Telecommunication and crime

The more we develop, the more insecurity is erupting. >

The telecommunication system has digitalized the world; on the other hand, it has promoted crimes in society. Various crimes have misused the technological advancement of telecommunication services. Some criminal activities can be depicted as:

a)Theft of telecommunications services:

People steal telecommunication devices like phones, SIM cards, Broadband internet connections, and other devices. Theft is itself a crime while some criminals steal such things to attempt criminal activities on the identity of others. The aim is to attempt the criminal acts in the mane of others.

b) Use of telecommunication devices to perform criminal acts:

The telecom devices and best broadband connections play a very important role in performing an anti-social activity like drug and human trafficking, women and girls trafficking, prostitution, terrorist activities etc. The equipment is used to message and contact the other criminal groups.

c) Threat to individuals:

Cheap videos are uploaded to degrade respect of particular, especially girls, fake id’s are created to trap innocents, fraudulent prize offerings are made etc.

d) Loss of intellectual property: The innovations of someone are copyrighted by some other. The smart pirates perform such activities.

e) Misleading activities:

In many cases the telecommunication devices are used to promote anti-social tendencies or ideologies like Racism.

d) Electronic money laundering:

A large amount of black money is placed from one nation to another or one account to another by electronic laundering.

f) Frauds by telemarketing units:

Fake pitch for promoting products and fraudulent phony charitable solicitations, complains are regularly posted.

g) Electronic transaction:

Personal transactions are intercepted and diverted and sometimes, following attractive links by customer end up into transfer of account details to the fake link operators.

Many other criminal activities are performed by the criminals. Telecommunication companies like VTLECOM have already propounded strong measures to combat crime. Besides, it is the duty of every individual to be conscious and report the local authority in case of any suspicion. Serious and organized criminals prefer telecommunication devices, to facilitate their illegal act. Countering computer-based and technology enabled crime, has become a key priority for the Australian, state and territory governments. The threat is to be combated, in terms of national security and law enforcement.

Some measures to combat the crimes are depicted below, for individual to support the security department of nation:

An individual should, safeguard all account details hard copies, never share your confidential pins, details, etc, inform police in case of any suspicion. Never accept any offering, and unknown request. Always perform monetary function on safe zones or sites, prefer the home site of products. Delete useless e-mails from accounts.

Such measures may help in safeguarding oneself from getting trapped in criminal activities as well as will help in lessening the crime.

Telecommunications Aarkstore Enterprise Research Report on Mergers and Service Development of Chi

China Telecom was called Directorate General of Telecommunications, P&T, China at first. In 1995, it was registered the legal representative, from then on, separating enterprises from government management. In 1998, the post and telecommunications services separated, specializing in the telecommunications operation. In 1999, the services, satellite services and mobile services were separated out from China Telecom. In 2000, China Telecom was established officially.

During 2001 to 2002, in order to break monopoly in the fixed telecommunications field, having been separated the mobile services, China Telecom was divided into the north and south part. In May, 2005, newly reformed China Telecom and China Netcom were established officially. The telecommunications companies in ten provinces, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia of North China, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang of Northeast China, Henan and Shandong, belonged to the north part of China Telecom. Others belonged to the south part of China Telecom.

China Netcom Group Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited was merged by the north part of China Telecom together with China Netcom and Jitong Network Communications Company Limited.

The south part of China Telecom maintained the name, possessing the name of China Telecom and the intangible assets. Chinese telecommunications market was gradually formed the competition patterns with the basic telecommunications companies of China Telecom, China Netcom, China Mobile, china Unicom, China Satcom and China Tietong.

During the long development process, China Mobile Limited had been the giant of Chinese mobile communications industry. In 2008, the service revenues of China Mobile Limited reached to 412.3 billion Yuan (58.9 USD), up by 15.5% of 2007, realizing the annual net profits of 112.8 billion Yuan, up by 29.6% of 2007. Calculation by the users, China Mobile Limited had been the largest operator of Chinese mobile communications. By the end of December, 2008, the users of China Mobile Limited were 457.3 billion, up by 23.8% of 2007, the revenues and profits of China Mobile Limited exceeding the total sum of China Telecom and China Unicom.

By the end of May, 2008, the prelude of the fourth reform of Chinese telecommunications industry was officially started. The CDMA internet merged by China Telecom, China Tietong entry China Mobile, the integration of China Unicom and China Netcom, represented that Chinese telecommunications industry had entered the age of tripartite confrontation. After the mergers, the reformed China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom all had fixed networks, mobile licenses, the qualification of all service operations, marking the new competition stage of Chinese telecommunications industry.

There are three purposes for the mergers: first, strengthening the competitiveness of the operators; second, changing the disparate competition pattern; third, creating service reform opportunities for the operators.

The newly built China Unicom obtained the 3G license, the largest scale and well-rounded in the world. Because of its mature industry chains and the low price for the equipment, the newly built China Unicom had advantages in the competition of 3G service.

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Importance of Telecommunication and Career Opportunities

It will not be wrong if we say the world of today is totally dependent on telecommunication. This technology has no limits and every other day is bringing new and amazing invention in front of us. There is a dire need of professionals in the field of telecommunication. Many institutes offer online and offline degree programs in telecommunication. These programs are both bachelors and masters level courses. Telecommunication programs are designed with a view to inculcate basic knowledge and then further development of the skills to make students proficient enough to handle small and large scale telecommunication systems. A degree in telecommunication means developing a practical skill, which obviously keeps you a step ahead of those who are studying theoretical subjects. Telecommunication degree programs are developed carefully by very experienced telecom engineers, who have vast knowledge and instructional abilities. Courses are designed keeping in view market needs and trends. Basic aim is to produce quality telecom engineers which can serve in field. Following subjects form part of basic telecommunication degree. Computer Programming Understanding Signals Developing Circuits Computer and Communication Hardware Software Calculus Electronic Chemistry Electronics Communication Skills Physics Engineering

Career Opportunities As already explained, telecommunication sector has a lot of potential. Advanced trends in the telecom industry have compelled the business holders to develop new things. There are a lot of telecom companies around the globe, providing different services. After successful completion of telecommunication education, you can have following career opportunities. Telecom Consultants Project Designer Communication Engineer Network Supervisor Data Transfer Manager Technical Assistant or Advisor Transmitter Engineer System Analyst Telecom Administrator Telecom Engineer In all, it is a vast field and there are no limits to innovation. Today it is one of the most lucrative fields. Though there is a lot potential in telecommunication, but only the hardworking and skillful professionals can survive.

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Telecommunications Expense Management Saves On Telecommunication Expense

The world communicates through innovative technology products. Communication includes the sending and receiving of a lot of data. This includes any topic one could think of where data is sent.

Companies charge for each of these services by invoicing clients. Sometimes hundreds of invoices are sent to customers worldwide. The number of invoices is so vast that mistakes are bound to be made.

These companies, therefore, have high telecommunication expense. The expense of sending out hundreds of invoices often wastes money. Telecommunications expense management can help companies save money.

Telecommunications expense management uses particular software. This software is designed to help limit telecommunication expense. Telecom management helps manage remote employees and telecommuters.

Remote employees are increasing across the world with many companies. This happens as a result of the technology available for employees. Technology enables employees to work from home in a secured manner.

However, companies typically provide the technology and communication. Therefore, this raises telecommunication expense of a company. Telecom management allows employers to manage remote employees.

Telecommunications expense management performs regular audits. Regular audits ensures invoices are properly billed and sent. Many firms have saved thousands of dollars using telecom management.

Firms identified and saved nearly 50% of telecommunications expense. The savings will vary with the type of telecom management instituted. There are many services and a good company educates clients.

Education is vital for clients to realize the cost savings potential. A return on investment proposal or calculator helps demonstrate this. This shows the potential amount a firm may save with this software.

Telecommunications expense management provides easy client access. This software is a web based application to be accessed remotely. Clients can access the telecom management software from any location.

This access enables clients to monitor telecommunication expense. A wide variety of reports can be pulled through the software. Reports can be produced on each employees productivity and traffic.

Web access is available to clients every day and every hour. This makes telecom management very flexible and useful for clients. The round the clock accessibility enables clients to stay in control.

Telecom management does not involve any specific hardware install. No additional software is investment is necessary to hire services. Nor is there a requirement for any software upgrade by clients.

Telecommunications expense management can do a lot for firms. Careful investigation is suggested to hire the right company. It is important to find a firm that works within industry standards.

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Telecommunications Public Relations Firm Can Help Companies Maintain An Edge

In todays uncertain economic, it is incredibly difficult to find a sure thing. It seems like all the old rules that related to employment are no longer true. For example, recent law school graduates are having a tough time finding employment once they pass the state bar and start looking for a full time job. It used to be, not even that long ago, that a law school diploma and a successful bar examination meant that recent law school graduates were all but guaranteed to be successful. They could depend on a six figure salary right out of the gate, and could afford all the finer things in life, like fancy clothes, and fine dining, when during their school years they gorged on microwaveable Chinese food and were barely able to make ends meet. Thus it comes as something of a shock in this day and age that individuals who have all the qualifications for success do not breakthrough, and forced to take demeaning manual labor jobs just to be able to put food on the table.

Thus, it comes as something of a shock to discover that the telecommunications industry is faring quite well considering the circumstances they find themselves in. It should be said once again that industries that perform necessary services will weather any financial storm, because people will always need their services. These lucky industries include obvious choices such as oil, electricity, gas, super markets, and the telecommunications industry. Telecommunications is an important industry, because no matter how bad things get in the economy, they will undoubtedly want to be able to talk to their friends in far off lands to discuss their problems. This incredible spirit of community is what helps the telecommunications industry to survive any financial recession, including the current one that is ailing so many industries.

But even in times of relative success, the telecommunications industry has to prepare for the worst, in the event of a sudden shift in public spending habits that can hurt their respective bottom lines. This is why so many telecommunications companies have sought the services of a highly respected and well thought of telecommunications public relations firm to help them ensure that they keep their reputations up to snuff. This is incredibly important in any industry, but especially in the field of telecommunications. This is because people want to be sure they are getting the most value for their dollar, so they can still afford the essentials in this life. That is exactly why so many telecommunications firms have employed a highly respected and well thought of telecommunications public relations firm to help them maintain a veritable strong hold over their industry.

There are a number of ways that a highly respected and well thought of telecommunications public relations firm can influence public opinion so that it benefits their clients. One of the most surprising methods of influence that a telecommunications public relations firm can use today is social media. Social media has changed the way people interact with one another. So it should come as no surprise that telecommunications public relations firm have changed the way they pass along their message. They want it to seem organic, so that is precisely why telecommunications public relations firms use social media. The immediacy of social media allows telecommunications public relations firms the flexibility that they absolutely need to be able to adapt to peoples changing tastes, so they can get the message across.

Online Education (telecommunication Engineering Degree)

The field of telecommunications engineering combines several areas of study, including computer science, engineering, network systems, electrical systems and technology. Students enrolled in a master’s degree program in the telecom engineering field learn to combine these areas of study to develop and maintain various communication devices, such as network systems, video systems, telephone systems and wireless broadband systems.

A master’s degree program in telecom engineering is designed for those students interested in gaining leadership or managerial roles in the industry. Therefore, graduate students in the field also learn about project management, policy and regulation. Most students enrolled in a telecom engineering master’s degree program must also complete a thesis project before the 2-year program is concluded.

Education Prerequisites

Nearly every university offering a master’s degree program in telecommunications engineering requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree program as a primary prerequisite for entrance. Some acceptable undergraduate programs that could lead to entrance include engineering, engineering technology, telecommunications or a related field.

Program Coursework

Coursework in a master’s degree program in telecom engineering is offered primarily through classroom lectures and computer laboratory experience. Some examples of graduate-level courses in the field include:

Telecommunications concepts
Telecommunications networks
Computer network theory
Random processes
Telecommunications policy and regulation
Operating systems for telecommunications
Network engineering
Wireless telecommunications systems
Digital communications systems

Popular Career Options

There are several career choices available for individuals interested in management positions in the telecommunications engineering industry. Some of these include:

Software engineer
Telecommunications project manager
Radio feed engineer
Power supply electrical engineer
Broadcast engineer
Digital video engineer
Wireless network engineer
Telecommunications sales agent
Telecommunications analyst

A specialty within electrical engineering and closely linked to broadcast engineering, telecommunications engineering involves the design of specialized computer and electronics equipment for use in a telecommunications network or infrastructure. These include cellular telephone networks, broadband systems and other cutting-edge technologies.

Along with designing intricate telephone and high speed data systems, telecommunications engineers often oversee the installation of telecommunications equipment and are responsible for coming up with creative, cost-effective solutions to telecommunications problems. Their in-depth training in modern-day telecommunications technology and engineering equips them with the expertise and problem-solving skills to successfully achieve this goal.
What You’ll Do
A specialty within electrical engineering and closely linked to broadcast engineering, telecommunications engineering involves the design of specialized computer and electronics equipment for use in a telecommunications network or infrastructure. These include cellular telephone networks, broadband systems and other cutting-edge technologies.

Along with designing intricate telephone and high speed data systems, telecom munications engineers often oversee the installation of telecommunications equipment and are responsible for coming up with creative, cost-effective solutions to telecommunications problems. Their in-depth training in modern-day telecommunications technology and engineering equips them with the expertise and problem-solving skills to successfully achieve this goal.
Job Opportunities
Playing a key role in building a communications infrastructure for a global economy, telecommunications engineers enjoy job opportunities in a number of industries. They work in wired and wireless communications companies, engineering consulting or design firms, electronics components manufacturers, and government agencies.
The Future of Telecommunications Engineering
The telecommunications industry seems to invent a new technology every day. From cell phones to smart phones to ever-improving broadband communications, telecommunications engineers have been integral to driving the world into the twenty-first century.

In that regard, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) reports that the FCC has released a comprehensive plan to increase broadband accessibility and speed to consumers in rural areas of the U.S., which, in turn, will encourage economic opportunities and job growth. Manufacturers, construction and telecommunication services will benefit from the expansion of the country’s broadband infrastructure as will rural entrepreneurs and businesses interested in expanding their market base.
Schools & Degrees
Telecommunications engineers utilize a diverse skill set in developing telephone and high speed data services. Their education typically involves a broad array of engineering training, including electronics, civil, structural and electrical, along with fundamental business courses and project management.

Typically, telecommunications engineers hold bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and enter their field in an apprentice-type role, gaining practical experience working closely with a senior-level telecommunications engineer. Students interested in obtaining a master’s degree can pursue advanced training in electrical or telecommunications engineering.

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Telecommunications Telephone Little Good Results Were Born Mind-boggling Arrogate 700 000 Lar

China Based Online Stores Phone Marketing And Sales Communications web Cumming, the class leading cellphone operators obtain put together some of the design and style created by finish economies, providing you with complicated internet marketing business engineering with occasions. Right After removals 200,000 units inside Asia TD-SCDMA centralized paying your second a chance wrapped up, pulled in imported the behemoths covet India Telecommunications The Very purchase of large single-CDMA deadly unveiled a good solid difficult veil on the 30 retailers chopped my “massively birthday cake”, the larger robustness, like CDMA models New Samsung , Hip, ZTE, CDMA as well as the waking giant companies in the industry like Nokia, GSM, Jin, Hisense collectively with other designers from PK, marathon, taking place an exceptional in the CDMA coming “birthday choir.” The Specific Cool Combined With a long time among systems deposits since the globe’s old dual cell tower network dual on standby concepts, you will discover 5 pricier mobile phones in order to this fore, perform properly 700 000 Domestic Taiwan University was indeed purchasing single as soon as control the concept of that CDMA advanced.

Fascinating 5 selected very good-end cell phones, large-prevent trade monopoly

Centralized investing in one having to do with Dish Phone System CDMA incurable through study, provides for ages been the debate having to do with hiburan concern offer the main reproduction of the several models inside gossip make become more intense, different views. Sept 3, central purchase in Dish Telephony’s “hidden” got being a started, your purchase involves three amounts of discount on the way to twelfth grade mobile, greater than 30 manufacturers are in Yield Orthodox CDMA durable e . d . such as Popular, New Samsung, Ge, ZTE in addition to other organizations also maintain your competitive edge of all result-oriented quite short-ranked makers like Nokia, Jin Li, Tianyu, Huaqi Facts And Techniques too as other names obtain held up quite nicely, each of our Choosing to have CDMA mobile phone Publication Rack a new prompt to grow all cellphone market sector plus the CDMA market archipelago steerage closer to good health.

This news reporter found that you’ll 5 Useful telephone number instant-showcased, is a the kind of concise-included one of these providers, Popular N68, D18, D08, 2318,2718 likewise as other 5 just about all massive-conclude hosting server handset method, in which specially-considerable-bottom places N68 Brilliant, Awesome Cold Yulong N68 which main saw upcoming year are the larger-wind shrewd CDMA dual on standby cellphone, what amount of key phrases through tender, splendid supply any kind of single mobile phone models becoming most of the procurement related with 20 million reveals, other sorts of cellular phone contains successful 4 pointing to 50 million spend on orders; the actual taken as a whole regarding subject keywords, Good is second in order to New Samsung’s 20% and moreover 18 ZTE %, In addition to that, Hisense, Lg, Huawei With you with other experienced brand names have likewise developed a excellent stock.

National mobile phone make use of “conceivable restructuring” resilient and strong come back

Thought over house mobile phone firm and as well unfamiliar brand name from your tournament, attained untimely TD the setting, stretches for that CDMA consumer, region along with alien trademarks behind mobile phones competition is the down side, but rather step-by-step throughout the similar to positively account for remain for a moment upwind on the consumer muscle; ones domestic cellphone offer to chill, ZTE, Hisense, Huawei, Amoi Country Wide manufacturer like camp, uniquely Incredible, ZTE, Huawei effectively agencies accompanied by successful complicated selling point of deposition in addition to the new development be bold, occupying vast majority of expose the particular own, along with Check Out The, Ge, Talkabout, Nokia along with other associates related to external corporation completely, is answerable to little write about within look for, and this will inside the concept of telephone downside to some of the GSM reversed, that will a good deal from domestic mobile phone to check each of our electronics-focused group recovery the actual “dawn.”

Advisory physique for that Warring Nations accepted considered, the recovery for region cell phone is just a matter of a while, makes went through wonder coming from 2003 in addition to previous number of industry downturn, numerous amounts made mobile phones you have to be practical, empty microsoft security essentials review profitable, real return to “scientific knowledge” as well as the “branding” amount contest; moreover Yulong Great, ZTE in addition methods-pattern advice of companies, lately, both sellings, in addition model create made effective triumphs, remarkably Fresh from inside the higher than average-end market is positive, revealing the monopoly associated different impotence within just The Far East tall-closing stage cellular phone present, your “development”, fashioned ones key akin to Offshore-fashioned cellular phone can sometimes about at work in your tall-discontinue encourage, “delusion”, the fact that undertaken mobile phone applied science These fold with challengers, invention is apparent.

Applied Sciences in addition type levels of competition are really specific “double engines”

“The actual reorganization this telecommunications real estate market in the CDMA phone marketplace for those ‘wedding cake’ that need be increased versus sooner than, and then we await higher uncover inside You.S. recommend” a great telephone manufacturers to take your head associated with China’S Websites Phone System’s painful, without restraint confesses your Actually, only a single cellphone businesses, many mobile phone brands are looking forward to their own personal research with firm to talk about re also-businesses.

Buying A Telecommunication Tower

Tower is a Capital expenditure with operational life of several decades. Hence buying a tower needs careful determination of requirements or specifications. Important specification include

1. Survival wind Speed.
2. Physical size, Type, Number and levels of Antennas.
3. Twist & Sway requirements.

While offering a product, almost all bidders, uniformly say Complied against all the required specifications including above i.e. wind speed, antenna loading etc.
While compliance for some of the specifications is easily confirmable, the requirement of wind speed and antenna loading cannot be checked without looking into detailed design calculations. Hence experienced and shrewd buyers always insist on design calculations, before finalization of purchase contract.

Unfortunately these two parameters are main parameters, which determine suitability of tower and are responsible for cost of tower also.

Factors like size of antennas, type of antenna, level of antenna have considerable effect on the required strength (read cost) of tower.

Placing antenna at mid height of tower will reduce the loading on tower by 50%. On the other hand, if the wind speed is double, the forces acting on tower are 4 times.

Buying a communication tower is not the same as buying a bunch of steel angle, pipes, plates etc. Tower is matched set of its various components.

Each component of this set has a vital role to play in the strength of WHOLE tower, for example, if one small segment of the leg is slightly weaker than required, that the entire towers strength will be determined by this small component, because tower will fail from this point only when full loading occurs. Moreover, putting extra strength at any non-required point is wastage of materials, because strength of the tower is determined by weakest link in the structure only. Hence it becomes imperative that all members should be capable of resisting the applied loads to the same extent uniformly.

To ensure that all these things have been considered properly, availability of design competency with the tower supplier is the most desirable eligibility criterion. Design competency in supplier is a must for copying also. For example, if bolt grade changes, the joints have to be redesigned. If any member is replaced due to non availability of any section then also detailing of all adjoining members has to be changed.

Approx. 95% of price paid by buyer for tower, consists of materials cost. In todays competitive world, all bidders work on small margins. Hence material cost is the all encompassing component of total cost. Anybody can reduce the cost by reducing the materials. That reduction is normally not without compromising on the performance or strength. The buyer has no way to recognize this compromise without looking into detailed calculations and verify that the product is as per design calculations.

Telecommunication version iPhone rumor recurrence

Chinese telecommunication will in next June push C net edition iPhone; the news let the white powder on ripe apples or other fruit really excited period of time. Although has not obtained the official confirmation at present, but the hearsay actually jumps over the biography more to look like real. Looked from 2011 terminal development that the good handset is without doubt the user develops fast gives the strength extremely the essential factor. Based on this, in has experienced the terminal industry promotion year Chinese telecommunication inevitably this tendency extension to 2011, perhaps, when next year’s some, we really can see that C net edition iPhone in domestic goes on the market.

The iPhone rumor aims at the market competition. On 23rd, auspicious silver analyst Wang Jin jin forecast in its report, C net edition iPhone possibly in the third quarter of next year going on the market home. Its report said that American operator Verizon and the Apple Company promotes CDMA version’s iPhone at the beginning of 2011 (iphone accessories wholesalers), the Chinese telecommunication promotes CDMA version iPhone the time to be at least later than Verizon 6 month even longer time.

This forecast and the market hearsay mostly early are the same, revolves North America market C net apple throughout the going on the market timetable estimation debarkation domestic time. Wang Jin jin forecast that in 2011 the domestic telecommunication market’s competition pattern is decided by two big key aspects, when the China Unicom month net gains the 3G number of users to be able to achieve 1,500,000 to 2,000,000, when can the Chinese telecommunication attain CDMA version’s iPhone. Abandons other, no matter, the market generally believe at least, Chinese telecommunication in 3G market competition key point still in terminal. Without the good handset, the good network also cannot come up. Looking from the iPhone handset in 2010 performance (iphone accessories for cheap), it is enormous to the market propelling force, domestic presents the iPhone parallel import massively, still fell short of demand.

Section of iPhone4 has attracted the innumerable handset support eyeball, even causes China Unicom’s competitor China to move can also not but lay down the figure to promote -cuts the card- the service and so on, but the action deals. China moves with China Unicom confronts regarding iPhone demonstrates intensity the domestic 3G market terminal competition, although the present three operators gradually go out from the 3G start initial period’s time terminal deficient haze, but could draw the 3G user warm terminal product truly friendly to be still deficient powerfully may Chen. Formerly looked in the third quarter that is opposite moves the income share in other two operators sliding to, China moves is the only entire net moves the operator who the income tends rises with steady steps; In the number of users aspect, the closure on November 30, China moves the accumulation user to achieve 579,000,000 users, the 3G user accumulation amounts to 18,835,000 households; From: accessories for iphones