Progress of Telecommunication

When someone talks about the telecommunication, most people will associate it with modern technologies. However, telecommunication is not as complicated as we think. In fact, it exists everywhere in our daily life.

Actually telecommunication is a kind of communication. Since our human beings first appeared on this earth, we have been learned to communicate with another by smoke signals, flags and drumbeats. Telecommunication is the form we used to communicate with individuals far way. With the technological age we are currently living in, we can use quite a lot different ways to connect with others.

Holding on to yesterdays, the evolution of the telegraph is probably the first breakthroughs in telecommunications. Then it was followed by the emergence of the first telephone. The invention of telephone completely changed the way we communicate with one another. Because of it, people do not need to go to post offices to send their mails. Then after the telephone changed people’s life drastically, there came another shock-cell phone. With the development of the science and technology, phones loaded with different kinds of features such as with an LCD screen, call waiting, caller ID and so forth. Moreover, phones have some new functions such as three people can talk to each other at the same time; phones allow for conference calls. Then the appearance of radio and television changed people’s life hugely.

After that, the Internet came as one of the biggest creation in telecommunication. It offers some new ways such as emails, instant messaging, social networking sites, dating sites, forum boards and so on. Our daily life has been basically incorporated by the Internet which makes everything more convenient.

In conclusion, the development of telecommunication really changes our life, and the ways we use to communicate with others are becoming more and more advanced. As a result, it is a good idea that we should keep pace with it as the development of technology will never stop.