Electronics Manufacturing

Many customers put their trust in electronics manufacturers when it comes to using electronics manufacturing solutions. Electronics manufacturing is a specialized task and involves great emphasis on quality and performance, right from the sourcing of materials to the actual assembly and production process.

The majority of the firms in the market provide a range of facilities and cutting edge technologies to support wide ranging client requirements from manufacturing of simple electronic products to those involving complex technologies.

With firms continuing to invest in the latest technologies, solution deliveries range from PCBs (printed circuit boards) to boxed units, and are versatile enough to support requirements from varied industries including, aerospace, commercial, marine and defence.

Emerging electronic manufacturing technologies are being continuously adopted by firms and many have purchased the latest equipment and staff training to ensure quality delivery.

Furthermore, some firms have adopted lead-free processes fairly early, and are well versed in assembling miniature PCBs with 0201s and 0402s, QFNs and BGAs. These offer light weight and highly reliable solutions that are especially useful in the design and manufacture of special helmets, wild life tracking and diving equipment.

Most companies in the industry have looked to install the new Europlacer iineo II, which can offer high-performance solutions such as POP (Package On Package) technology. The installation of iineo has also greatly increased production capacity for firms that have adopted it.

Other innovative technologies that have been adopted by firms include automatic UV conformal coating, Xray, selective soldering and one of the latest 5 camera AOI systems. These technologies enable firms to offer a host of services, from the more common batch sub-assembly to facilitating full turnkey operations.

To ensure that the best is delivered at all times, skilled technicians build the product to meet IPC A 610 quality standards or any other customer preferred standards. Along with this an integrated ERP IT enables complete control on all aspects involved in the business process, from procurement to dispatch of product. The efficiencies driven within the process enable carefully balanced pricing and delivery, thus offering the best competitive edge and the best service possible to customers.

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