Ninja Gadgets For The Real Ninja

It’s easy to understand why many people are fans of the ninja legend. Ninjas are perceived as powerful, highly capable warriors and their methods and practices are highly admired, particularly by martial arts fans. If you or someone you know is a ninja enthusiast, here are some suggestions on which self-defense products to buy either for real-life self-protection or simply as part of a personal collection:

The shuriken is probably the most popular ninja weapon. It’s familiar to many ninja enthusiasts because it appears frequently in popular media such as TV, films, books and comicbooks.

A shuriken is a throwing star made from steel. A true shuriken has sharp edges, meant to penetrate a target. Shurikens that are frequently sold by martial arts retailers usually have 4 points, although there are some that are designed with 8 points. Shurikens are sold in packs, usually containing 4, 6 or 12 pieces. The blades may either be sharpened or non-sharpened.

A sharp shuriken can cut or wound either the target or its user. As such, it pays to practice with these self-defense products first. There is a considerable amount of skill needed to ensure that they can be deployed safely by the user and hit the target at the same time.

Nunchakus are quite a familiar sight in martial arts movies. The late Bruce Lee, for example, made them famous. A basic nunchaku is made of two pieces of wood rounded along its length and connected by a chain. One of wood pieces is held during an attack and the other is used to hit a target.

Used with enough force, a nunchaku can quickly disable an attacker in a very painful manner. It does require some skill to use, however, so it’s important for every ninja enthusiast to learn how to wield it. It’s a very effective self-defense product for use during close combat.

Katana or sai
These are bladed weapons and should be part of every ninja enthusiast’s collection of self-defense products. A katana is a sword, frequently seen in samurai movies. It’s a slim weapon with a sharp edge and point, perfect for either defense or attack.

A sai is generally shorter and usually comes in pairs. It’s composed of a slim, straight blade that gradually tapers at the tip, a handle and a handle protector. Both edges and the tip of the blade are sharp, which means that the sai can be used to slash or puncture a target. Because it’s made of steel, it’s also strong enough to be used to parry an attack.