Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets, A Must For Better Computing Experience

Gadget feature was initiated with Windows Vista operating system to make the computing experience better and with Windows 7 this has been improved a lot. Now, there are hundreds of gadgets available for the Windows 7. By default, Windows 7 comes with several handy gadgets like Currency, Feed headlines, Weather, and Calendar. Apart from these, there are also many useful gadgets for your Windows 7 desktop. In this article we will discuss more about this. To fix OS issues, it is always recommended to get in touch with a computer repair company. There are many such computer services companies that offer reasonably priced tech support for all sorts of PC issues.

All CPU Meter monitors all of your CPU cores. This gadget supports up to eight cores and it is very simple to use. The job of CPU Meter is to monitor your memory usage as well as CPUs. With this high-end gadget you get all the important information into a small space. In addition, you can also change the background color of this tool to meet your preferences.

Cant live without social networking? If yes, then Facebook Explorer is a definite choice for you. You can configure it to run in a smaller or larger width and one of three heights. Even you can also indicate how often you want updates. Facebook Explorer allows you compact view of your own status as well as information of your friends activities. Your status could also be updated in the flyout with this gadget.

Another must have gadget for Windows 7 is the Ultimate Explorer. It lets you search popular sites from your desktop. This compact little gadget allows you to search contents in Google, YouTube, Wikipedia as well as eBay, Amazon, Digg, and many more. The gadget also comes with a flyout calendar and events feature. And there is also a flyout Help section.

The Launch Control gadget for Windows 7 is another very useful gadget. This is very effective way of having shortcuts and it works the same way as the quick launch area on your taskbar. You can pin almost anything with this gadget. There are three tabs per default to switch between, but if you need more, you can create your own. There are Apps, Utilities and Control tabs where all necessary shortcuts could be pinned.

Would you like to catch up on the news while working? The MiniTV gadget is right there to meet your needs. It allows you to choose from a number of stations such as NBC News and C-SPAN, and more.

These are some of the top gadgets for your Windows 7 operating system.

Ccna Training Wireless Printer With Windows Vista Os

Wireless Printer with Windows Vista OS

As the topic speaks for itself this article contains information regarding the use of wireless printers in Vista environment. Today we live in that world of mobility. All we need is not just a desk and a desktop to work with in an office cabin. The world has become mobile. Technologies have changed their trend of being wired to wireless. Previously we used wired telephone sets now its the mobile phones world. Postal service was the only way of communication in previous time now its just a few seconds to e-mail someone instead of waiting for days to get your letter delivered. Printers have become wireless these days. Using printers with windows Vista has several advantages.

As we know Windows Vista has changed many things to easily run an OS by a simple user. Vista has a UAC (User Account Control) system that has enabled user to do several tasks that could only be performed by the administrators previously. Installing printers is one of them. Using a wireless printer has many advantages including mobility of use as now you can sit anywhere in your office/home and print your document without actually going to the printer room and doing so. Its economical as now the use of a single hardware is enough to cater the demand of the whole office. No worries about detached cables from the printers. One printer could easily be managed and maintained instead of getting many technicians for several wired printers.
Before Installing A Wireless Printer:
There are several things that one should have in mind before installing a wireless printer. Installing a wireless printer means setting up of a wireless network first that includes a broadband/DSL connection, a wireless router that could establish communication between the users (computers) and the hardware (printers). There should be a LAN network present to use this wireless printer from anywhere in the building. And most importantly a wireless printer that has Wi-Fi enabled in it. So before we install a wireless printer we should be confident that our network is able to support a wireless communication.
How To Install A Wireless Printer?
As we know to install a wireless printer in Vista we need to add a printer first using control panel. Then we need to assign a port. The port should be a TCP/IP port. Then we need to give the IP address to the printer so that all the network computers could communicate to the printer. Then simply install the printer driver. If the driver is not in the recommended list then provide a CD for the driver to install. Now enjoy tour newly installed printer and have fun.

Turn A Windows Pc Into A Mini Home Wireless Network

A home wireless network doesn’t need to be complicated to set up. In fact, if you just want something simple and easy and aren’t concerned with having a high level of security or more than a few devices connected to the network, you can turn a Windows PC into a WiFi hotspot by using one of a few choices of free software.

To set this up, the basics are pretty much the same for all three software programs: just download the program, follow the instructions, and hit “Start.” You do need to have a wireless card on the PC, which is what is used to transmit the WiFi signal instead of receive it.

Virtual Router Plus is a free, opensource software program that can be used on a PC with Windows 7 or newer, including Windows 8. It can take any wired or wireless connection and transmit it securely to any WiFi device. Make sure to use a password with at least eight letters.

The program uses WPA2 encryption, which is the most secure type of encryption for a wireless network. The computer transmitting the signal also needs to stay awake and running for the other devices to receive a WiFi signal, so you may need to adjust your power settings on the computer transmitting the signal.

Connectify is another free software that will transmit wired and wireless signals. It can even be used to boost your WiFi signal at home if your router isn’t powerful enough to reach all parts of your home. Connectify offers a pro version that will allow you to transmit 3G/4G signals and drag and drop files that you want to share with all devices on the network. You can share files between devices even when you don’t have an active Internet connection.

The pro version also allows you to customize the network so you can limit what each device receives, including bandwidth. Connectify can be used on PCs running Windows XP and newer, up to Windows 8.

Virtual WiFi Router is another free program to create a mini home wireless network. This program can be used on PCs running Windows Vista and newer up to Windows 8. It also has a display to show you who is using the network you create.

All three programs are relatively straightforward to set up, however, if you follow the instructions and the program you choose isn’t working for you, or if you would prefer to use a more permanent and secure network with a router, you may want to look at getting help from a computer tech support company that offers home wireless network support.

How to Delete Default Programs Editor 2.7 Complete from Your Computer

Default Programs Editor 2.7 is one of the popular tweaking tools. For one reason or another, you may want to remove it from your computer, but unfortunately you fail to uninstall Default Programs Editor 2.7 completely from windows? Do you know why and do you know the correct way to uninstall the tool? Learn how the other computer users remove Default Programs Editor 2.7 successfully. >

The most common way to uninstall a program in windows should be the windows add/remove programs. There are a little difference among Windows XP Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Take Windows Vista for example

1. Click Start and choose Control Panel,

2. In Control Panel double click on the “Programs and Features” icon.

3. Here you can find Default Programs Editor 2.7 which is installed in Windows Vista.

4. To remove Default Programs Editor 2.7 click once on the program you want to uninstall and then click on Uninstall/Change and follow the prompts.

Another common way is a built-in uninstaller of Default Programs Editor 2.7.

1. Click Start and then click “All programs”.

2. Find out Default Programs Editor 2.7 on the list. Choose the uninstall option in its directory.

3. There will be a message that wants you to confirm the removal of Default Programs Editor 2.7.

4. Choose the removal mode according to your situation.

Neither of the above method can uninstall the program completely and sometimes you even fail to remove Default Programs Editor 2.7 by the above methods. Do not worry. Here is a 100% guaranteed way for you.

How to uninstall Default Programs Editor 2.7 completely?

According to the data, more than 50% computer users tend to use a third party uninstaller to remove unneeded program. Among so many uninstaller tools, it is recommended to use Perfect Uninstaller to uninstall Default Programs Editor 2.7.

Do you have Default Programs Editor 2.7 on your computer? Are you tired of trying various methods to uninstall Default Programs Editor 2.7? It is recommended to download Perfect Uninstaller, which is specialized at removing any unwanted programs from your system in minutes.

Fix registry Error in Few Easy Steps to speed up computer

Are you constantly experiencing Windows XP Errors? To fix registry error, Do you need to get your computer checked for errors? Are you experiencing the blue screen of death on your computer along with frequent compute freezes and slowdowns To fix registry error? Well with the Windows XP system it’s not really easy to find out where the errors are and how it can start, but here’s a simple rundown on how you can Fix Windows XP error. Browsing the Library Msomct is a library file that makes Windows able to communicate with Microsoft office To fix registry error. So, when a 339 error occurs, it is an error that happens while loading or using Microsoft office. If an msomct.ocx is missing, it is missing because it was not downloaded properly when the operating system was installed. This would be a very unusual circumstance. Actually, To fix registry error ,on any newer operating system the file missing would be msomct2.ocx since this is the later version of the file. Yes, re-installing the operating system would fix the problem. However, this would be like changing the engine in your car if one of your sparkplug wires went bad. You don’t need a whole operating system; you just need one library file! Where did that File Go? In reality, you probably don’t even need a library file. It is much more likely registry corruption or files that are missing in the registry are causing the operating system to be unable to find the msomct.ocx. The reason this is so much more likely an occurrence is because registry files can be deleted for any of several reasons. Registry files that become missing are an everyday occurrence. On the other hand, msomct files don’t get deleted very easily. When registry files are deleted, they make it impossible for the OS to find programs; even huge programs they are looking for. So, instead of re-installing your operating system in order to re-install msomct.oxc file, it is much more pragmatic to clean the registry with a registry cleaner. Cleaning the registry not only cleans registry corruption To fix registry error, it also re-installs missing registry files. So, normally, this is the best way to attack any runtime error.

– The more information and files you download, the more cluttered your computer registry gets and as a result the ability of your computer to do daily and simple tasks becomes hampered. As the errors build up in the system you can get common error messages, system crash, lost application files as well as lesser speed due to the accumulated database errors. – You can run regular scans using a disk scan option present in the Windows Vista program or a disk defragmenter or even a free registry cleaner tool to remove and fix Windows XP error which have accumulated in your system and turning the system totally useless. There are a huge range of free and paid registry cleaners on the Internet and the most common ones as REG cure registry cleaner, XP registry cleaners etc. – It’s extremely easy to get a good quality registry cleaner program of the Internet. But you must see the functionality over price, there are some registry cleaners that are very good as they have the ability to not only clean and fix your registry but also to optimize your system to run faster, they also have integrated antispyware or viruses. Choosing the right registry cleaner is significant because it can not only fix Windows XP error but to automatically maintain your system. If you think you have a slow computer, you also need this. Registry cleaner can save you a lot of time plus if you work with your computer every day. You never have to worry about unsaved task anymore, i bet you have experienced a situation where you computer suddenly restarted and you had yet saved your task, Yes it made you angry, me too.

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