Bathroom Spy Camera, Men’s Face Wash Camera Hd Record 720p Spy Camera Dvr 16gb Remote Control

This portable camera is small and exquisite. It can be directly operated by a remote controller, so it’s easy to use. It’s a Remote Control and Motion Detection Spy Camera.


Do you know something about this marvelous Men’s Face Wash bottle? Now, please come and have a look at its details.

To add a new function to this Men’s Face Wash, the bottle is divided into two halves. There is a tiny hidden camera set inside the bottom half, so this bottle has the function of shooting videos. As for the upper half, you can also fill it with the facial cleanser and use it as usual. You can put this bottle anywhere even in the bathroom and nobody can realize its actually a spy camera. The resolution of the pinhole camera is up to 1280X720, you can get clear videos with voice easily. The camera can work continuously 7-8 hours because of the support of a large capacity lithium battery and a 16GB memory card. You can control the working of the camera through the remote control unit in a long distance. That can make the detective job more secret. The distinct feature of this product is its motion detection function. You can appreciate its convenience and advantages during the using process.

What is motion detection?

The motion detection recording mode: the system will automatically detect the viewfinder screen movement. If the screen is in a stationary, the system does not record; if the picture has changed (including the screen with a moving object or light shading), the system will automatically open the video.

Why it needs motion detection?

Spy camera motion detection recording mode can help the camera work longer hours, save battery power and shoot more effective videos.


1.High disguise makes it be suitable used in a lot of places.
2.Its good quality helps it become a professional hidden camera.
3.Continuous recording or motion detection recording until memory card is full or battery is used up.
4.Colorful video with clear voice
5.Internal rechargeable battery
6.Internal memory:16GB
7.To play back videos on PC can get best quality.
8.Video compression: AVI video format, 1280X720
9.Video file size: >50m per min
10.Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable
11.Battery type: Lithium-ion 1800MA
12.Record time: up to 1h for 2GB
13.Battery use time: 7-8 hours

15.Waterproof design


1. Spy Men’s Face Wash Camera 16GB 1pcs
2. 2.0 High Speed USB CABLE 1pcs
3. USB Charger 1pcs
4. Remote Control 1pcs
5. Camera Operating Manual 1pcs

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Extraordinary Feelings With Mini Wireless Keyboard For Your Ipad,iphone 4, Mobilephone, Tablet Pc

Outdoor Gears for your Tent Camping ePathChina Make your Camping Safe.Enjoyable Multifunction Mini Wireless Keyboard Suitable for your iPad / iPhone / Smartphone
The Unisen iPazzPort is a unique and capable cool iPad accessory for people who need to be apart from their personal computer or tablet PC yet must control it for presentations, lecturing, teaching or casual viewing of internet content, be they network television, Internet movies or other Internet content.The Unisen iPazzPort provides a powerful solution for Remote PC Operation.

First to resolve any confusion this unit does not operate or control your TV or your projector. It operates your PC from a distance up to 10 meters away. That is its sole function and purpose. But you should understand that the ability to operate your PC from this distance offers you access too many conveniences that make using the PC in certain applications far more enjoyable than is otherwise available to the user..

One can wireless remote control the iPad, iPhone or even the Smartphone using this keyboard. Works pretty well when compared to TV remote control and will surely look much cooler than the usual remote control. The iPazzPort mini wireless keyboard could also be used as professional tool by teachers for teaching purposes and during presentations.

Operational Guidance:

The iPazzPort mini wireless keyboard has been custom maid for handheld devices and is perfect if one wants to use it for iPads or iPhones. The iPazzPort mini wireless keyboard has full functional keys (F1 to F12) and regular Ctrl+Alt+Del keys also available. The tiny keyboard has enough space for multimedia keys (like Play, Pause etc). It has backlit buttons which gives it a pretty attractive look. As we pointed out earlier, the wireless transmission technology feature can be used with iPhone or iPad so as to make typing a bit more easier.

Specification for this cool keyboard

Wireless transmission technology, for iPad and iPhone (Successfully tested on iPad, iPhone and Smartphone)
ipad wireless keyboard
Wireless remote control of your handheld devices including your iPad, iPhone and Smartphone
Enhances handheld device control with Remote Control, just like your TV Remote Control
Adds a professional lecturing and teaching tool to presentations
Convenient size
Wireless transmission range: 10M
Plug and play
Backlit keyboard for comfortable operation in darkened room.

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