung mobile phones comes installed with. Customers can find Samsung galaxy S2 furnished with many features which are some of the most important part of the handset.

High resolution camera- Samsung Galaxy S2 has a inbuilt camera of 5 Mega Pixel that comes with the resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and additional features like Geo-tagging, auto focus, touch focus, face and smile detection which provides you with the enhanced picture quality and makes your photographs look lifelike.

Samsung Galaxy S2 runs on the operating system of Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread) that comes added with the 1.4 GHz processor which makes that smart phone a better performer.
The larger internal memory of Samsung galaxy S2 has been added with the option of micro SD card that expands the internal storage space up to 32GB so that users can store their favorite music, videos and other favorable stuff in the vast storage space available.

Digital Camera Binoculars

Many bird watchers are enthusiastic about any new binocular that guarantees the best possible view of birds in the bushes. Although man such promises remain unfulfilled as the conventional binoculars do have some limitations and that is why many bird watchers are not satisfied with the results. The trickiest part is in watching small birds hidden in thick bushes or woods. With any ordinary binocular it would be next to impossible to spot the bird, and hence it is more or less useless in such situations. But the needs of the bird watchers do not go unanswered; at least the new technology is there to help them with what they want. One such new edge product is the digital camera binocular which is precisely what the bird watchers need.

A digital camera binocular is a device that not only exceeds the conventional bird watching binocular with its amazing clarity but also helps to capture and store the image with the help of a high resolution digital camera. Not only that but these binoculars will help you shoot short video with help of the integrated digital camera while you are bird watching or doing similar activity. This is the biggest reason of making this kind of binoculars highly popular among the birdwatchers. The digital camera binoculars not only help you to watch the action up close but also to capture and store it in a digital format wherever necessary.

On size aspects, the digital camera binoculars are bit bulky due to the digital camera if compared to the conventional bird watching binoculars. But with the features it offers, the little bulk is agreed to by the birdwatchers. In the digital camera binoculars the camera is mounted in between the shafts of the binocular eyes. This helps in getting the perfect as I see it, shot while you are bird watching. Most of these digital camera binoculars dont suffer in binocularity. In fact they have the same zoom options and optical quality that you will find with any of the standard bird watching binocular. On comparing with the standard binoculars the digital camera binoculars are quiet inexpensive with the feature they offer. With the increasing popularity, many binocular manufacturers have started integrating digital cameras onto the binoculars giving the buyer more options to choose from. While you look for a new digital camera binocular, remember to compare it on the features and look for few aspects like video capture options, LCD display, image resolution, objective lens size etc. If budget is a constrain, you can decline the video capture option from your digital camera binocular and go for a still digital image capturer. In all, these binoculars have given a new high to the birdwatchers and have made them launch into the wood more often.

What Are Anti Virus Software – Anti Spyware Software & Computer Firewalls & What Can They Do For You

Now that most people use the internet these days, it is a very good idea to make sure that you have good quality computer security software installed and protecting your computer. Anti virus software, anti spyware software and having a hardware or software firewall are now essential for everyone using a computer and here is an explanation why this is so.

Anti Virus software protects your computer from virus threats that can contaminate your computer and can slow down your computer, damage your files or even damage your computers hard drive requiring you to reformat your hard drive and needing to reinstall your operating system in order to get things back to normal. So as you can see anti virus software is an essential thing to have if you want to keep your computer healthy and free from viruses.

It is not enough just to install the anti virus software however, you will also need to keep it up to date in order to protect your computer from new anti virus threats, fortunately this is easy to do as most anti virus software programs let you update their anti virus files over the internet.

So what is anti spyware software exactly? Well anti spyware software is another kind of security program which protects your computer against all kinds of undesirables, such as spyware, keystroke loggers, malware, tracking cookies, dialers, trojans and unwanted commercial software. All of these things should be removed from your computer so that your computer security is not compromised. A good quality antispyware software program will protect your identity from unscrupulous people, hackers and fraudsters so that you can have peace of mind.

A computer firewall is either a software program or a hardware device which only allows authorised users to access your computer system and stops all unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer through the internet or a network. So a firewall stops malicious users from accessing your system and this is absolutely essential if you use the internet, especially if you have an always on broadband connection on your computer.

So which is better to have a software firewall or a hardware firewall? Well a software firewall will give you good firewall protection, but the absolute best firewall to have is a hardware one because this is even harder to get past for a malicious user.

So in summary, if you do not already have an antivirus program, an anti spyware program and a firewall, then you really should look into getting these things as they will save you a lot of hassle and worry in the future.

Cam And Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the automation that uses various computer-aided design tools that guide engineers, architects and other professionals in their design activities. It is considered to be both software and special-purpose hardware. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is a software process that directly converts the product drawing into the code format enabling the machine to manufacture the product. CAM is used in various machines like lathes or milling machines for product manufacturing purposes.

CAM allows the computer work instructions to be given directly to the manufacturing machinery. It also uses algorithms for planning and controlling the fabrication processes. As a part of the design process, these algorithms are also used in the CAD systems during the manufacturability tests. The mechanism of CAM was developed by Computer Numerical Machines (CNC) in the early 1950s. The system was directed by a set of coded instructions in a punched paper tape.

Integration of CAM with a CAD system designs and develops the manufacturing processes quickly and efficiently. This integrated mechanism is used in key areas such as the automotive, aviation and furniture industries. CAM is considered to be a very expensive system, which ranges over $18,000 for the computer system along with the software.

Design processes and the machining are more simplified with the help of the CAM system, which is used in CNC manufacturing. A 3D environment is used for a CAM system to work with the CAD system in most cases. A CAM system can efficiently control and manage various applications done from a single computer system. This makes the process much easier and faster; computer reprogramming is relatively simple and allows for faster implementation of design changes.

A CAM system controls the factors involving the data verification during manufacturing; panelizing the design to fit in the raw material; and editing and adding manufacturing information. Mechanical engineering and electronic design automation are the key areas where the CAM system is used. Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing (ICAM) and Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) are the major manufacturing mechanisms that are involved in the CAM system.

Automotive Electronics Enhancing Your Driving Experience

We are living in a digital age where we are completely dependent on technology for our day-to-day tasks. There are endless observations that justify this statement like there are advanced medical equipments that help doctors to treat patients, innovative kitchen tools are there to simplify your everyday kitchen tasks, and even cars have become smarter nowadays to make your driving experience better and safer.

All these tools are of great help in making our lives more convenient and safer on a regular basis. From kitchen tools to the automotive electronics, all of these are designed keeping modern day demands in mind. These days you will find several new things in the automotive market such as anti-lock brake systems and electronic stability controls, which fall under the category of automotive accessories. In this enormous world of smarter technological advancements such accessories are ruling above all the others. There are numerous examples like electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, and other prominent features that are quite smart yet safe automotive electronics.

Auto electronics have these days come up with lots of useful features like Smart start car starter and automatic weather adjuster that make our drive comfortable. Such devices help our car transform into a vehicle with a better performing engine comprising and more adaptive entertainment systems along with a lot of safety features. These features are much more superior to its predecessors.

Automotive Electronics that are used in the Modern Car:

Control Area Network or CAN – There are many computers that can run a modern car. The CAN is a network of computers, which have a vital role in different functions of the engine along its peripherals. The CAN works like a bridge for different computers so that they can communicate with one another and keep everything well coordinated. CAN is responsible for many functionalities including the ABS, cruise control, and engine management.

Fuel Efficiency- Automotive electronics is very budget-savvy and can save a car owner’s money spent on fuel consumption. It is done through the EFI or Electronic Fuel Injection technology that ensures engine’s optimum fuel consumption. In hybrid cars, it is even flexible for a driver to switch easily from gas to the electronic power supply while driving the vehicle.

Safety Devices- Most safety systems are controlled by automotive electronics. Devices such as Traction Control, Electronic Stability, Acceleration Slip Regulation and Dynamic Steering wheel ensure the maximum safety of the driver as well as the passengers. Even the timing of opening the airbags during a road collision is also controlled by the new automotive systems.

Added Features- Today, you can even see some cars that can even park themselves without needing driver’s assistance. All the calculations are done by a computer only, which makes sure that the car will not hit anything, simultaneously taking care of other cars and different objects in the surrounding.

There are numerous suppliers of auto accessories like in Buffalo, NY who can offer you such devices for enhanced safety, efficiency, and convenience.

Advantages in Installing Wireless IP Security Cameras

wireless security cameras are designed with latest technology and they transfer images using digital data over standard Ethernet cables or across a wireless link. Unlike other cameras they are easy to install and use. Earlier security cameras were used in limited areas, but now the wireless cameras are installed in homes, offices, restaurants, hotel corridors etc. These inbuilt web server cameras can be used anywhere inside or outside your house or office.

Wireless IP security cameras are used by business people as well in homes for various security reasons. The most important utility of wireless IP security cameras is that it can be used in places of remote surveillance. This camera can be installed easily in office receptions hence business people prefer this handy easy to use cameras. If you are a busy businessman and away from your office on an official trip, there is no need to worry about your office as the IP security cameras allow you to monitor your office even while you are away from home. In advanced countries people use these cameras for monitoring their baby and for keeping an eye on nannies. Many office goers leave their kids or elderly parents with maid servants. How do you know whether the servant is taking care of your baby properly or not? Fix this camera and watch their activities from your office. Wireless IP security cameras are handy and can be placed anywhere unlike the web cameras that has to be at a specific distance. Encryption built in IP cameras paves way for secured network. So, IP models are free from interference.

You can have a pleasant and tension free holiday if you have installed wireless security cameras in your home. In foreign countries people who go out of station on vacation fix this camera in their house to scare away burglars. Some also threaten the burglars by hanging a notice Hidden camera fixed inside. This alarms the burglar to run away from the area. You can watch your house even from thousands of miles away through the computer hence safety of your home is assured. Wireless IP security cameras can also be used in home swimming pools to monitor your children from your computer.

So, by having a wireless IP security camera, you can monitor your business or your home from anywhere in the world. Even though the costs of IP cameras are slightly expensive due to the hi-tech technology, this utility product is best for large organizations where surveillance is necessary. The only disadvantage you can point out from the wireless security cameras is the requirement of higher bandwidth. This camera delivers clear and fast pictures only with higher bandwidth which is not required for analog cameras. But the facilities are unlimited when compared with traditional cameras so spending some dollars for this utility product is not a waste.

Wonderware Application Server application in the telecommunication trade

Wonderware Application Server is in one of the earliest successful cases of Asian-Pacific area: Succeed in applying to the power monitor system of the telecommunication bureau of Zhuhai. Project background: The intersection of Zhuhai and municipal the intersection of telecommunication bureau and the intersection of utilities equipment and central monitoring system, establish in 1995, finish second stage and the intersection of Y2K and transformation of issue by 1999, after more than 5 years of construction, 25 telecommunication machine floor (more than 3000 exchange offices)s spreading over Zhuhai urban areas and suburbs at present Within controling range. The operation operating position for many years shows, this system is really unattended operation of floor of realizing machine, maintaining and playing an important role with the management in the utilities equipment, has already become the important tools of routine maintenance of utilities equipment and management. However, to be objective, because the existing system relatively designs and develops early, software and hardware and system architecture are basically disposition and design based on DOS, WIN31 system, have already made the backwardness at present. Design controlling the capacity as 10000 o’clock, 7000 multi-points of in-service use, the system capacity has already been close to the saturation, cause the systematic speed of response not to reach the normal requirement of telecommunication bureau in the province. Meanwhile, the long-term run without breakdown of system, the part calculates the hardware device wears out, damaged or has already been close to the life time, most computer equipments of forward end needed changing, because the update cycle of the computer products was generally 2~3, the computer producer of the type has already no longer produced at present, can only adopt the computer of the new type. But the design of the existing software system was based on the general computer operating platform 6~7 years ago, the operating system is DOS/WIN32, are limited to computer technology and operating system at that time, the application software relies on the computer hardware to a great extent, with the change of the computer type, it is existing it is systematic for application software and last problems incompatibles a series of hardwares that change newly ‘ for instance: The industrial computer changed newly must adopt ISA total collinear display card, this card has been already eliminated on the market at present) . Backward computer software and hardware technology, close to the appearance of the incompatible with software and hardware scheduling problem of system capacity of the saturation, make the telecommunication bureau of Zhuhai realize the overall staging transformation of the existing system is not only urgent but also necessary, therefore propose motive force and environmental centralized monitor system upgrade transform the scheme. The system architecture is based on the above-mentioned staging demand of the telecommunications of Zhuhai, we decide to adopt Wonderware Industrial Application Server as the developing instrument of system nucleus, mainly have the advantage of being following out of it: 1. This technology of adopting object-oriented technology has reduced and developed work capacity greatly. Take diesel engine generator as examples, we are analyzed and find the diesel engine generator of each suboffice of telecommunication bureau of Zhuhai, no matter how different his type, manufacturer are, analog quantity and switch quantity property controlled but it is uniform. Such as three-phase output voltage, three-phase current, starting battery voltage, oil level and power supply of fuel tank to point out etc.. Therefore, we adopt AnalogDevice of Application Server, Switch two kinds of basic Template cooperates with User Defined Template to design the general diesel engine generator Template, and inherit in a plurality of suboffices, have reduced and developed work capacity. 2. Powerful the intersection of alarm and the intersection of handling capacity and flexible multistep report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance attribute disposition, and can inherit between Template and Instance, because the telecommunication bureau requires analog quantity to adopt tertiarily and report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance to deal with, Hi, HiHi, HiHiHi, Lo, LoLo, LoLoLo we has already adopted UDA and Script logic to realize easily the above-mentioned rigorous application is required. 3. Can realize data communication with Industrial SQL Server8.0 very through MDAS conveniently with the integrated ability of seamless of other Wonderware products, and all these are finished automatically; Intouch can be visited to the real time data of controll point that greater than 64K clicks easily, needn’t safeguard Tag Dictionary here; The high alert data concurrent implementation that Alarm Logger can inquire about producing to Application Server distributedly is stored; I/O Server can realize the real-time data communication with ApplicationServer through DDESuitelink Template. All these let us realize Application Server strong system integration ability. 4. Upgrade ability in the collinear system because of the applied particularity of telecommunication bureau, a lot of modifications and maintenance work all require the system not to stop. ApplicationServer advantage of purpose of just having this that can’t think, can Instance that Undeploy run then revise it dispose Deploy commissioning but will influence other communication of Instance and accuse of again behind the attribute Make. 5. Strong systematic configuration ability at present, there are more than 5600 simulation, switch quantity to run in the first stage of transfermation project of the telecommunications of Zhuhai, we can distribute the load on many Galaxy nodes conveniently, high performance and stability of the implementation system. And all these are diaphanous for Intouch View. 6. Systematic structure chart The project summarizes visual software and data acquisition equipment of this system combination, succeed in controlling the operation of different power equipment offered by different telecommunication strength apparatus suppliers in the native country of China. This system real-time monitors all key power equipment of the telecommunications of Zhuhai, provide the main voltage transformer for user in real time, exchange the distributor, apparatus present voltage, electric current, frequency, power, temperature and humidity value such as rectifier, voltage transformer, reserve generator, backup battery, air-handling unit. Industrial Application Server of ArchestrA can become the intersection of monitoring software and important constituent element of platform, mainly: Within life cycle of the project, can expand easily, the staging is systematic; Meanwhile, it possesses to highly characteristic that the dispersible apparatus goes on system establishing, middle centralized control; In addition, Application Server is through adopting various apparatuses of the whole enterprise’s standard module integration, thus saves a large number of project expenses; Finally, it makes project and maintenance charge reduce by a wide margin with the ability of numerous apparatuses that the system can manage. Project this confirm through General Administration of Telecommunication and the intersection of post and telecommunications and expert that academy of sciences organize by province will it be April 25 2003 already, and obtained the outstanding project certificate. Has already come into operation at present, every technical indicator reaches or exceeds the systematic designing requirement, users respond well. Regarded as the system integration traders and long-term cooperative partners of Wonderware at the same time, we feel proud for success of Application Server first actual application case in China too. At present, Wonderware Company cooperating with concerted effort, seek and develop with the telecommunication bureau of Zhuhai together.

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Old Fashioned Cordless Phones Vs. New Dect Technology Phones

New styles of cordless phones, like DECT phones offer new features and more static free audio than that of older cordless phones. DECT phones are pretty much the latest technology in cordless phones.

DECT phones are gaining popularity in homes that are using a land line telephone service. Phones today offer more functionality; for instance the DECT has a base station, similar to all cordless phones. However, DECT phones expansion to other DECT phones in the house. With these phones, you can add other handheld, wireless phones to the base. Furthermore, other DECT phones can be purchased for the home and family members can speak to each other in the home on DECT phones – just like a walkie talkie would work. Also, the range with DECT phones has increased over the years to allow users to travel further distances while they use their DECT phones. These new phones use a different frequency that makes the call as clear and as crisp as being in the same room as the person you are talking to. The cause of the better clarity is the higher band frequency that is very reliable and not subject to interference from other things that use radio frequencies like baby monitors or wireless personal networks.

Cordless phones are reasonable in price these days because of more cellphone users. Howeverwith the presence of DECT phones, cordless phone sales are insignificant. DECT phones come in many different designs like digital numbers and way more functionality and capabilities than regular phones. DECT phonescan usually give access to email, a very crisp sound, and robust video capabilities. Additionally, DECT phones can give users as much as 24 hours of actual conversation on one battery charge. Other cordless phones can go up to 5 if you’re lucky DECT phones come with a plethora of voice mail and talking features that make it an all in one base of communication. DECT phones can also be used for office level communications and can be installed over an already existing computer and telephony system.

The many features and functions make a DECT phone a much smarter purchase than a cordless phone. As technology grows, DECT phone manufactures find things to build upon to add even more tools and services. Nowadays, there are many brands of DECT phones, and so, there is a wide range in price. The cost depends on the design, and additional audio/video capabilities of the DECT phone. As always, the more higher-end brands tend to be higher in price. Also, cost depends onthe type of DECT phone. As aforementioned, there are DECT phones out there for corporate sized telecommunication needs; these DECT phones are much more expensive because of the added functionality and ability.

Kajoin Motion Detection Toilet Brush Hidden Camera Dvr Support 16gb Tf Sd Card

By using our new recording technology in our Toilet Brush, we have eliminated the requirement of additional recording equipment for a covert system. Sporting Motion detection,30FPS, for real time recording, For ease of storage the hidden DVR camera system records directly to a TF SD card.

Over the years, we suply products that have built a solid reputation and innovative, pioneering Hidden Video. And now, we especially proud to announce our latest line of Covert hidden video solutions with state-of-the-art specifications you won’t find anywhere else!

Check out these high-tech features: D1 high resolution, 640 X 480, 30 FPS extensive frame-rate or 30 FPS , 16GB TF SD card capacity for up to 10-12hours of recording embedded video time & date stamp And all this for the same price as lesser technology! When you need Covert Video, we deliver only the best with more bang for your buck!


Video Resolution: 640×480
Frame Rate per Second: 30fps
Video Format: AVI
Video System: NTSC/PAL
Embedded Time/Date Stamp: On video and Position Selectable
Storage Media:1GB-16GB TF SD card
Firmware Upgradeable: TF SD card
Battery type : Lithium-ion 1800MA

Package Includes:

1. Toilet Brush camera DVR 1 pcs
2. Charger 1 pcs
3. USB cable 1 pcs
4. Manul 1 pcs

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