Huawei E5331 3g Wireless Router, Exclusive Broadband And Sharing Broadband

If you want to enjoy the 3g network, or share the 3g speed at sometimes, dont wait in line, go for a 3G wireless router !

Computer generation is changing in an amazing speed, the traditional desktop computer has been unable to meet the needs people’s life in doing computers, so the portable computer has changed the way people access to the Internet, into a notebook, Tablet PC, Pocket PC portable computer age. Number of traditional computer access dial-up connections, but this style dial-up connections to pull strings really suitable for home desktop but not portable mobile Internet devices, wireless dial-up to wireless internet access via a wireless router. Can be said that the home desktop to mobile computer devices to promote the transition of the network are, in turn, said the Internet age also accelerate the upgrading of computer hardware equipment, anyway, this is chicken and egg problem. this problem is not the focus of this article. The era of wireless Internet network is now into the 3g era, although now 3g is not completely universal, but its coverage is also in an alarming rate of global growth. If your mobile computer equipment for some years, or does not have a built-in Wi-Fi, a new one does not worth it. So do not hesitate to buy a wireless 3g router, even if your computer is not up to date, not the best configuration, the same can be exclusive or share 3g high speed internet to bring piece of well-known friends the fun in the 3g wireless router. There are so many brand, such as ZTE, Huaweithis Huawei E5331 Mobile Wi-Fi is a good choice.

This external Huawei E5331 supports 3G Internet access, HSPA + the packet the data service of up to 21 M bit/s, EDGE / GPRS packet the data the service of up to 236.8 k bit / s, you can connect the Huawei E5331 Mobile Wi-Fi with the USB interface of a computer, or connect the 3G Router with the Wi-Fi. With a strong hotspot acceptance technology Wi-Fi receiverpowerful hot signal and as a hotspot to send signals. This Huawei wireless router supports both 2G and 3G, external SUB interface, plug and play is very convenient! When a person you can be alone to enjoy the happiness of the 3g speed friends around or want make 3g speed a share in close friends as long as their mobile communication devices being Wi-Fi within inside, they can receive the signals from your wireless router hotspot! Happy Sharing!

Wireless Dongle – Wireless Wifi Adapter From China

Wireless Dongle($ 31 usd)


Wholesale Cheap Wireless Dongle support WPA / WEP – Wireless Wifi Adapter USB 2.0 Blue tooth Dongle driver from China Wholesale Company. It supports Complies with: IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b standards, Antenna: High Gain (5 dBi) SMA Antenna, System: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/XPx64/Vista, MAC, Linux and so on.

Please note:
Bluetooth dongle technology enables your PC or notebook for point to multi-point friendly connectivity with other bluetooth devices, such as PDA, mobile phone. Bluetooth is an open specification for wireless data transmission which operate on the globally available 2.4GHz radio frequency.

The bluetooth USB dongle allows data transfer between a multiude of devices. Transfer information from your PC or Laptop to Car Kits, Mobile Phones, PDAs, GPS Receivers and much more. You can now join the VOIP revolution and combine with a Bluetooth Headset to enable voice calls on the internet with SKYPE.

China Wholesale Wireless Dongle Specifications:
Complies with: IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b standards
Operating Range: Up to 100M
Frequency Band: 2.4GHz ~ 2.483GHz
Emmission Type:
– IEEE 802.11b : DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
– IEEE 802.11g : OFDM ( Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)
Data Rate:
– IEEE 802.11b : 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps
– IEEE 802.11g : 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
Modulation Method:
– IEEE 802.11b : DBPSK / DQPSK / CCK
– IEEE 802.11g : BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
– 64-bit or 128-bit WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) /WPA
– TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol)
Operation Mode:
– Ad hoc
– Infrastructure (Access Points is needed)
Antenna: High Gain (5 dBi) SMA Antenna
System: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/XPx64/Vista, MAC, Linux
Dimensions: 112x12x28mm (dongle with antenna attached at right angle)
Approved: CE / FCC
Management: Windows-based Utility
Interface: USB2.0 (1.1 Compliant)
After sales service: 1 year warranty Accessories
CD included with separate drivers and manual for each operating system

Mobile Power Bank And Portable 3g Wireless Router 2 In 1 For Your Ipad

With an usb modem you can access the internet, but you cannot share the wifi with your friends; with a 3g router you can connect your iPad, iPhone, smartphone, android tablet, psp to surf internet simultaneously, but the price is always higher than your budget. Now Mobile power bank and portable 3g wireless router 2 in 1WRB201 will be your best choice, this new device can not only share the wifi with your friends, it also has the same function of 3g wireless router, besides, you can charge your iPad, iPhone for emergency and the price is more lower than other wireless router.

Below is the five function of WRB201:

Function 1:

The portable 3g wireless router compatible with more than 400 kinds of popular USB 3G modems all over the world to share data package of both WCDMA/EVDO via wifi, making the iPhone, iPad, notebook, smartphone, android tablet, psp tosurf internet simultaneously. Plug and play without any manual setting. The mobile power bank also canseasy sharing to avoid high battery-consumption of iPhone when being hotspot by itself.

Function 2:

Under the wifi coverage area, the users can relay the other wifi signal and sharing internetwith unlimited users and data download viathe wireless router.

Function 3:

The portable 3g wireless router can enlarge the wifi signal tomake the outdoor wifi signal reach home everywhere, improving the internet speed.The innovative wire-access solution of auto-recognizing WAN/LAN can identify the ADSL/Hotel DHCP by itself. Plug and play without any manual setting.

Function 4:

The portable 3g wireless router can be installed quickly and easily almost anywhere. No software installation required. Supports Windows2000, XP, Vista, Linux 2.4 /2.6. The mobile power bank is great for situations where an impromptu wireless network must be set up, or wherever conventional network access is available. The WRB201can be installed on buses, trains, or boats, allowing passengers to check e-mail or chat online while commuting.

Function 5:

the portable 3g wireless router is a device that canmobile power bank-charger for digital products,built-in 2400mAh Li-polymer battery can chargeyour iPad, iPhone, itouch, ipod, Android tablet, smartphonefor emergency, it provides protection for over-charge/over-discharge/short-circuit to keepthe safe charge, theportable 3g wireless routers working time up to 6 hours. It is really a mobile battery.

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Sierra Wireless Aircard 312u With 42 Mbps Download Speed

Sierra Wireless has launched the worlds first 42 Mbps download speed 4G usb modem before- Sierra Wireless Aircard 312U, I think many people have deep impression about it, due to the outstanding features and quite nice appearance, when it comes out, it quickly attracts peoples eyes.

With 42 Mbps Aircard 312U, people working at client locations, at airports, or on their home can access the internet to enjoy all kinds of applications, games and others with high speeds, it could be really reserved for office environments, as well as the entertainment areas. That is to say, it may improve network efficiency and provide a better experience for customers. The Executive Director of Telstra Networks & Access Technologies said that the new speeds had the potential to increase how and where our small and large business customers work. Hence we can imagine that how popular it is!

Special Design

Sierra Aircard 312U usb modem is designed with a sleek line with a multi directional metal hinge, the combination provides a durable feeling, its also very flexible permitting the user to plug it into any orientated port and in conjunction the mechanism helps to prevent damage to the port or device if its accidentally bumped. Aircard 312U LTE USB modem comes with articulating and pivoting hinge that works with the widest possible variety of USB port placements. In a word: Its easy to set-up and use.

By the way, it has a similar model: Sierra aircard 319u, which displays the 42 Mbps HSPA+ downlink speed too.

Fast Speed

As one of USB modem, the fast speed is an important factor to be considered to buy, and as the first 42 Mbps download speed USB modem, it has a greater capacity for data transfer under the current 3G technology, that is why its regarded as the next evolution of HSPA wireless broadband technology. And it offers 5.76 Mbps upload speed with frequency bands WCDMA 850/1900/2100 MHz, as well as EDGE/GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

In addition, if somebody worries about the signal in remote areas, he can use the optional external antenna of sierra 312U to extend coverage, nice work, and right?

As the first modem supporting speed up to 42 Mbps, Sierra Wireless Aircard 312U operates on dual carrier HSPA+ networks, the fastestcarrierspeeds to date, and is also backwards compatible with earlier HSPA technologies so you can work without interruption virtuallyanywhere you go.Connect your computer to check email, deliver web seminars, and query ERP / CRM applications, or video conference with your team.

Many different ways servers can be utilized to enhance computer performance

As a computer user, you will come across various terminologies the meanings of which you might not know or understand. It is therefore worth your while to have even a brief understanding of these terms so that you will be able to improve your knowledge of computers and their functions. There are various peripheral that can used to enhance the performance of your computer and one of them is the server computer. In order to host a server program on any computer you need one with a high processing speed and additional memory.

This is because the server computer is the one that will be handling the various requests from other computers in its network and as such require special operating systems and extra features to be able to handle all the tasks. Because of this, the price of a server computer is higher than that of a normal computer but is a very useful device to have for use in various programs.

One of them is for the purpose of using one printer that is connected to multiple computers. In order for the printer to share the various print commands issued by the computers in the network, it must have a print server installed. In the present day and age where everything is turning wireless, the better option is to buy a wireless print server that can be connected to an existing network which is then connected to the USB port of the printer. Another advantage of the wireless printer server is that you can use the computer from any location to issue the command for your print job which can save a lot of time as well as money.

You can also eliminate your computer storage problems by getting yourself a NAS server which is the best solution to keeping all your files easily accessible but not crowding your internal or external hard drive. How many times have you wondered whether you should get rid of certain files, music or photos because you thought they were limiting the memory in your computer? By having a NAS server you will be able to get hold of anything you have stored in it and avoid having to make hard copies of all your documents.

The remote access server can help you to get to your files from a remote location. If for instance you dial into a network from a remote location through a modem to a remote access server, you will be allowed access to your files once the authentication process is completed. This will make it possible for you to gain access to whatever you have stored in the computer in the same way as you would when connected to LAN.

When talking about servers, one cannot forget the load balancing server which is found to be very useful for website owners. Especially in the case of popular websites, it’s very difficult for visitors to access them 24/7 because of too much traffic making the servers crash. But having a load balancing server means the other servers are utilized in a balanced way so that one particular server does not get overloaded with incoming traffic. A load balancing server will be helpful in more ways than one to increase the performance of the servers that host such popular websites.

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Shower Radio Hidden Bathroom Spy Camera Hidden Camera With Motion Detection Functions 16gb

This is a ultra-small bedroom spy camera that hidden inside a radio, it looks like an ordinary radio, but it has a very powerful function, the most interesting thing is that it internally hides a smallest spy camera DVR , you can listen to the radio and record everything you need at the same ,so secret that no one know where the camera does not need any external plug-in card, built in memory 16GB itself, can work up to 8-10 hours. there is time date stamp for the record, you can get the most authentic evidence for a variety of illegal behaviour.ideal for CIA agents ,police,detector,and spy agency.


1.Tiny size makes it for a variety of uses.

2.Its great for use as a hidden cam, spy cam , etc.

3.Real time recording in AVI video format

4.Motion Detection recording until memory is full auto off

5.Color video with voice

6.Internal rechargeable battery

7.Internal memory:16GB

8.Playback video on PC

9.Video compression : AVI video format,1280*960 30fps

10.Voice recording: Yes

11.Internal memory: Yes

12.Flash:16GB 13.Video file size:5M per min.

14.Recording mode :Motion Detection recording until memory is full auto off

15.Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable

16.Battery type : Lithium-ion 1800MA

17.Record time : up to 2h for 1GB

18.Battery use time : about 8-10 hour

19.Weight:350g Bathroom spy camera,Peeping spy camera,Candid spy camera,Nanny spy camera,Voyeur video camera,
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Corporate name Bathroomhiddenspycam LIMITED
Company address Baoan District, East China, Central Road on the 8th
zip code 518000
Company website :

Mailbox :[emailprotected] [emailprotected]
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Onlinewholesalespycamera Sony Alarm Clock Hidden Hd Pinhole Bedroom Spy Camera Dvr 16gb 1280×720


1.Minor size should make it to get a selection of utilizes.
2.Their ideal for make use of as being a secret cam, traveler camera , and so on.
3.a few.Realtime saving throughout Avi format training video file format
4.Continual documenting until finally reminiscence can be full personally off
5.Shade training video together with voice
6.Rrnner rechargeable electric battery
7.Interior recollection:16GB
8.Playback online video media about Computer
9.Online video compressing : Avi format online video media arrangement,1280*720

10.Voice saving: Yes
11.Inner recollection: Yes
13.Video clip file sizing:5M each minutes.
14.Creating function :continuous producing until ram is 100 % physically off
15.Adaptor sort: USB adapter charging cable connection
16.Power variety : Lithium-ion 2000MAh
17.Record time : up to 2h for 1GB
18.Power supply apply time : in relation to 8hour
21.Alarm Clock
22.Electronic digital FM and 10 FM presets Taiwan election
23.Liquid crystal settings variable (high / channel / low)
24.220V-110V wide-voltage electricity global adaptation


Sony Alarm Clock Hidden Spy HD Pinhole Camera DVR 16GB 1280×720

This is a ultra-small Bedroom Spy Camera digital spy camera that hidden inside a Sony Alarm Clock,it looks like an ordinary Sony Alarm Clock,but it has a very powerful function,the most interesting thing is that it internally hides a smallest camera DVR,you can brush and record everything you need at the same,so secret that no one know where the camera does not need any external plug-in card, built in memory 16GB itself,battery capacity can work up to 7-8 hours. there is time date stamp for the record, you can get the most authentic evidence for a variety of illegal behaviour.ideal for CIA agents ,police,detector,and spy agency,Support PC Camera.

Friendly Advice

In order to better protect the buyer’s benefit, before buying a professional spy camera, please check the video demonstration sample provided by,contact the seller for more information about how to operate and how to use.


1. Spy Sony Alarm Clock camera 16GB 1pcs
2. 2.0 High Speed USB CABLE 1pcs
3. USB Charger 1pcs
4. Camera Operating Manual 1pcs
5. power adapter 1pcs

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Sony Ericsson W995 Black Great Gadget

Sony Ericsson W995 Black is the latest edition of Sony Ericsson and has achieved wide popularity as -technology powerhouse-. It combines the walkman with the technology of cyber shot and has become a high end gadget of the company. The 8 mega pixel camera along with some highly influential options is probably the most attractive and appealing feature of the mobile phone.

Features of Sony Ericsson W995 Black

The 8 mega pixel cyber shot camera is integrated in the design with certain additional options such as digital zooming, picture blogging, auto focus, photo flash, video recording, face detection, video blogging, video light, video as well as image stabilizer, pictbridge and photo fix options.For the enhancement of music features, different attributes offered are Shake Control, Stereo speakers, audio jack of 3.5 mm, music tones of AAC and MP3, Bluetooth stereo with A2DP, SenseMe, TrackID, PlayNow, Album Art, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo and walkman player.

The web browser of Access net front is incorporated in the handset along with photo feeds and web feeds. For augmenting the communication experience, the techniques introduced are polyphonic ring tones, video calling, and vibration alert. Gone are the days when simple text messaging was the only mode of silent communications. Sony Ericsson, in its W995 model has introduced a wide range of multimedia messaging techniques including instant messaging, chat view, exchange Active Sync, sound recorder, predictive text input, picture messaging and e-mail.

Various attractive animated and picture wallpapers have been preinstalled in the design. Accelerometer sensor is also outfitted in the gadget for rotating the unit in appropriate direction.For the entertainment of users, various techniques or alternatives introduced by the mobile phone are WalkMate, YouTube, media, video viewing, video streaming, FM radio with attribute RDS, Java applications, motion gaming and 3D games.Various connectivity options are Wi-Fi (DLNA certified), synchronization, USB support, USB mass Storage, Modem and wireless Bluetooth technology.Various other options incorporated in the design are alarm clock, tasks, timer, stopwatch, phone book, Notes, Flight mode, calendar and calculator.

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iPhone 4 Deals- available on cheap contract deals

In the global electronics market, Apple is one of the best names. It has always come up with products preloaded with all the latest technologies and sophisticated advancements. Apple’s ravishing smart phones with all the high-tech features and applications are eye-catching and have been able to attract a large chunk of mobile phone users globally. All the Apple devices have been able to deliver satisfaction to their users. IPhone 4 is one of the latest addition by Apple that has once again awestrucked the users with its cutting-edge features and applications. The company provides this device with two storage options 16 and 32 GB. The gadget features a 3.5 inches LED-backlit IPS TFT, capacitive touchscreen with 640 x 960 pixels resolution along with Scratch-resistant oleophobic surface, Multi-touch input method, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, Three-axis gyro sensor and Proximity sensor for auto turn-off. Users will be tempted with the revolutionary Face Time video calling, the touch screen and longer battery life features boosted in this device. A 5 MP with 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash is preloaded in the device. Connectivity supports like GPRS, EDGE, 3G , WLAN, Bluetooth and USB port facilitates high speed internet accessibility . The phone is available with almost all the mobile phone networking stations that provide different mobile phone deals in the market. .

Almost all the leading networking stations Orange, O2, Vodafone and T-mobile in the market have provided their deals on various web portals. The mobile phone deals include contract deals, pay as you go deals and SIM free deals. One of the best iPhone 4 Deals is provided by O2 for a 24 month contract with a monthly cost of just 60.00. On this deal the handset is offered free of cost. Networking station Orange is also providing some of the cheap Iphone 4 contract deals with different tariff plans.

Yashica Digital Cameras

Yashica is a leading global brand which provides excellent quality digital cameras. In 1953, they lauched their first complete camera, called Yashimaflex. Since then Yashica has came long way and is providing products laced with latest technology. Now it offers great range of digital cameras under the trademark of JNC Datum Tech International. Besides digital cameras, Yashica also offers digital camcoders, digital photo frames, digital audio players, portable DVD players, mobile phones, digital voice recorders, binoculars, and SD cards.

Digital cameras are one of the most popular devices now days. You can capture your precious moments as they are. These sleek and efficient cameras shoot quality picture which have excellent sharpness and clarity. These cameras allow even a amateur to shoot professional quality pictures.

There are many reputed companies like Canon, Nikon, Sony are providing good quality digital cameras. Among the cameras of these reputed companies, Yashica has also carved a niche for themselves. There are thousands of satisfied consumers of Yashica Digital cameras all over the world. Yashica provides excellent range of digital cameras with varied features. You can choose one according to your needs and likings. All of these cameras are priced differently according to their features.

Let us view the features of few Yashica Digital cameras.

Yashica EZ F9 Zoom Black is 9 megapixel CMOS digital camera. It features 2.4″TFT LCD, 3X Optical zoom and 8X digital zoom. It delivers a shutter speed of1/4 ~ 1/4000sec (Normal) and 4sec. ~ 1/8 sec (Night Scene). Image effect given by it is Normal, Sepia, Negative, and B/W. It also supports web cam, white balance and internal memory of 16MB flash memory and SD Card expandable up to 8GB. It is available in various colors like black, blue, and red and silver. Along with the cameras, you will get accessories like CD driver, strap, pouch, USB cable and 2 AA Batteries.

Another Yashica Digital Camera is EZF1231-BK. It is 12 mega pixel cameras. 12.5″ Panasonic image sensor. You can view your photos in a 3″ TFT monitor with 960×240 pixel resolutions. It is equipped with 3x optical zoom and 4X Digital zoom lens. It supports various file formats including JPEG, DPOF, PictBridge compatibility. Movie file format is MJPEG. It can operate according to many modes such as off, auto, force and Slow Sync. It also allows the user to sue the white balance feature (Auto / Sunny / Cloudy / Tungsten / Fluorescent / Custom WB).

Yashica Digital Cameras can be companion on tours to capture your memorable moments.