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MEMPHIS, TN (December 15, 2010) In 2008, Lightyear Wireless introduced a new way to earn true, residual income in the ever expanding wireless industry. By teaching people how to open their own virtual online wireless store, Lightyear Wireless became the only Company in the wireless and direct selling industry that invoices and services their customers while paying residual income on those services, for life.

Lightyear is providing great competition in the wireless industry due to its revolutionary product offering. For a limited time, Lightyear customers will be able to experience totally free cellular service. No other carrier has provided such a radical departure from traditional sales and marketing. “It is truly a ground-breaking maneuver”, said Paul Moore, National Training Director for Lightyear Wireless. “No other company in the history of the wireless and telecommunications industry has ever thought to simply give away service to those that refer a couple of people.”

With fierce competition from not only the big carriers, AT&T, Sprint & Verizon, there are a host of smaller regional carriers that offer discount pricing for wireless services. Even Wal-Mart has joined into the marketing mix. But Lightyear is still ahead of the curve. Paul said, “Wal-Mart’s powerhouse in the retail space still cannot overtake what Lightyear is doing. Lightyear will be the next billion dollar giant in the wireless industry.” With the opportunity to never pay a cell phone bill again, you are inclined to believe Paul; and with good reason. Paul Moore is one of the faces of the wireless industry and Lightyear Wireless.

Lightyear Wireless recently announced the promotion of Paul Moore to Regional Manager according to their marketing and compensation plan. He will now experience greater residuals and override payouts for customer acquisition. “Congratulations on Regional Manager!” said Ron Mattingly, Vice President of Sales.

Paul joined Lightyear Wireless in 2009 as a National Training Director and Senior Manager and quickly began growing his business by marketing wireless cell phones and other telecommunications services as well as introducing others to the opportunity to join as an independent marketing representative. Paul is also a member of many professional organizations which include the BDPA, Mid-South Association of Contingency Planners and the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce. He will continue to serve the team at Lightyear as National Training Director in addition to fulfilling his position as Regional Manager.

“It is a fantastic opportunity that anyone can benefit from.” Paul continues, “Not everyone can build a million dollar enterprise. But absolutely everybody needs a cell phone. And if you are paying for it, then you are being ripped off, period. It does not matter who you bought the phone from.” “If you are paying more than zero, you are being taken for a ride.”