The Importance Of Wireless Router

Thanks to a device such as a wireless router you can create an Internet or computer network without any form of cabling. Most routers in the wireless category have LAN ports and a WAN port for the connection to a wide area network. This port helps the user filter all the routing functions. The wireless router sends signals that are decoded by the other wireless devices connected to the network. This means that the wireless router depends on radio waves for functioning.

It is a lot more convenient to connect devices without cables, not to mention that wireless technology tends to become cheaper too. The local traffic can be directed on the network using the wireless router alone, but for Internet access, a modem is required as well. The modem is usually pre-configured by the cable or DSL (digital subscriber line) Internet service provider. Your network will thus get connected to the world wide web through the wireless router.

One other type of Internet connection is possible if the wireless router also incorporates a modem. The connection of the appliances thus gets simpler when there are not so many devices to connect. The wireless router with built-in modem should support any type of Internet connection, cable or DSL. There may be just one type of Internet access available with some devices, consequently, you should check to make sure that there is a clear match.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) regulates the broadcasting standards necessary for the functioning of any wireless router. You’ll find them expressed as the 802.11 standards. There is always a letter such as b, a, g, n and several others that follows this designation, and this letter stands for the protocol. The protocols differ depending on the signal strength and speed, thus, the stronger the signal, the better your network will function. With a quality wireless router, you won’t get performance drops or data errors when you move your laptop away from the router.

The best standards you should look for are 802.11g and 802.11n that operate at very high speeds. Also keep in mind that this protocol of the wireless router needs a match with that of every external portable wifi device or internal wireless card in the network computers.

Ccna Training Wireless Printer With Windows Vista Os

Wireless Printer with Windows Vista OS

As the topic speaks for itself this article contains information regarding the use of wireless printers in Vista environment. Today we live in that world of mobility. All we need is not just a desk and a desktop to work with in an office cabin. The world has become mobile. Technologies have changed their trend of being wired to wireless. Previously we used wired telephone sets now its the mobile phones world. Postal service was the only way of communication in previous time now its just a few seconds to e-mail someone instead of waiting for days to get your letter delivered. Printers have become wireless these days. Using printers with windows Vista has several advantages.

As we know Windows Vista has changed many things to easily run an OS by a simple user. Vista has a UAC (User Account Control) system that has enabled user to do several tasks that could only be performed by the administrators previously. Installing printers is one of them. Using a wireless printer has many advantages including mobility of use as now you can sit anywhere in your office/home and print your document without actually going to the printer room and doing so. Its economical as now the use of a single hardware is enough to cater the demand of the whole office. No worries about detached cables from the printers. One printer could easily be managed and maintained instead of getting many technicians for several wired printers.
Before Installing A Wireless Printer:
There are several things that one should have in mind before installing a wireless printer. Installing a wireless printer means setting up of a wireless network first that includes a broadband/DSL connection, a wireless router that could establish communication between the users (computers) and the hardware (printers). There should be a LAN network present to use this wireless printer from anywhere in the building. And most importantly a wireless printer that has Wi-Fi enabled in it. So before we install a wireless printer we should be confident that our network is able to support a wireless communication.
How To Install A Wireless Printer?
As we know to install a wireless printer in Vista we need to add a printer first using control panel. Then we need to assign a port. The port should be a TCP/IP port. Then we need to give the IP address to the printer so that all the network computers could communicate to the printer. Then simply install the printer driver. If the driver is not in the recommended list then provide a CD for the driver to install. Now enjoy tour newly installed printer and have fun.

Several Special Features Of 3g Wireless Router

Manufactured by NetGear, the 3G wireless router has become a great solution to take Internet connection everywhere you go without having to use multiple 3G subscriptions. Besides the 3G wireless router, you will also need a broadband data plan and an activate 3G USB modem in order to create WiFi locations in home offices, campsites and various other locations. The setup is very easy, the router includes a double firewall for advanced network security and a power saving mode when you shut down the WiFi signal.

The 3G wireless router is lightweight, compact and comfortable to travel with. Nevertheless, you need to get a power inverter for conventional AC adapting, and you’ll be able to maintain a good connection on the go. This will even enable you to use the 3G wireless router for your laptop in the car, without drops in the signal. This device is truly rewarding for whenever you have to keep the network functional while remaining mobile and flexible.

Some users consider the 3G wireless router inferior to a DSL router in terms of quality, and it’s easy to understand why if we consider the nature of the connection as such. Contact the manufacturer for support in case you experience any technical problems with your 3G wireless router, particularly when the 3G USB modem has anything to do with the issue. The connection manager usually pre-sets the modem when installing it on the PC, but this may not always be the case.

The setup of the 3G wireless router is piece of cake. The connection will start functioning the moment you press the ON button of the USB modem. Keep in mind that for WiFi network connection you will also need a router name and a password to prevent computer hacking. Even with all these, and it will only take a few minutes before you’re locked. The transfer speed could be the weak point of the 3G wireless router.

We should once again emphasize the fact that with 3G wireless router designs, it is flexibility and mobility that sell, not speed. If you purchase a 3G wireless router, then you probably need a network connection while you are away. Even if the data transfer is not top-notch, it can still provide a satisfactory quality level. Plus, the connection is not difficult to maintain. From this perspective this device totally matches its purpose.

Some Of The Best Of Belkin Wireless Routers And Similar Competitors

Wireless routers are important if you have more than one PC in your house or office. They make life easier by allowing you to connect to the Internet without having to invest in several devices. At the end of the day this means less cash spent and less clutter. Every brand has its top products and here are the best Belkin wireless routers.

Belkin N wireless router

The Belkin N wireless router was designed for optimal sharing of the Internet connection. It allows you to connect a cable modem or DSL, giving everyone on the network the chance to use the internet. Data transfer with this router is fast, and the area of coverage is adequate and reliable. You can transfer files between devices and share with others on the network without any hassles. Despite all its features it is actually not complicated to install or use. This convenience makes it one of the top choices when it comes to Belkin wireless routers.

Belkin G wireless router

The Belkin G wireless router was designed for those who make use of broadband internet. Although this may seem like an archaic form of connecting to the interne, many people are still using it for a number of reasons. As such, Belkin has made a router to allow for optimum performance when using broadband. It allows you to connect various PCs on the network without the hassle of cables or wires. Unlike other routers in the group, this modem allows you access to printers, hard drives, DVD drives and CD drives.

More Competing Wireless Routers

Linksys Routers

Linksys routers are amongst the best devices on the market today. There are three main types that the company markets. The latest and most popular is the Wireless G router range. The other two types are the Wireless A and the Wireless N varieties. They each come with different advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are looking for a wireless router for your home or office, whether you are a casual internet user or an avid gamer, you will find a Linksys for you.

Netgear WGR614 Wireless-G Router

The Wireless-G router from Netgear is the perfect device for those who just use the Internet on occasion. It is the most basic in the range and is easy to install, accompanied by a software CD that provides step by step instructions. The sheer look of the router is part of the reason it is so popular. It resembles a mobile phone with its sleek edges, aluminum frame and white casing. Although the antenna is small it provides significant coverage which will allow all members on the network to access the Internet.