Hide Private Pictures In Iphone Securely

No one would disagree with the fact that it is quite possible that your iPhone can get lost or stolen pretty easily, therefore it is very much important to protect the sensitive information that you have saved on your iPhone from getting into wrong hands. Apart from the nuisance of losing such a valuable device or companion, it could come down hard on you if you have pretty sensitive data stored in your iPhone like your wedding pictures and pictures of your kids, and certain other important stuff like bank account number, credit card number etc.

All the iPhone users saved loads of sensitive information about their life in their iPhones and majority of them have their years of life saved in their iPhones in the form of pictures which they never want to lose; there are some people who are very much concerned about their privacy and dont want anyone else to reveal that they have private pictures saved in their iPhones and therefore they need to hide pictures in iPhones.

Many people ask the question that is the iPhone secure? This question has been very hotly debated in the legal and social circles since the release of iPhone. To date, the loudest replies have been by those shouting No because iPhone does not provide any security measure to secure the sensitive data that people are saving in it. But now the release of Folder Lock for iPhone has made this answer Yes because it is one of its kind iPhone application that can password protect all your Microsoft Word documents, web pages, Adobe Acrobat files and Microsoft Excel sheets, it can even hide videos, images, music files and many other formats of files.

With Folder Lock for iPhone, you can easily secure almost everything in your iPhone and feel secure even if your iPhone gets lost or stolen; because your protected files will remain inaccessible without your password that you set in. You can get this application form iTunes App Store directly on your iPhone or can also download it on your PC or MAC and then transfer it to your iPhone. After getting this smart application in your smartphone, you can start putting your sensitive information in Folder Lock for iPhone.

Following is the list of items that you can password protect with Folder Lock for iPhone;

Microsoft Word: (.doc and .docx)

Web pages: (.html and .htm)

Adobe Acrobat: (.pdf)

PowerPoint: (.ppt and .pptx)

Microsoft Excel: (.xls and .xlsx)

Text and Rich Text: (.txt and .rtf)

Video: (.mp4, .mov, .3gp and .mpv)

Images: (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .bmpf, .tif, .ico, .cur, .xbm and .tiff)

Music: (.mp3, .wav, .aac, .m4a, .aif and .aiff)

Other Formats: .text, .rtfd, .log, .cpp, .c, .webarchive, .h, .m and .mm

Folder Lock for iPhone can hide pictures in iPhone irrespective of their extensions because it supports all the available formats of images like jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, bmpf, tif, ico, cur, xbm and tiff.

Folder Lock for iPhone comes with a special Picture Viewer that lets you view your password protected images in a slideshow. You can also set the intervals for the slideshow.

Why You Will Love The iPhone 3GS

The new iPhone 3G S from the stable of Apple Inc, yet again reinforces the belief of the company to constantly strive for excellence. The new iPhone 3G S is not only the improved version of its predecessor but also has many new features that were never seen in previous versions of Apple iPhones. The features that are new in latest iPhone 3G S are so revolutionary that you will fall in love with iPhone 3G S:

Speed: Loaded with operating system having 256 MB RAM and processor with 600 MHz speed the iPhone 3G S is far more faster than other previous versions of Apple iPhones. Statistics indicate that viewing attachment in this new iPhone is about 3.6 times faster and browsing and webpage loading is about 2.9 times faster. Not only the opening of faster but also the transition between Apps has speeded up with the new iPhone.

Great gaming experience: For those who are fond of playing games, the new apple iPhone has great gaming experience in store for them. Enabled by Open GL ES 2.0, which is the latest API supporting 3-D for mobile phones and specific graphics processor, this new iPhone has both the software and hardware required to lay great online gaming grounds.

Appearance: Though there is not much difference in appearance the screen of new iPhone 3G S has an oleo phobic coating. This prevents any fingerprint impression or smudges on the screen. Now no more shirt sleeve cleaning of your mobile phone screen!

New Navigation features: While previous iPhones have GPS (global positioning system) The new iPhone 3G S has an additional inbuilt compass app that point in the direction that you are facing. This is a very useful application to give you direction while trekking or sailing. This new phone has one more very interesting feature. Though with earlier iPhones you could locate your position on the map, with the compass apps combined with the Maps app, when you tap the location button once again the map will reorient itself in your direction.

Voice control: Apple iPhone 3G S offers revolutionary voice control apps. You do not need to trouble you fingers even for dialing a number or for playing your favorite songs. Just speak the name of the contact from the contact list and the iPhone will take care of the dialing part. For example if you want to call up Ben from your contact list, just speak Ben and the number is dialed. Also if you have to call up a number, then speak the number and iPhone voice control will dial it for you. You can use voice control to also play your favorite song. With 21 languages to choose from, the voice control is very versatile.

Improved Security: The new iPhone 3G S comes with hardware based encryption of data. The additional feature of wipe it clean option of find MyiPhone and encrypted iPhone backups make sure that not even the most seasoned thieves are not able to access your data until you leave it unlocked. Better camera with video shooting: The new phone has 3 mega pixel of resolution capacity over 2 mega pixel of its predecessor and comes with improved brightness, low light adjustment and auto focus functionalities. The new tap to focus functionality also allows you to define your focus while shooing. The new iPhone camera is equipped with an auto macro mode adjust the zoom in well even for very close objects while shooting. Another big add-on in the iPhone 3G S is that you can capture videos using the camera in both widescreen and portrait orientation. This 30fps VGA gives you all the features of that of camera and even allows you to modify the start point of the video.

Restrictions on iPhone Application Development

As an iPhone application developer you may find iPhone to be an ideal platform or device/gadget to develop a killer application to sell and make a good fortune. But wait, every thing is not as plain as you see. There are some restrictions laid by Apple, producer of the iPhone, which may have negative impact over your development plan. Consider the following before putting in the hard work for developing your own application.

One application at a time

The first restriction put by Apple is “Only one application can run at a time”. This means if you are surfing over the Internet and some one calls you, then you have to quit the surfing to attend the incoming call. Suppose you are on a secure server and you have to frequently leave the page, then it becomes a headache for you to give username and password every time. This seems a problem for user but what for the developer?

Yes, it is something for developer to think over too. Suppose you have developed a GPS application which needs constant support from the user to collect a particular data for your geo-location, then again it makes a compulsion for the user to continue with the same application and ignore all important calls for you. This makes the implications of that application vague.

No third party in background

Another restriction is “no third party application will run in background”. This means instant messengers will not be able to collect messages for you while you are attending an important call. It will show you offline as soon as you switch over to another application. Similarly, it is true for any application, which has to interact with web for periodical updated or for its smooth functioning would prove useless here. Even the whole class of such application will prove useless or significantly less useful than they otherwise would be.

Control on apps

Apple store is formed for the centric distribution of the apps. None can directly distribute any apps and one has to come at the Apple store for its marketing purpose. It not only acts as a marketing point for the developers but can prove a gateway for the iPhone application developers.

You have to take permission for the entrance as an iPhone developer by registering with Apple. When your apps get in the store, Apple will decide weather it will stay there or not by NetShare or any other means. There are again threats for you that they may reject your apps or make significant delay in the release. This may lead to fatal consequences for a developer.

Revoking the certificate

Apple can exert vertical control over the iPhone application developer by simply revoking the certificate given. You may want to ask that how is it related to its apps development if it is already finished? You are right but you may know that since Apple forces all legitimate iPhone apps to be signed, if the certificate is on the “revocation list” no apps signed with that certificate will run anywhere. This would come as quite a shock to your paying customers.

No support for previous versions

“Applications targeting iPhone OS releases prior to 3.0 beta cannot be tested in this seed”

“This software should only be installed on devices dedicated exclusively for iPhone 3.0 beta application development”

“Devices updated to iPhone 3.0 beta cannot be restored to earlier versions of iPhone OS”

“iPhone SDK for iPhone 3.0 cannot be used for submitting iPhone OS 2.2.1 applications to the App Store”

All this has two important implications. If you are an iPhone developer, you’ll need two development machines and two iPhones to be able to work on your 2.x OS-based apps while checking out and upgrading code for the 3.0 OS. Please Visit http://www.indianic.com/ for more information.

Iphone Touch Screen Keyboard- Tips For Using It

It is necessary for all the people to learn a particular technology after it is introduced. And most people do that. To cite an example, suppose you buy an iPhone. After you buy it, you will spend hours with the iPhone trying to get acquainted with its features, endeavoring to know the ways to use it. But you cannot learn everything just nurturing the iPhone. Thus, it is necessary for you to get tips regarding the usage of iPhones. The below paragraphs offer you tips for using your iphone touch screen keyboard.

With a feature as exclusive as the iPhone’s touch screen keyboard, there are many techniques that you are required to learn to assist you type your messages instantly. To cite an instance, when you wish to write a letter, just tap on it For example, when you want to write a letter you simply press on it. But please remain careful that the letter is not placed on the screen till you take off your finger.

The reason behind this is that it lets you rectify your errors. In case you touch the wrong letter, just rectify it by sliding your finger on the letter over to the letter you wanted to type and then take off. This implies that there is no requirement to delete your error as you possess time to rectify it.

A large number of individuals have found that the in-built automatic correction feature shows an excellent way assuring that your typing texts are always clear and precise. However, it can still perform easy to admit the wrong word. In case you have the desire to avoid performing this, then you need to learn the techniques to accept and decline recommended words. You can either press space, return or a punctuation to accept a word. To decline it, simply go on typing the word you wanted to type.

In case you type the same word two times and then press on them both, you will find that specific word automatically added to your iPhone dictionary. You need to expend a few weeks to get all the words that you frequently use into your iPhone dictionary. But once you do it, you will find the task of typing text easier.

Last but indeed not the least is to learn the technique of typing Upper and lower case characters. If you want to capitalize the initial letter of a particular word, just tap shift and then take your finger on the letter you want to type.

If your requirement is to type a full word in upper acse, just go to the settings and tap the option Enable Caps Lock. After you have done this, you will that double tap the shift key, this will take you to the caps lock mode and you will be able to enter a complete word in upper case.

Best iPhone 3Gs apps for the workplace and business professionals

Don’t be fooled by its fun nature and stylish looks the iPhone 3Gs is more than capable of holding its own in the workplace, from tracking parcels to making spreadsheets to even organising your time there is an app for just about everything. So here’s a quick rundown of apps that can make your life more easier and fun at work.

1, Pcalc RPN Calculator

First of all let’s start with the basics and it doesn’t get more basic than the need to crunch numbers and this is where Pcalc RPN Calculator comes in. Now I know the iPhone comes with a calculator but when it comes to a hard-core scientific calculator they don’t get much better than this with its multiple undo and redo and unit conversion this bad boy will even give you a two line display if you need it. So when it comes to crunching the big numbers you are ready to go.

2, Things

Now we all have a to-do list at work and at home, and the thing with to-do lists is you really need to have them with you for them to work and this is where your shiny little iPhone comes in handy with the things app. From its ease-of-use and its stylish interface this organising system is very easy to personalise and will adapt to the way you do things rather than the other way round. With a simple checklist or a multitude of projects this app can help, so no matter how complicated work life may be the things app will help you keep everybody and everything in their place.

3 Delivery status touch

When it comes to tracking parcels things have got a little bit more professional. Whether you’re tracking an item that’s coming into the country for work or just want to know if that CD you bought from Amazon is arriving soon this app can help. It will track deliveries from over 40 stores and delivery services and will tell you roughly where your package is at the time of your search. Set up a free account at the app store to add your tracking info, once done you can paste tracking numbers from your computer instead of tapping them into your iPhone. So it’s quite a handy little app.

4 Business Card Reader

Are you tired of tapping away at your iPhone 3Gs like you’re some crazy old lady using Chip and pin in the supermarket! just trying to put in business contacts then this is the app you.If you live an active business and social life, contact partners, conduct negotiations and make business deals, you usually exchange business cards. Eventually you get tons of business cards and they become difficult to store, search and remember important contacts. Now you can scan them into your iPhone, just take a look at one of the best iPhone business card scanner apps! Business Card Reader scans and “reads” the picture using ABBYY’s text recognition technology and enters the data into appropriate fields of the iPhone address book. No more tapping away like a crazy old lady manually inputing the names, phone numbers, emails and other information from business cards! This technology allows you to capture contact information from business cards and save it to the iPhone address book. Business Card Reader creates complete and accurate contact information on your iPhone in a few seconds and it recognises a whole host of languages like English, French, Italian, German and Spanish business cards.This app is ideal for anyone who communicates with many people in work or personal life. I t’s an excellent tool for business professionals, exhibitors at trade shows, exhibitions attendees and sales personnel.

How do people think of iPhone

How do people think of iPhone?

Description: IPhone is now becoming much more and a lot more well-liked on the planet. Irrespective of that you are in which corner of a nation or within a little village, you may see that nobody is unaware of iPhone. Nobody can deny that iPhone actually make a modify in mobile phone’s spread.

When I was nonetheless in junior school and high school, the majority of my classmates had mobile telephone. At that time, keyboard mobile phones had been nevertheless essentially the most well-known ones. Nearly everybody took possessions of a keyboard mobile telephone.But now I understand that mobile phones are altering. Nearly absolutely everyone holds a touch screen mobile telephone these days. And I just can’t bear in mind when this alter begins. Soon after I search some information and facts on the web and appear back these years, I hold an opinion that iPhone’s recognition in China is definitely the begin of mobile telephone revolution.

About 10 years ago, iPhone was nevertheless not identified to a lot of the Chinese. The majority of us applied some mobile telephone of other brands from foreign nations. At that time, our personal brands which are invented by our Chinese will not be as sturdy as they may be in these days. And my father was just utilizing his mobile telephone as a tool to produce calls to other individuals previously. The truth is the fact that mobile phones are steadily turning into smartphones these years. Quite a few other great functions have already been added into mobile phones in order that they alter into smart phones. What is much more, touch screen can also be a major progress.From the look of iPhone 4 in China, its widespread tendency has produced a lot more and much more mobile telephone factories to modify their items.Today, smartphones are universal in quite a few nations and contemporary cities. But basically iPhone continues to be by far the most well known a single.

IPhone has its personal technique that’s produced by APPLECompany. All of the items of it areequipped with its personal system—-APPLE technique.Apart from APPLE method, one more mobile telephone technique that’s welcomed by several individuals is ANDROID method which can be produced by GOOGLE. Lots of persons appreciate to purchase iPhone due to the fact they believe that iPhone could be the most valuable 1 and they may be made use of to utilizing it. They do not wish to transform their mobile phone to one more one particular. Many people are just following the crowds to purchase iPhone. But some other persons have distinctive tips. My father is one particular of them. He is often a businessman in China. He just regardsiPhone as a as well common brand. He does not prefer to see that numerous persons use precisely the same point with him. A lot of folks contact iPhone as street telephone since we are able to see it on just about every corner from the streets. That is certainly the purpose why many people do not like it. Soon after the publishment of iPhone 4s, the APPLE Enterprise is arranging to publish iPhone 5. The official publishment has not been announced however, but some businessmen are going to seize this chance to make the accessories of it. For instance, we are able to now see quite a few apple iPhone 5 accessories and Best iphone 5 case on the net. Why do the businessmen sell these factors ahead of the iPhone 5 is published? Due to the fact only if they sell these issues ahead of time, the customers of it could invest in the accessories proper immediately after the iPhone 5 is published. What is much more, the designers have function out hundreds of stunning instances to attract a lot more men and women.

How To Recover Deleted Sms From Iphone

How to Recover Deleted SMS from iPhone?

Is there any way to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone 4?
I got a message from a random person and I wanted to delete it. So I swiped my finger across the first entry in my Messages folder and hit delete. Then I saw the same message, still there, and I realized that I deleted the wrong one. I had deleted the entry for one of my friends who Ive been texting for years now. I dont know how to get all our messages back. Is there any possible way? Please tell me there is.
More and more iPhone users are asking for help to recover deleted SMS messages. Generally, theres a way to recover deleted SMS directly from iPhone. Also, if youve ever synced your iPhone with iTunes, there is also another way: to recover from iTunes backup. You need the help from an iPhone text message recovery tool.
Recover SMS from iPhone with iPhone SMS recovery
Get an SMS recovery for iPhone first: WondershareData Recovery for iTunes (for Mac users), or WondershareDr.Fone (for Windows users).
The iTunes data recovery software for Mac users allows you to recover deleted SMS messages from iTunes, no matter you are using iPhone 4S, iPhone4, iPhone 3GS or the previous versions. The Wondershare Dr.Fone for Windows users does more. It also allows you to directly scan and recover messages from iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.
Download the free trial version below to take a try. Download the right version for your computer.

Part 1: Directly recover deleted photos from iPhone 4/3GS
Step 1:Connect your iPhone to the computer
First of all, connect your iPhone to the computer and run the program after installing. An interface as follow will display. Then move to the next step.

Step 2: Enter the DFU mode and scan iPhone

Now, you need to get into the DFU mode before scanning, according to the steps below:

Hold your iPhone and click Start button.

Pressing Power and Home buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds, release Power button, but keep holding Home for another 10 seconds.

After that, youll get a message saying that youve successfully entered the DFU mode, and the software begins scanning your iPhone.

Step 3: Preview and recover iPhone messages

When the scan finishes, all found data will be listed in clear, organized categories. Choose Messages to preview the detailed content. Mark those you want and click Recover to save them on your compute with one click.

Note: Data found here includes deleted data and those still on your iPhone. If you only want back your deleted ones, you can refine the scan result by using the slide button at bottom to only display deleted items.

Part 2: Scan and extract iTunes backup to recover iPhone SMS
Step 1:Scan your iTunes backup
After installing and running the program, move to Recover from iTunes Backup File and youll get the interface as follow. All your iTunes backup files have been found and displayed. Choose the one for your iPhone and click Start Scan.

Step 2: Preview and recover iPhone SMS

When the scan finishes, all the content contained in the backup file will be extracted and displayed in categories as Photos & Videos, Contacts, Messages, Call History and Notes. You can preview the detailed content of any of them before you perform the SMS recovery for iPhone.

To recover deleted SMS from iPhone, you only need to check the Messages option and hit the Recover to save all the messages on your computer.

Step 3:Do backup well
To avoid losing your important SMS messages, immediate backup is very important and useful. Do remember to backup them on your computer well.

Unlock iphone 4.1

Now a day unlocking an iphone device is common news but for a fresher with no experience, this task will be very frustrating and time consuming. Many people in frustration take some wrong steps which leads to heavy expenses in repairing the iphone or in many case the iphone is left useless. In todays market the demand for iphone devices are increasing tremendously and with the increase in demand for iphone the requirement for unlocking iphone device also increased. This is because iphone come out for sale with already loaded SIM card service provider, which is also known as carriers.

Due to this useless connection between iphone and SIM provider the customer gets forcefully connected with unwanted SIM provider. In case they want to change their SIM provider to any other service, they cant! Because the iphone has and contract with the pre installed SIM provider and hence the phone do not accept any other SIM Card. However if you are interested in using your choice SIM card in your iphone device it is possible. With the advance technology you can now unlock iphone by using a simple iphone unlock software. After unlocking your iphone device it is workable with any SIM provider from any part of the world.

Basically this problem was raised by people who have their business and need to travel from one country to another very often. So if they have an iphone device that is locked with a permanent SIM provider, it is very common that they will not get network outside the country. Some SIM providers may also have partners to provide network facility but still it is counted under roaming facility and heavy cost is charged per unit. So the best option was to use a different SIM card in different country but this iphone device was not capable of working on other SIM cards rather than the one already loaded in it.

Hence the professional hackers and software programmers started creating softwares to break the locking code and unlock iphone, so that any SIM provider can be easily accepted and the iphone works effectively. But with the increase in demand for unlocking the iphone device this attracted lots of scammers and time wasters, who uploaded fake softwares online with quote of providing 100% guaranteed iphone unlock. You better be sure by selecting your software for unlocking your iphone device.

Currently there are more that thousands of unlocking softwares available online but to tell you the truth more than 90% of them are useless. Only 10% works efficiently, and to get that software you need to be very attentive, read as much reviews as possible to get clear idea of what the software is and will it support your iphone device or not. Many people in hurry buy the software and later identify it is of no use because it doesnt support the newest iphone devices. For example if you are using iphone 4.1 and need to unlock iphone 4.1 find a software that supports your device and is capable of unlocking it.

Quick Acceptance of India in iPhone Application Development

India is stack of technologies & platform of talent for the development/programming of latest gadgets as well as implementation of new processes and methodologies. In year 2007 an US based multinational mobile manufacturing company Apple Inc has introduced its new mobile phone called “iPhone”. This advance feature rich mobile phone rapidly made its place in the hearts of the people and created a competitive market in mobile industry of the world. For the iPhone application development/programming, companies as well as individual users are looking for creative & talented mobile application/software developers/programmers, iPhone Programmers/Developers as iPhone allows using desired applications to enhance the custom usage of mobile phone. So once again India is in limelight for custom mobile application development/programming.

Lets have a look for Indias potential mobile user segment within India as well as strong base of mobile application development/programming services creating favorable environment for worlds mobile industry. India is well-known for the information & technology and a great technology service provider to world market in various business sectors and for telecommunication India itself holds a giant market. Moreover, according to World Bank study India is the second largest wireless market of the world as well as addition of 8-9 million subscribers monthly of mobile phone according to studies. In the telecom sector four major public as well as private telecom operators are dominating huge Indian cellular market having big market share such as Bharat Sanchar Nigam, Bharti Tele-Ventures, Hutchison Essar and Reliance Infocomm. For meeting the consumer expectations there are various private and public mobile companies are active, moreover wave of iPhone is also sprouting rapidly in Indian mobile industry. A strong active role of Indian multinational mobile companies & public companies support has created great positive domestic conditions for international intervention of mobile companies.

India is having immense potential and encouraging market for the development/programming of mobile/iPhone applications as its powerful position in the field of information & technology, which has already positioned itself globally. Indian web development/programming companies are active in providing 3G mobile application development/programming services globally to their respective clients at rapid speed. Within the short period of one year iPhone software development/programming services by the Indian offshore service providers has shown great participative spirit in development of global mobile industry. Not only iPhone application development but service providers are having great expertise in Android mobile application development, Windows mobile application development, WAP mobile applications development for their offshore clients.

Apple iPhone is a technically sound mobile device which allows wide range of application implementation for the users. To meet the custom needs regarding iPhone applications of the clients, Indian mobile application developers are having great expertise on custom iPhone themes Design, custom iPhone icons design and iPhone Games Development, etc.

Hence, India is great platform for the mobile application development/programming to meet demands of domestic & international mobile application users and other mobile related developments.

For more information visit iPhone Application Development India now!

Basic Steps On How To Use An Iphone

The proper use of the iPhone is necessary for everyone concerned. It wont hurt if you go over some basic steps on how to use this modern device. Remember that this is a high end communication tool that has many built-in features that could somehow make you feel a bit intimidated if you dont know how to use them.

Read and educate yourself about the features of the iPhone. The manual is your guide and you might as well read carefully about the step by step procedures. You can also ask your phone dealer to demonstrate important features or you can go online for video tutorials. Just immerse yourself about the basic functions of your iPhone.

You can download music onto your iPhone through the computer. You can also download other applications that you think you need. The iPhone has the capability to store several gigabytes of information and other data. This is one of the more special features that extend the function of the iPhone to just being a simple mobile phone.

Create an address book in your iPhone that would suit your needs. Make the list updated as much as possible. Prioritize whatever is needed and assign contacts in varied groupings according to your needs. You can designate speed dialing and ringtones to your contacts.

Make calls and contact your friends. Try out the different features of the iPhone so you would get used to them. Avail of the iPhones headphones to make calls.

Make text messages and send them out to your friends. These text messages are similar to chats as all texts appear on your screen like you are having an ongoing conversation. Your text messages can be sent with photos, video or audio. Make use of the email feature to send email messages to your friends via your iPhone.

Your iPhone can be used to surf the net by using your Wi-Fi applications. Utilize this feature as well because this is a useful way to communicate easily in any area as long as there is Wi-Fi connection.

Ensure care of your iPhone. Dont just leave it anywhere. If you are not using it you can keep it in its case or place it in your pocket or bag.

Be sure your hands are clean when you are holding your iPhone. Remember to turn it off when cleaning it. Use microfiber cloth to clean the touch screen and the entire body of it. Do not wipe in circles as blotches are likely to be left; just wipe up and down carefully with the cloth.

The iPhone is basically a wonderful communication tool. It is a friendly-user kind of phone for anyone who takes the time to really study its features. The features are all current technology that has been placed inside this tiny device for your personal use. It is just right that knowing how to use it properly is your way of respecting the concept of this modern technology.