Top iPhone 4 Cases

As almost everyone knows by now, if you hold the iPhone 4 wrong, you lose reception. While this is absolutely ridiculous, it makes a phone case an absolute necessity. When this was discovered, Apple probably should have included a case with every iPhone 4. This is not the case (pun intended) so one must be purchased separately.

The first, but not the best, option you have is Apple’s own case, called the Bumper. Not so much a case as a plastic border that goes around the sides and front edge of the iPhone 4. The bumper is fairly sleek looking, and can be found at Apple stores or the Apple website for about 29 bucks. It would be nice if it came in colors other than black; white, pink, blue, green and orange are coming in the near future.

By far the coolest case we have seen so far is the Bamboo, made by Grove. Very thin, this case only adds a tiny bit of thickness to your phone. It can also be customized with their artwork, or art that you submit yourself. It is $49 plain, or $69 customized. Very popular, you might need to wait up to six weeks to receive it in the mail.

Our second favorite case is the Geometric by Speck. Very cool alternatively shiny and matte triangles make this case very slick looking. It is also easy to handle, due to its’ rubber feel. This cool case costs $29.95

If you want a case that is cool, and also barely noticeable, then the Reveal, made by Griffin, could be the option for you. Only one and a half millimeters thick, you will barely be able to tell it is there. It will do a really good job of protecting your phone, though, and it is only $24.95.

If you want a bit more color, or at least more color options, then the Luxe Original by iFrogz is for you. This case comes in two pieces, and you can mix and match the colors to your hearts content. The rubbery texture makes it easier to handle your iPhone 4, as well. The price tag on this cover is $29.99.

The great thing about most of these cases is that they fit the Verizon iPhone 4. The physical difference between the Verizon iPhone and ATT iPhone is only the vibrate button. The vibrate button on the Verizon iPhone 4 has been moved a bit closer to the volume buttons. This means any case with a big open hole from the bottom volume button to the top of the vibrate button will fit both iPhone 4 phones from both carriers.

These five covers are all good options, and picking the right one for your phone is just a matter of preference. Once again, you are actually almost being forced by Apple to get a cover, so you might as well enjoy it.