The Difference Between Android And Symbian

Nowadays, the Android phones are gaining more and more popularity among the cell phone users, while the Symbian phones, mainly produced by Nokia, are lagging far behind for various reasons. That is why Nokia is considering terminating its cooperation with Microsoft on the Symbian Operating System for future developments. It is a fact that the Android phones now take an increasing share of the market. You may wonder what has made the Android phones so popular and hot these days. The follow part probes into the differences between the operating systems of Android and Symbian, which might help you to find the answer.

The most prominent aspect about Android phones is the Internet-based operating system, and that is Android developed by Google. This operating system is open source, so there is much more application software and resources for Android than Symbian. You can find an endless list of apps for your Android phones; also there are a wide range of choices for different models and series of Android phones. With the standard GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G connections, Android phones are more like laptops or PDAs, and entertaining devices. The entertainment features and brilliant user interface of Android phones is far better than Symbian, but all that has a large demand on the data plans. Android phones come with multi-touch screens, so you can operate with your fingers and it is very convenient. Normally the hardware of Android phones is much better than Symbian phones, and they have great expansibility. In most cases, Android phones basic requirements are an 800MHz CPU and 512 RAM. This is significantly different from Symbian phones. It is without doubt that Android phones are taking the place of Symbian.

Symbian, which has dominated the market for many years, lags behind on all the above mentioned aspects. However, Symbian is unmatchable in stability and quality even today; otherwise Symbian would not have led the market if it did not have its own advantageous power. The Symbian Operating System is easier to operate and most can use it without a problem. It does not have high requirements on the hardware, thus the costs are relatively low. The Symbian phones are not as smart as Android phones, and its interface seems rigid when compared with that of Android phones. Normally the Symbian phones have lower battery consumption than Android phones; you can even use your Symbian phones for several days after the recharge.

However, there are indeed some people who turn to Symbian phones after using Android phones for some time. Their reasons are not that one is better than the other in all aspects, but simply the two are of different styles and designed for different purposes and uses. Both have their own advantages and features, which are absent in the other. When usability is the focus, Symbian gains point. At this age when a lot of phone companies make their phones more like computers, Nokia is one of the few who brings the essence to cell phones. Android is a platform for entertainment and personalization. When we are wondering which CPU and memory to choose, should we not think about what our basic needs are for cell phones? Is it for calling or SMS, or do you have to stay connected with it?

If you are the one who like to experience the technological advancements, then the Android phone is your best choice. If you are one of the ordinary cell phone users and want to get better value for your hard earned money, then the Symbian phones can meet all your needs. When you know well the differences between Android phones and Symbian phones, the choice will become easier for you to make.