Icoil Mattress Technology Vs. Bonnell Springs What’s Inside

Responding to an ad for a blow out sale on a mattress, in the newspaper or on tv, might deliver a very unpleasant shopping experience.

Most of the mattresses advertised this way are Bonnell Spring mattresses and the dealer wants to attract you into the store with the cheap sounding price tag.

These mattresses are really cheap to manufacture, so lots of dealers use them as bait, in full page ads, to get you into their store.

Of course, once you’re in the store, they pull the old bait and switch on you. They’ll tell you how crummy the cheap mattresses are and try to up sell you to one of the higher priced Bonnell Spring mattresses.

The reason Bonnell Spring mattresses are so cheap is because the springs are all tied together and then surrounded by a hard wire. This wire runs around the outside edge of the mattress to hold it in shape.

This wire is so rigid and unforgiving that when you sleep out toward the edge of the bed, you’ll definitely feel it under youand it’s not a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Bonnell Springs are hour glass shaped and they’re tied back to themselves at the top and bottom.

There’s one glaring problem with this design, as Sue Harrison of Boise, Idaho, found out. When someone flops into bed, you can be jolted clear up off your side of the bed.

It’s what is known as motion transfer.

Mike, Sue’s new husband weighs in at 234 lbs. and he doesn’t ease into bed at night when he returns from his swing shift job.

About a week after they were married, Sue was literally thrown out of bed when Mike “jumped” in.

“One minute I was sleeping peacefully, not a care in the world. The next thing I know I’m being catapulted through the air and landing on the floor beside the bed.

Talk about a rude awakening, my sleep was completely ruined for the remainder of the night.”

Two months later, with dark circles under her eyes, Sue drug Mike to a local retailer who carries a brand of mattresses featuring iCoil inside.

When the lights went out that evening, Sue slept through the night for the first time since marrying Mike.

“I couldn’t believe it, that first night, when Mike flopped down in bed and I didn’t even feel it…I didn’t wake up” said Sue.

The reason for this is the iCoil mattress technology. The coils are much smaller, so there are many more of them. They’re encased separately, so that compressing one coil doesn’t affect the one’s surrounding it. There’s, virtually, no motion transfer.

Another problem, with Bonnell Spring mattresses, is the valley. Two people sleeping close to each other will create a valley that they both roll into, colliding in the middle.

This is called meeting in the valley and it isn’t a pleasant way to spend the night.

If you roll into each other in the middle of the night, you know you can’t roll back uphill to try and get to your side of the bed, you’re stuck for the night.

If you’ve ever experienced either of these conditions, you might want to wander down to your local mattress store and ask to check out a mattress that features iCoil inside.

Try lying close to your sleep partner and notice how you don’t roll into one another. You might even try bouncing around a bit and you’ll experience what Sue did…something