Hot Electronics Gifts for the Holidays 2010

Though the economy is still sluggish, most shoppers are saying that they intend to spend more on holiday gifts this year than they did in the past few years. You can bet that a majority of these gifts will tend to be in the electronics arena. From video game consoles to video games to gadgets to portable audio and video players, there is no shortage of choices if you are in a buying mood this holiday season.

One of the hottest devices that you can consider as a gift for your loved one would be Apples latest creation, the iPad. People are amazed by the crystal clear screen and the myriad of applications available for it. You can view video, listen to audio, read books, play games and so much more. With over 100,000 applications in the Apple App Store, the possibilities and uses for this product are virtually endless. The iPad isn’t just a bigger version of the iPhone either, it boasts it’s own application set, and special functions, including a much more usable keyboard than it’s smaller counterpart. This feature makes the iPad much more of a personal, portable computer, and practically leaves technology like netbooks in the dust. Ease of use has always been a strength of Apple’s products, and the iPad is no exception. People of any age, even people in their 90’s can use it without any learning curve whatsoever.

If youre into mobile phones, another great idea came from Apple. Released earlier this year, the iPhone4 has instantly become another Apple hit because of its trademark style and functionality. This is actually a major upgrade of the iPhone 3G in such a way that it boasts of its highly sensitive touch screen and amazing screen resolution. The iPhone4 can be a great gift this Christmas, especially if you bundle it with service. However, a new phone may not always be an appropriate gift, which is why the newest version of the iPod Touch may be a better choice. The iPod Touch has just about all the functionality of an iPhone, but without the phone function. The iPod Touch is also less expensive.

Those are two of the hottest electronics gifts this season, but you may also consider an LED television, a 3D television, the Playstation Move, the XBOX360 Kinect, a GPS device, exercise or outdoor equipment or any of hundreds of hot video games for those who already have a video game console.

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