Telecommunications Aarkstore Enterprise Research Report on Mergers and Service Development of Chi

China Telecom was called Directorate General of Telecommunications, P&T, China at first. In 1995, it was registered the legal representative, from then on, separating enterprises from government management. In 1998, the post and telecommunications services separated, specializing in the telecommunications operation. In 1999, the services, satellite services and mobile services were separated out from China Telecom. In 2000, China Telecom was established officially.

During 2001 to 2002, in order to break monopoly in the fixed telecommunications field, having been separated the mobile services, China Telecom was divided into the north and south part. In May, 2005, newly reformed China Telecom and China Netcom were established officially. The telecommunications companies in ten provinces, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia of North China, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang of Northeast China, Henan and Shandong, belonged to the north part of China Telecom. Others belonged to the south part of China Telecom.

China Netcom Group Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited was merged by the north part of China Telecom together with China Netcom and Jitong Network Communications Company Limited.

The south part of China Telecom maintained the name, possessing the name of China Telecom and the intangible assets. Chinese telecommunications market was gradually formed the competition patterns with the basic telecommunications companies of China Telecom, China Netcom, China Mobile, china Unicom, China Satcom and China Tietong.

During the long development process, China Mobile Limited had been the giant of Chinese mobile communications industry. In 2008, the service revenues of China Mobile Limited reached to 412.3 billion Yuan (58.9 USD), up by 15.5% of 2007, realizing the annual net profits of 112.8 billion Yuan, up by 29.6% of 2007. Calculation by the users, China Mobile Limited had been the largest operator of Chinese mobile communications. By the end of December, 2008, the users of China Mobile Limited were 457.3 billion, up by 23.8% of 2007, the revenues and profits of China Mobile Limited exceeding the total sum of China Telecom and China Unicom.

By the end of May, 2008, the prelude of the fourth reform of Chinese telecommunications industry was officially started. The CDMA internet merged by China Telecom, China Tietong entry China Mobile, the integration of China Unicom and China Netcom, represented that Chinese telecommunications industry had entered the age of tripartite confrontation. After the mergers, the reformed China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom all had fixed networks, mobile licenses, the qualification of all service operations, marking the new competition stage of Chinese telecommunications industry.

There are three purposes for the mergers: first, strengthening the competitiveness of the operators; second, changing the disparate competition pattern; third, creating service reform opportunities for the operators.

The newly built China Unicom obtained the 3G license, the largest scale and well-rounded in the world. Because of its mature industry chains and the low price for the equipment, the newly built China Unicom had advantages in the competition of 3G service.

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Telecommunication version iPhone rumor recurrence

Chinese telecommunication will in next June push C net edition iPhone; the news let the white powder on ripe apples or other fruit really excited period of time. Although has not obtained the official confirmation at present, but the hearsay actually jumps over the biography more to look like real. Looked from 2011 terminal development that the good handset is without doubt the user develops fast gives the strength extremely the essential factor. Based on this, in has experienced the terminal industry promotion year Chinese telecommunication inevitably this tendency extension to 2011, perhaps, when next year’s some, we really can see that C net edition iPhone in domestic goes on the market.

The iPhone rumor aims at the market competition. On 23rd, auspicious silver analyst Wang Jin jin forecast in its report, C net edition iPhone possibly in the third quarter of next year going on the market home. Its report said that American operator Verizon and the Apple Company promotes CDMA version’s iPhone at the beginning of 2011 (iphone accessories wholesalers), the Chinese telecommunication promotes CDMA version iPhone the time to be at least later than Verizon 6 month even longer time.

This forecast and the market hearsay mostly early are the same, revolves North America market C net apple throughout the going on the market timetable estimation debarkation domestic time. Wang Jin jin forecast that in 2011 the domestic telecommunication market’s competition pattern is decided by two big key aspects, when the China Unicom month net gains the 3G number of users to be able to achieve 1,500,000 to 2,000,000, when can the Chinese telecommunication attain CDMA version’s iPhone. Abandons other, no matter, the market generally believe at least, Chinese telecommunication in 3G market competition key point still in terminal. Without the good handset, the good network also cannot come up. Looking from the iPhone handset in 2010 performance (iphone accessories for cheap), it is enormous to the market propelling force, domestic presents the iPhone parallel import massively, still fell short of demand.

Section of iPhone4 has attracted the innumerable handset support eyeball, even causes China Unicom’s competitor China to move can also not but lay down the figure to promote -cuts the card- the service and so on, but the action deals. China moves with China Unicom confronts regarding iPhone demonstrates intensity the domestic 3G market terminal competition, although the present three operators gradually go out from the 3G start initial period’s time terminal deficient haze, but could draw the 3G user warm terminal product truly friendly to be still deficient powerfully may Chen. Formerly looked in the third quarter that is opposite moves the income share in other two operators sliding to, China moves is the only entire net moves the operator who the income tends rises with steady steps; In the number of users aspect, the closure on November 30, China moves the accumulation user to achieve 579,000,000 users, the 3G user accumulation amounts to 18,835,000 households; From: accessories for iphones

China hit by iPhone shortage

iPhone lovers in China have to face one of the worst imaginable scenarios shortage of iPhones in the market. When Apple launched the iPhone 4 they were definitely expecting a high demand rate, but a rate at this level might have been unimaginable even by them. Those in China who had an iPhone 4 on their Christmas wish list might have to wait a while longer. China Unicom is the sole carrier of Apple iPhone’s in China and a recent update by them states that the country faces a massive shortage with over 600,000 people still on the waiting list.

Although the phones can be bought at the official Apple store at Shanghai, they are generally out of stock and customers have a considerable wait ahead of them. iPhone fans who desperately want the phone before the holiday season are resorting to measures like bringing in the phone from Hong Kong where it is available for sale. The hype behind the iPhone 4 is completely justifiable due to its high end features over its predecessors. It is important that users who have managed to procure the iPhone 4 take care of it and protect it from damage. There are a number of iPhone 4 accessories like iPhone faceplates and iPhone 4 cases that users can choose from. Protecting your phone from damage is the primary use of iPhone 4 accessories.a>.

These accessories provide a protective covering for your phone and ensure that the screen and body of the phone do not get damaged in case of an accidental drop. Leather iPhone 4 cases have a soft boy and absorb shock if users were to drop their phone or contact it with a hard surface. Other accessories like iPhone faceplates are more ideal for personalizing your phone and giving it a new look. iPhone faceplates are ideal for users who want to give their phone a new look while protecting it at the same time. These iPhone 4 accessories like other iPhone 4 cases ensure that the phone is free from scratches and cracks which can result in the phone losing out on its functionality.

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