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Triniti Mlm Prelaunch
Triniti Communications International are headquartered in Canton, OH Triniti a privately-held next-generation digital communications, entertainment, automation and security company operating with a powerful business model that is designed to promote customer education, more personal relationships between customer and company, accelerated and controlled growth, and a much higher customer retention rate than our competition. Our long term vision is to have a Nuclius Home device in every home in the world along with our other digital products and services. We will accomplish this by introducing new and more innovative ways to use digital technology into our everyday personal and business lives. The existing ways are antiquated, biased toward the corporate giants and are not in our collective best interests as consumers.

Triniti Communications International will set the new standard for the use of this technology in our lives as we continue to make the constant transition to a completely digital world. Instead of traditional marketing and advertising methods, our Family of Independent Representatives are the voice who will introduce people to Triniti Communications International. The right Network Marketing opportunity coupled with the right products and services mix is the foundation for a virtually indestructible and highly profitable business model that companies who operate under the traditional business model simply cannot compete with.

Spirit Mobile Phone Service with Spirit World Service
We also have a new no-nonsense, truly unlimited, international Mobile Phone division coming out soon called Spirit Mobile We will soon be unveiling our international wireless phone service for both personal and business mobile phone customers that will literally change the way the game is played in the wireless phone service industry, starting at 44.99 unlimited talk and text.

Our Premium Digital Products and Services Nuclius HDTV Service
Nuclius Home 1080p High Definition Internet Television service (HD IPTV). We are a cable or satellite company’s worst nightmare and the end of TV monopolies, high prices, inferior service and old school technology. We will provide our customers with a whole lot more bang-for-the-buck than is possible with these two limited TV delivery platforms.

IPTV is an emerging technology at the time this is being written. Both the software and hardware required for broadcasting IPTV is in it’s infancy when looking at the “big picture”. It is predicted that 20 million homes worldwide will subscribe to IPTV services. In Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asian-Pacific regions, we will see more hybrid IPTV deployments Broadcast television will still be delivered over-the-air, with specialty channels and on-demand available via a broadband connection. IPTV SET TOP DEVICES will be the first step towards true convergence of everything into a single IPTV platform, and thats where the future really lies, and there want be any borders to this global opportunity call me for details.


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