Telecommunication version iPhone 4 enter Zhongguan Village

GB C version iPhone 4 are 199.99 US dollars (is approximately equal to Renminbi 1320 Yuan) in the Verizon two year contract selling price, but this machine 16GB and 32GB the version iPhone 4 bare mobile phone quoted prices respectively are 649 US dollars (are approximately equal to about Renminbi 4300 Yuan) and 749 US dollars (are approximately equal to about Renminbi 4900 Yuan).

Besides replaced has set at the antenna, to match outside the newest iOS4.2.5 system, the C version and W version iPhone 4 in the hardware disposition, the contour as well as the concrete function aspect have not distinguished nearly.

Reporter in the interview found that the US just started to sell C version iPhone 4, in some electronic commerce website has many sellers to declare that may buy on behalf of another entity. Is known as may from American straight postal brand-new unopened C the version iPhone 4 seller express, 16G selling price RMB 6599 Yuan; 32G selling price RMB 7399 Yuan. The sold note demonstrated that this shop has sold nearly 30 C since February 10 version iPhone 4. Another buys on behalf of another entity the shop for several days also to sell ten remainders.

Compares in website purchasing fiery, Zhongguan Village -the parallel import- business actually indicated that C version iPhone 4 do not have the cell phone card slot in the American market, in domestic can only adopt -burns the number- the way to use, at present includes the domestic operator as well as dealer’s service side is unable to provide this service, therefore is also unable to dial normally telephones.

According to a Zhongguan Village technical personnel introduced that so-called -burns the number-, is refers to the cell phone number not to use in the cell phone card insertion cell phone, but is reads in directly the cell phone (cell phone accessories cheap). Burns the number way to divide into two kinds generally: First, the operator provides burns the number service; second, invites a person generation of fever, the latter sees in Net shop, has certain risk.

The above parallel import business tells “Every day Economic news” reporter, the source of goods question is not difficult to solve, US’s long-term partner was very easy to find, whether to burn the number as for this cell phone to suit the Chinese user use (cheap phone accessories), now domestic still did not have the precedent, -the present US goes on the market C version iPhone 4 have not possibly been able to use the telecommunication network directly, the related software was also unstable, whether to stock with goods also waits for observing-.from: cellular phone accessories