Enjoy Your Life With Zte Mf190 Wireless 3g Modem

Hey,everybody. This is your good friend modem3g.com here who will be continue to update the newest technology about wireless 3G/4g Modem,3G/4G WiFi router for you. This article were mainly introduce as a 7.2 Mbps USB Modem which from ZTE. Model number ZTE MF190.

ZTE MF190 wireless 3G Modem is a carefully crafted by ZTE for China Unicom is aimed squarely at the mobile office, roaming needs of high-end business people, young fashion and the pursuit of individual users. It believes that 7.2 Mbps USB Modem MF190 will be popular and widely use in the coming future soon.

This ZTE MF190 3G Modem is a “simple business” classic rules texture of small stature, great texture, people can not help but love at first sight. With the advent of the 3G Era in China, ZTE MF190 USB Stick will bring you the real “fun dripping” web of life. Its downlink speeds of MF190 up to 7.2M and 5.76M uplink speeds you in a short span of a few seconds to complete the download of an MP3 song, with the high cost of similar products unparalleled.

On the other hand, External sd memory card up to 8 GB also supported by 7.2 Mbps USB Modem MF190. It is network locked USB modem available with reliance network and only reliance GSM SIM card supported. Reliance ZTE MF190 can also be used with any pads or tablets like HCL me, Samsung galaxy or Reliance 3G Tab. it displays all the messages you receive on your mobile broadband number. You can even reply to your text messages while logged in

If you are interested on this ZTE MF190 and want to get more information of it. Just visit modem3g.com. There are detail specification and you also can download the quick start manual of ZTE MF190 3G Modem for your reference.