Telecommunications Services By Telecom Service Providers

Telecommunication is a billion dollar industry now days and peoples want to go through this industry. Normally peoples do not have the enough amounts to invest and bring the business for won so this business has been now for the rich peoples and they can only operate this business without any hurdles. In any business investment is one thing which is common to start. It is fine, but we are not here to explain the issues, we will discuss about the services which offered by a telecom industry all are listed below:

System Integration

Telecom system integration is the prominent part of this industry because without integration of the resources and without connection of the telecom solution nothing is possible to operate the business.

Software Development

Telecom software development and outsourcing industry can only make possible to integrate the services into a single interface where people can interact with the call centers and get the information without going anywhere. They can use their services and subscription just in a call which will make process smooth.

Technical Consultancy

OSS and BSS (Operation support systems and Business support systems) both are key terms of the telecom industry which can explain the services offered by the telecom company. Whenever a customer wants to know about their subscription and charging, then only BSS can only help them to provide the information.

BSS Services

Billing: Telecom service billing would be delivering to the customer at the end of each month with should be auto generated. Telecom bill payment would be possible through the net banking, debit card, credit card or cash. Actually it depends on the connection type. If the connection is prepaid you have to make payment before using services otherwise you have to pay the amount after using the services which is known as postpaid services.

Rating: What would be call rates? For a single minute it should be decide by the telecom system and operators as well. Call rates would be defined by the telecom operators according to the market and company conditions.

Charging: Subscription charges would be apply to the customers as per their norms and policies for a particular package. If the customer subscribes the cricket alerts then he has to pay for the validity day.

VAS: Value added services such as message alerts, News alerts and cricket alerts would be optional if the customer require these services they can directly send a request for these services.

Messaging: Messaging, is the service which can offer to customer for the SMS packs as they required. Provisioning, Data Services, Mediation, Service management and Mobile payments all are includes in the service section of the telecom industry.