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Android is a complete mobile platform that exposes a robust operating system, a comprehensive set of libraries, a rich multimedia user interface and a complete set of phone applications. Android Widget development provides a vast area of application categories like, communication application, office/business application, multimedia application, travel application, Internet application, fun application, utility application and security applications. Mobile application development on the Android platform is very similar to any regular software development project and comprises such stages as requirements gathering, design, prototyping, development of functional releases, quality control and product life cycle management. Android mobile applications offer the following benefits. Extended functionality – Mobile applications can provide application functionality or utility that is not natively available on the Android smartphone or is significantly better than what currently exists. Remote access – Mobile applications can extend business software functionality for field employees and give their employees the opportunity to access information easily from anywhere where they have access to the Internet.

Brand visibility – Mobile Android applications offer deep aligned and integrated brand experiences any time they are used. Monetization – Mobile Android applications allows developers and publishers to monetize the apps by serving text, image and rich media ads on CMP basis. Android is a unique platform that allows Android application development efforts to produce high quality mobile software which takes full advantage of a compatible devices capabilities. The Android development platform is a multitasking platform, which means that any application can run on the phone simultaneously without affecting the performance of each other this is better than being limited to one app at a time. With devices built on the Android Platform, users are able to fully customize the handset according to their needs and requirements. Google Android developers can create complex innovative applications of almost unlimited functionality. Android is a comprehensive, open, and free platform for mobile phones that encompasses an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications.

Mindfire Solutions approach to Google Android Application Development is to leverage the offerings of the open-source technology to create applications which add value to the customer. Utilizing the complex Google Android SDK platform, our highly qualified Android application developers leverage the comprehensive set of development tools of the Android SDK to explore the unlimited possibilities. Our Android SDK coders work with passion to derive the max out of Google Android SDK’s APIs, handset emulator, sample code and debugging tools, to create risk-free and highly valued Android applications.

Our Android Gurus understand the benefits of Android’s rich libraries for Audio / Media types and Graphics (2D and 3D with Open GL). The Android platform includes support for the Bluetooth network stack, which allows a device to wirelessly exchange data with other Bluetooth devices.

Understanding that the opportunities and possibilities are endless for all customers with Android Custom application development, we at Mindfire Solutions ventured into providing expert offshore Android application development services. Our Android developers provide these diverse services from our Advanced Development Centers in India. The services offered by us are:

Android Widget Development Services
Android Appwidget Development Services
Android Product Development Services
Android API Customization
Android Consulting Services
Android Support & Maintenance Services
Android QA/Testing Services

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Android App Developers Nyc And Android Easy Platform For Apps Marketplace

Android is the worlds most admired mobile platform that uses open source software to build android apps. It provides all operating without charging any license fees. It has the ability of merging with approximately all browsers that is why you can make it well matched with any browser. In USA, there is a struggle among mobile developers is escalating due to innovative versions of mobile platforms urbanized in the marketplace. Undoubtedly, every android app developer in USA or elsewhere wants to turn Androids sizable segment of marketplace share. This open source software platform motivates android app developers to construct magnificent mobile apps. Ever since it started, Android has become immeasurably popular and well liked by loads of mobile apps development communities.

Android stage is influential in providing precise information mandatory for mobile users with speedy information assembly techniques. It has capability of significantly dipping progress time and hard work required and this helps in carrying out the project rapidly and without difficulty. For Android mobile apps developers NYC, this facilitates to stay in front of the competitors continually. Android Development tools are simple to apply and execute, so every Android app programmer can utilize this without difficulty. It does not involve having knowledge of any language for Android app development and one can effortlessly execute better with the active awareness and capability or talent. The subsequent are the reasons why many of the Android developers / users prefer it:

Chief benefit is that Android is an open source podium at no cost. Numerous manufacturers can invent a range of software weighted down on the Android structure.
Android exhibit system can be altered to horizontal or vertical which make it easier for the mobile user in getting an ample representation.
Person who is using Android constantly can download and install quite a few programs free and can open numerous windows right away.
Android phones also work as a router to share Internet.
The mobile user will gain from having an ample variety of mobile apps to decide.
Even though it is dependent on the carrier, mobile users will be capable of customizing a mobile phone via Android. It will be a never foreseen experience for them.
Due to the growing popularity of Android, companies have cropped up with such ground breaking products like the place alert services that will offer mobile users the information they need.

USA has been a great place for app development. This rises from the fact that Android mobile consists of Android operating system, Android SDK as well as android middleware. SDK is the vital podium that provides android app developer essential tools and technological props for budding apps and APIs. One of the finest things about Android is that it has Linux based platform. It facilitates completely simple understanding of surroundings and the central part functionality for construction of magnificent apps for smart phones. It has ability of rising from its existing point and provides the finest solutions. There has been a great demand for Android apps & Mobile Apps Developers NYC understand the importance & ease with android app development in USA.Leading Android app Development Company NYC leaves no stone unturned to gel creative ideas of application development when Google android platform is so easy to work on. There has been a great competition in USA for quality mobile app development. In NYC, there are a number of Android app development companies which are benefited from quality open place of Google Android platform.