Android App Developers Nyc And Android Easy Platform For Apps Marketplace

Android is the worlds most admired mobile platform that uses open source software to build android apps. It provides all operating without charging any license fees. It has the ability of merging with approximately all browsers that is why you can make it well matched with any browser. In USA, there is a struggle among mobile developers is escalating due to innovative versions of mobile platforms urbanized in the marketplace. Undoubtedly, every android app developer in USA or elsewhere wants to turn Androids sizable segment of marketplace share. This open source software platform motivates android app developers to construct magnificent mobile apps. Ever since it started, Android has become immeasurably popular and well liked by loads of mobile apps development communities.

Android stage is influential in providing precise information mandatory for mobile users with speedy information assembly techniques. It has capability of significantly dipping progress time and hard work required and this helps in carrying out the project rapidly and without difficulty. For Android mobile apps developers NYC, this facilitates to stay in front of the competitors continually. Android Development tools are simple to apply and execute, so every Android app programmer can utilize this without difficulty. It does not involve having knowledge of any language for Android app development and one can effortlessly execute better with the active awareness and capability or talent. The subsequent are the reasons why many of the Android developers / users prefer it:

Chief benefit is that Android is an open source podium at no cost. Numerous manufacturers can invent a range of software weighted down on the Android structure.
Android exhibit system can be altered to horizontal or vertical which make it easier for the mobile user in getting an ample representation.
Person who is using Android constantly can download and install quite a few programs free and can open numerous windows right away.
Android phones also work as a router to share Internet.
The mobile user will gain from having an ample variety of mobile apps to decide.
Even though it is dependent on the carrier, mobile users will be capable of customizing a mobile phone via Android. It will be a never foreseen experience for them.
Due to the growing popularity of Android, companies have cropped up with such ground breaking products like the place alert services that will offer mobile users the information they need.

USA has been a great place for app development. This rises from the fact that Android mobile consists of Android operating system, Android SDK as well as android middleware. SDK is the vital podium that provides android app developer essential tools and technological props for budding apps and APIs. One of the finest things about Android is that it has Linux based platform. It facilitates completely simple understanding of surroundings and the central part functionality for construction of magnificent apps for smart phones. It has ability of rising from its existing point and provides the finest solutions. There has been a great demand for Android apps & Mobile Apps Developers NYC understand the importance & ease with android app development in USA.Leading Android app Development Company NYC leaves no stone unturned to gel creative ideas of application development when Google android platform is so easy to work on. There has been a great competition in USA for quality mobile app development. In NYC, there are a number of Android app development companies which are benefited from quality open place of Google Android platform.

Catch Your Unfaithful Boyfriend With An Android Spy App

Years ago spying was one crime that led many people to jail for years but in 21st century especially after patriot act, it is more of a legal thing to everyone. After ending up in a relationship we all fear or get jealous with the fact that our loved one is not engaged with the other person. Normally women think; what if he really is dating someone else? Then there are chances the boyfriend might leave a girl with only one statement ‘we should see other people’. There are several ways to keep an eye on your loved one. One of them is Android Spy App.

For many people using this spy app would be more like ‘love had handed me an awful dilemma, should I install the app in his/her mobile or acquire full feature app for full mobile spying’. Android Spy App certainly would tell each and every thing that a mobile does, including those images, videos and even text messages. Over here you might be thinking that every mobile keeps a record of all saved messages, pictures and videos etc. but when there is an Android Spy App in a mobile not only every single picture taken in a mobile will be displayed but also those deleted pictures will be shown to the user.

Android Spy App is an amazing thing to use. For girl friends, wives it is a good thing as it will help them to track their boyfriends from every single angle. The app will allow women to see what their boyfriend, husband is doing. At what time they received that unknown SMS, when were those pictures taken and most of all who has been calling their man at the middle of midnight and at what frequency? These few features are enough to understand their man’s chemistry and also the app will define the time since their husband or boyfriend has been cheating on them.

In short Android Spy App is software that will expose cheating men but this all thing is not women only. Men who fear their girls are cheating on them can also use this app to monitor them. Especially in an app like Copy10, there are no special features for men; everything is the same as it is for women. The difference can be that men might understand this app better than an average woman does. Spying on someone can be end of relationship, which is why it is strictly advice not to use the device for the sake of fun. Each one of us has a personal life and none of us would like anyone to interfere in it at all cost. Therefore, when you register and download that app in the mobile of your loved, make sure you know what you are doing and why you are doing, as relationship is more important than having fun with android apps.

Why an Android Tablet is the Only Device College Students Need

College students often have to be extremely creative in terms of getting the tools they need; especially when those tools cost money. They are experts at living on a shoestring budget that gets the most out of their dollar. This is precisely why an Android tablet is an excellent choice for college students.

First and foremost, college students need a computer that is affordable. With Android tablet devices starting at under $275, the affordability factor is easily taken care of here. This is the main reason more and more college students are switching to an internet tablet. Android powered devices are taking a huge part of this market. In general, when students go on campus, they have access to more powerful computers in labs. Therefore, an Android internet tablet is really all they need for at-home use. Why buy something that isnt needed?

With most campuses offering free Wi-Fi throughout, an internet tablet is a viable choice to sit around the campus and get work done. No more staying cooped up in the dorm with a lonely desktop computer! Android devices effortlessly connect to public Wi-Fi spots; including the local coffee shop.

Students can also avoid expensive cell phone plans when they own an internet tablet. Android supports Skype and is a cheaper and more convenient alternative to cell phone plans. This is especially convenient for use on mini tablets that are the size of a cell phone! This provides students with the opportunity to have a phone-like device without the annoying monthly fees of a cell phone plan.

Android tablet computers also have high quality recording capabilities, which come in handy during lectures. Students now have no choice but to ace their next exam.

Perhaps the most obvious reason that college students only need an Android internet tablet is because they are super portable. Since students already have backbreaking textbooks to haul around campus, a light and portable computer is a great way to not add to the load. Now if they would switch all the textbooks to e-books, walking around campus would be effortless.

Internet tablets are truly an all-in-one wonder that is taking the college community by storm. There will be no more buying fifty different devices just to take full advantage of technology. With an Android-powered tablet, all of these functions exist in one sleek, ultra-portable device! What else could one ask for in a tablet?

Mircomax Android Mobile-the Right Choice

Micromax has been in the market for quite some time and within that span has created a top position for its devices in the mobile market. Consumers love Micromax mobiles due to their advanced features, good looks and the affordable prices that Micromax has been setting their devices. There are plenty of mobiles from Micromax that can provide great facilities and help you stay connected with anyone from anywhere. The Micromax mobile price is one of the attractive aspects of the mobiles that come from the Micromax.

The Micromax A70 is a good Android phone that has compact dimensions and come with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and displays 262 colors. The screen is 3.2 inches and comes with a great camera of 5 mega pixels that can give stunning pictures and is a VGA camera with video recording. The price of this mobile is Rs. 8499 approximately. The Micromax A60 is yet another Android phone that comes with a 2.8 inch resistive touch screen and has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The camera integrated is 3.15 mega pixels that can provide excellent images and has various features as well. This is an affordable phone that can cost you only Rs. 4449 approximately and comes with various connectivity features like the high speed internet browsing and is 3G enabled. It comes with WI-Fi, GPS etc and comes powered with Google Android 2.1 clair OS.

Micromax 3G Android full touch phone A75 is an excellent dual SIM mobile with dual standby slim phone and has been equipped with big screen messenger Whatsapp and the social networking sites help users to update their status anytime and anywhere. The screen is 3.75 inches and comes with full touch screen that is very responsive. It features 3G and runs on Android 2.3 ginger bread. The mobile will cost around Rs. 8,499. Users can also buy the Micromax A85 superfone dual core Android mobile that is a GSM phone. This is a Smartphone that has plenty of features that are attractive and fun to use. The Micromax Android with 3G and WI-Fi connectivity A60 that comes with a 3.2 mega pixels camera and has various social networking sites and plenty of connectivity options as well. The price of this mobile is Rs. 4,399 approximately.

The Micromax Android price in India has been set with great care and keeping in mind the budget conscious people.

Whatsapp Messenger Installation – Android Tablet

As per the report, since last few years area of using mobiles phone has raised by many points; and due this it has created on more class of community which is using the smartphones. Till the today on this WhatsApp Android platform we have discuss the advantages of WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Plus and many more.

So, today we will familiar you with something new regarding the WhatsApp for Android. Be ready to know how to utilize Whatsapp application for an android tablet. Following is step by step for using WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet.

The basic is that if the WhatsApp app is not installed on your tablet then it is very simple to download it from android market. So, in the first step one has to reach to android market to download WhatsApp Messenger.
Then in second step simply install the file expert for this application.
In the next phase open the file expert
Select the first page
Once you have opened that then need to wait for its loading.
After loading the application , jump to select whatsapp messenger application for your tablet.
Now the main step comes where you have to connect your phone and copy the apps out; however, this phase comes only when you have a laptop or PC.
Paste this app
Start installation

In case if you dont have a system (Laptop and PC), then you can use drop box for purpose of uploading it. However, once the uploading has been finished you can download it.

Now, the key phase come when the application will required input for a number,use tge number of your phone. So, in this case you will get a twxt with a verification pin. Simply, you need to paste this pin for the whatsapp messenger on your Android tablet.

This is easy when you have contact for whatsapp. But what when no contacts, so that time where to put contacts on android tablet? Dont worry following is solution for this question

Take your android phone -> open file expert -> settings.
Apk settings -> Hidden apk system (Makes it show)
Select the tab of my app from file wxpert -> open
Then let it to load and you need to have a look any contact, contact storage, apk, contact sync
Copy files -> Paste them android tablet ( medium can be used anyone either pc
PC, Bluetooth or dropbox)
Start installation.
Fill up your contacts
Save those filled contacts

So, see how it is too simple for installing Whatsapp Messenger on your android tablet.

Best Practices For Android App Development

According to a recent report published on, Android finished 2013 strongly, showing year-on-year share growth across 12 major global markets including Europe, USA, Latin America, China and Japan. The constantly growing popularity and market share of the mobile operating system will encourage many enterprises to invest in Android app development. With more and more companies entering the app market, mobile app development on Android has become both challenging and competitive. So enterprises, nowadays, must implement several best practices to effectuate their mobile application development.

Best 6 Practices for Mobile Application Development on Android

1) Concentrate on Aesthetics

The aesthetic appeal of the application will have a huge impact on its popularity. Before checking the features and functionality of the app, many users consider its visual appeal. So the UI/UX design must complement several screens and mobile devices. As you cannot predict the mobile device of the user, the look and feel of the app must be checked across multiple mobile devices.

2) Make the Navigation Intuitive

The Android app can further keep the users engaged through efficient and intuitive navigation options. You can always deliver richer user experience by optimizing the screen hierarchy. For instance, you can optimize the lateral navigation feature of the app by including tabs. Also, you can opt for lean UX design to complement the needs of individual users in a realistic way.

3) Curtail Notification

You can always use the notification feature of the Android app to convey sensitive information or breaking news to the users. But you must remember that the excessive notifications can affect the user experience negatively. So you must curtail the user notification to prevent information overload. At the same time, the app must allow users to turn all notification off simply by clicking on a link or button. The reduced notification will further contribute towards making the UX design more efficient.

4) Save Memory

Often mobile device users carry out several tasks and processes at a time. Therefore, adequate memory must be available for each process to run smoothly. There are also chances that the device may hung or end up in a deadlock due to lack of required memory. So you have to consider several options to ensure that the app saves memory by consuming the least amount of RAM. You can always save memory by using local objects and variables, while avoiding global variables. Similarly, the variables must be assigned to null after their usage. The simple view hierarchy in the UI design will further contribute towards consuming lesser amount of RAM.

5) Optimize the Android Code

Android application developers write code using Java programming language. Also, they use third party java libraries and APIs optimize the performance and functionality of the app. But Java can be sluggish some times, despite being a simple, robust and widely used programming language. So you must select the UI carefully, along with avoiding poor coding tactics. You can enhance the code efficiency by replacing old libraries with the most recent and updated libraries. Further, the coding can be optimized by loop complexities. You can even consider writing native code of the application using the C language and NDK compiled.

6) Make the App Flawless

You must remember that each user has option to choose from several apps of similar nature. So its performance must be flawless to impress and engage the users. Similar to software applications, a mobile application also needs to be tested thoroughly. Before the app is launched, your team must carry out rigorous testing to identify and fix the bugs, errors and flaws that affect its performance. It is also important to evaluate the functionality and performance of the Android application based on adequate quality guidelines to deliver a flawless user experience.

Along with keeping in mind the best practices for mobile app development on Android, an organization also need to constantly monitor in the changing habits and preferences of users. At the same time, the app must avail the innovative features and functionality of the latest Android devices delivers richer user experience.

You can hire developers from top android app development company in India who can help you build mobile apps within allocated budgets and time schedules.

Android User Security

This allows threats of tampering and bypassing of application security mechanisms to be addressed and enables The confinement of damage (and compromise) that can be caused by malicious or flawed applications. Using the System’s type enforcement and role-based access control abstractions, it is possible to configure the android to Meet a wide range of security needs which will be passed on to commercial users.

Locating a flawed application or process is the first step in trying to exploit it. Once you’ve found a flaw, the Next step is to try to exploit it or connect to it. While bad apps do occasionally show up in the Market, Google Removes them swiftly and they have the ability to remotely kill bad apps on the customer phones. The expertise Of the Intelligence community (NSA. GCHQ, etc) will shore up Google’s proficiency. The security Relationships they now have will enhance user protection against data sniffing and exploitation tools.

Android Market

Critics and experts claim free antivirus apps from the market miss nine out of ten potential threats. The free apps guide users Through the capabilities of the apps detection abilities but, many users don’t examine the potential they are getting. The paid apps Are able to scan and detect about half of all installed threats but they are limited by the sandboxed environment.

On installation blocking, the Zoner app blocked 80% of malware, while free apps typically failed to detect any infiltration. The Zoner app springs into action (as intended) to stop most infection processes. The paid apps (AVG, Kaspersky, etc) blocked All malware from being installed, even those not spotted with manual scans.

Zoner is a great app but (with the best outcome for the free apps), with Zoner AV scanning in real-time as apps are installed, 20% of known threats slipped right through. These free apps are used by millions of people who have absolute confidence in The Android Market. Users should be careful not to become complacent with proper security practices (avoid downloading Apps from the seedier side of the net).

The paid solutions will stop all of the current threats from being installed. This is good for an Android phone right out of the box. If a user has a unit that has been in use with no antivirus, many previously-installed malware apps will be missed. Basically the user (Paying for the app) is not going to be able to sweep their phones clear of malware.

Android User Security

The typical android user does not have the security research resources of the NSA available for their personal Protection on the networks (with the communication protocols used by most smart phones and tablets). Many users Are quick to adopt android antivirus (paid and free) apps assuming they are receiving the same expertise available In the desktop market. They lack the kind of low-level system access on mobile that desktop antivirus apps have had for years.

Android, Whatsapp Messenger Updates

As we know that day by day new versions of the WhatsApp messenger are coming in market. Today, we are going to familiar with you the latest version of the WhatsApp for android , Blackeberyy and windows.

WhatsApp Android:
WhatsApp Messenger 2.7.7532
Advance capacity to share locations
Now places from iOS 3 and iOS 4 running devices can be possible
Long time taking loading the images that bug has been fixed.
This release let to show the group chat participant names in the navigation bar under Group Subject.
Compatible with many newly languages like swedish, finnish, polish, spanish, japanese, Now to send direct message a group contact is possible through valve and hold on message bubble in Group discussion display
Group muting enable in Chat view
Typing.. lets you know that your chat partner is typing something
Tiny checkmark icon to enhanced show a place was sent/receive in Chats view
For the first time you can see the call charges earlier than making a call
Updating of group icon is possible.
Bug fixed, crash fixed, etc
Following are the minimum requirements:
Android OS 2.1 or higher than
Limitless internet data plan suggested

WhatsApp for BlackBerry:
WhatsApp BlackBerry 2.7.7151
It is on hand for download since April 30, 2012. The size of the application is 1552KB. It is able to download WhatsApp Messenger from BlackBerry App. Though, no applicable BlackBerry browser has been perceived. So, this is our request that please use your BlackBerry Browser for downloading.
Sharing of multimedia
Group chatting
New UI: Experience new awesome pretty GUI by upgrading version to 2.7
Uses 3G/EDGE internet data plan
Compatible to use with Wi-Fi
Following are the minimum requirements:
BlackBerry OS 4.6 or higher than
BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES)

WhatsApp for Windows:
WhatsApp Windows 2.0:
Profile picture setting
Bug fixes for many issues
Enhanced shore up for Emoji
Group quiet features
Share WhatsApp contacts
Surf downloaded media in a discussion
New localization of German and Russian
Following are the minimum requirements:
Limitless internet data plan!
Nokia S60 3rd edition, 5th edition, Symbian 3, Symbian Anna, or Symbian Belle Operating System

So, here we have listed thee latest version of WhatsApp for platform of Android, Blackberry and Windows. Here, we welcome your suggestions and review.
In next time we will come to you with few more new things of this outstanding WhatsApp Messenger.

Allwinner A10 Android 4.0 Android Tablets For 2012

allwinner a10 android 4.0

allwinner a10 android 4.0 Android Tablets For 2012

For all the android tablet lovers, 2012 is packed with many surprises. The first among the launchers of android tablet in 2012 is going to be technology giant Intel. Intel representatives have revealed some tidbits about the release of Medfield Atom Android Tablet by their collaboration with Google and Honeycomb. The Medfield prototype android Honeycomb for now is being showcased along with a slideshow. Its performance appears to be outstanding and the design is very sleek and amazing having a lot of resemblance with BlackBerry Playbook tablet, said Lisa Zhou, PR manager of

Another attraction to look for is Game Stop’s android Tablet which is likely to hit the stores in 2012 as well.

It is widely rumored that the android tablet of GameStop will be a successful release and will include all the powerful features such as spontaneous interface, a protected purchase organization, excellent streaming and perfect tablet functions. The tablet will be pre-loaded with games and will utilize Game Stop’s streaming ability to move console games to the Tablet. In addition, a gossip in the air is that Motorola is planning to release a brand new android tablet for 2012 with extra high quality resolution screen after the success of Motorola Xoom. To beat Apple iPad2 Motorola has put much effort in this tablet. It is going to have a 10 inch screen with a high resolution of 2048 x 1536 making it one of the best quality screen and display devices ever to have been launched.

The popularity and future success of android tablets can be seen by the fact that android shipments are likely to increase by 130% by the next year as compared to Apple’s iPad shipments which are estimated to increase by 55% according to android news and forums.

According to analysts, Apple’s iPad will still capture the market of android tablets in the year 2012.

But Samsung, LG and Motorola’s android tablets are going to give a tough competition to iPad. It is also rumored that Microsoft will soon manufacture its own android powered tablets as next generation of Microsoft windows. Just like Android phones have outshined Apple’s iPhones and are sold more than them, in the same way android tablets are going to outsell Apple’s iPad by the year 2012. Even if it isn’t true, Apple must be vigilant to have a tough competition for tablets in future.

Another highlight is that USSA (US Cellular Announcements) have announced a release of seven Android phone tablets in the year 2012. It will include a 7-inch android tablet called Flyer by HTC. It will also include Motorola’s 4.3 inch android tablet phone with 1 GHz processor speed. LG will announce one of the most sleekest and lightest in design android tablet phone which will have 4inch touch screen display. Samsung and Huawei will also announce initial android tablet series in 2012. So a lot is coming your way in case you are a tech geek wanting to buy the most innovative and feature-rich android tablet of 2012.

allwinner a10 android 4.0 usd105 free shipping

Specification Processor:A10(800MHZ) Overlocking to 1.5G GPU:Mail400 Ram:512MB DDR3(remain about 300mb) Interior storage:8G Nandflash(remain 6GB) Storage extend:Micro-SD(UP to 32Gb)

An Outline To Some Prodigious Android Applications Catering A Range Of Perks

The gigantic stand of Android applications development can compliment constantly to the escalation in aspect of development of Google Android. With the latest and contemporary software integration which Android application inculcates, it helps to enhance the users lifestyle rather than any other smart phones of existing scenario.

In the current era of highly competitive market, all the competitors including the industries and business owners always look forward the radical inventions. In such a condition, industrialists prefer nothing usual, but a smart elucidation to compete the complex and existing circumstances with which they are enclosed. Over all these problems, Android Application Development is the right key.

An Array of Latest Android Applications

In the current scenario, each Android Apps Developer is sprouting with a variety of applications which not only gratifies all your requirements, but they also craft some specific purpose too. Applications which are developed engrosses social media applications, games applications, entertainment applications, travel apps, weather apps and there are many more.

A few of them are listed as follows:

ASTRO File Manager

Classify and manage all your files and supplementary contents such as music, pictures, videos or documents on your Android device such as tablet, phone, PC. You can furthermore do this on cloud services such as Dropbox, Facebook photo albums, Skydrive, Google drive and many more. You will discover it just like Windows explorer or Macs finder owning connections with the trendiest clouds.

Wheres My Droid

This is the first phone app which will assist you to locate your phone. This is getting better and better. It is bestowing more advanced features in its latest version which will help you to track the missing phone. Basically, this app will turn your ringer volume high and ring your phone. Moreover, the app can also depict the GPS coordinates using the link to Google maps even if you are not nearby your phone to hear the ring.


Line is clutching a good position among popular free apps launched by Android. It provides auto text, free call, gaming and a few more mesmerizing features for chatting. Besides having emoticon and auto text, this app is also engrossed with additional stickers with amazing expressions.

Kingsoft Office

This is the merely mobile office with all the fully-fledged features which are absolutely free. It also has a prop up so that it can run swiftly on Android 2.1. There are many more amazing features which are user-friendly and owning tremendous UI interface too. There are millions of users from over 200 countries and regions of world that are using it. Whether it is a small screen device or large screen, Kingsoft office has a stupendous performance.

Thus, you can get a plethora of new-fangled and miraculous Android applications which are bequeathing individuals and business owners to boast an advanced lifestyle. The youth or individuals can get a startling mode of entertainment and business owners can get a good productivity. By espousing such services, you can bank a lot of your precious time as well as money.