iPhone vs. Blackberry

A lot of words have been spent on the respective merits of the iPhone vs. the Blackberry. Fans on either side of the debate swear that they have the better option, but few people seem to have actually considered the other options out on the market today.

One of the biggest complaints about the Blackberry is the user interface. A lot of users, especially those who are used Apples sleekness, find it difficult to find their way around a Blackberrys functions.

For this and other reasons, consumers are gravitating to towards systems that are easier to use, including Samsungs Galaxy Nexus. Last year, the Galaxy did better than the Blackberry, although still not quite as well as the iPhone. Unfortunately for Samsung, Apple sued the company for patent infringement for four different components, including the artificial intelligence known as Siri and the word completion feature called Autocorrect.

This lawsuit is bad news for Samsung as well as Google, the company that led the design for the Galaxy Nexus and the Android software it uses.
Now, to be fair, were not really talking about the iPhone anymore, but rather the iPad, Apples tablet, but the technology is similar, and Android phones could be Apples next target if the designers fail to make them different from an Apple product.

But doing so seems to make the product less popular. Its like Apple and the iPhone hold all the cards.

No wonder, since the iPhone is so much easier to use. And no wonder everyone is trying to imitate.
While both the iPhone and the Blackberry have a number of cool apps, the free app market seems to be much more focused on the iPhone. Its anybodys guess why that is. Maybe its just because Apple products always seem more intuitive and, well, shinier.

Some people still prefer the Blackberry to the iPhone, but when it comes down to, Apple imitators like Samsung aside, the majority has spoken in favour of iPhones.

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