China To Surpass Us In Terms Of Consumer Electronics Sales By 2014

The global consumer electronics market is home to many consumer electronics countries, which have been successful in establishing themselves as consumer electronics giants. According to our new report, Global Consumer Electronics Market Outlook 2015, China is expected to become a leader in the global consumer electronics market, with its sales surpassing that of US by 2014. China is expected to dominate the market in the coming years on account of various factors supporting its growth.

The flourishing Chinese consumer electronics market has been backed by favorable demand, rapid technological development, and strong government support. The government has supported the market by spreading awareness about energy conservation and providing subsidies to the manufacturers to foster production of energy-efficient products. Further, the report also revealed that the shrinking urban and rural divide with the improvements in the per capita income of people coupled with changes in preferences of the people have led to a booming market for tablets and smartphones in the country. It has also identified the key players in Chinese market that have made significant contribution to the consumer electronics market. Moreover, the Chinese consumer electronics market has been forecast till 2015 to present a brief overview of the market performance in the future.

The report, Global Consumer Electronics Market Outlook 2015, also provides a detailed insight on the consumer electronics market for other major countries. Further, the performance of various products along with their respective segments has been presented in the report in order to give a clear picture of the products which would drive the market growth in future. It also discusses about the major challenges and trends that would affect the global consumer electronics market, with a focus on major players on a global platform.

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