Telecommunications And The World Wide Web

From Alexander Graham Bell to Tim Berners-Lee, the world of telecommunication systems has gone on a long and technologically advanced fast paced journey. Many advances in the component technologies that have made up these telecommunication systems have been made in a relatively short space of time. With the advent of the World Wide Web, it is now possible to communicate to someone on the opposite side of the planet as if they are sitting next to you, and with no discernible delay in communication.

Tim Berners-Lee – The man behind the invention of this wonder of a communication system, was one Tim Berners-Lee. He was born in London, England in 1955. His education started out at Sheen Mount Primary School, then from 1969 to 1973 he attended the Emanuel School in London. From 1973 to 1976 he attended Queens College, Oxford, where he took Physics, and came out with a first class degree.

How it came about – The original idea behind what we now know as the World Wide Web started out as a proposal put forward by Berners-Lee for a system that would aid researchers and others by allowing the sharing and updating of information. Berners-Lee proposed a system that used hypertext in 1980, whilst working as an independent contractor sat CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research). It was not until 1989 before the web as we no it came into any semblance of being, by which time Berners-Lee had left and returned to CERN taking up a fellowship with the company.

An opportunity not to miss – Berners-Lee had recognised an opportunity not to be missed with CERN in 1989 and it being the largest internet node in Europe. That opportunity being to combine the internet with hypertext. What he did was to take the Transmission Control Protocol and the domain name system, and join them with the hypertext system.

The proposal – The original proposal that Berners-Lee needed to submit in order to get backing for his venture, was submitted in 1989. And with the help of one Robert Caillau, he produced another proposal in 1990 which was to the liking of the management and thus given the okay by his manager, Mike Sendal.

A matter of firsts – From then on the wheels were set in motion to get a hypertext based internet up and running, and many firsts were soon to come into being. On the 6th of August, 1991 the first website came into existence which, of course, was based at CERN. And the first web address:, and of course the first web page address: http : // A NeXT Computer was brought into play by Berners-Lee in the role of the world’s original web server and moreover to create the original web browser, WorldWideWeb, during 1990. By Christmas 1990, Berners-Lee had made all the tools crucial for a functioning Web the original web browser (which was a web editor as well); the original web server; and the original web pages, which explained the project itself. On August 6, 1991, he mailed a brief summing up of the World Wide Web project on the alt.Hypertext newsgroup. This time also marked the beginning of the Web as a publicly accessible service on the Internet. The original server outside Europe was set up at SLAC to host the SPIRES-HEP database. Accounts fluctuate substantially as to the year of this event. The World Wide Web Consortium says December 1992, whereas Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SLAC) itself claims 1991. This is endorsed by a W3C record with the title of A Little History of the World Wide Web.

And that is how the World Wide Web came into being.

Cheap Electronics Really Cheap Or Not The Ultimate Reference For Price Comparisons

Today’s economy places a lot of question marks above people’s heads. Should I continue to work at the company I work for even though they are reducing the employees and the salaries? Will I be able to set up a home business in these somewhat troubled times?

One of the safest bets you can make if you want to work from home is by establishing yourself in the world of cheap electronics.

During the last decades people have become more dependent on electronics and electronics also play a big role in the western forms of entertainment.

Because new sorts of electronic devices keep appearing on the market, dealing in electronics is a wise choice if you want to set up your own private business.

In Europe alone in example over 100 billion Euro’s were spend by over 100 million Europeans on online retail in 2006 according to the statistics from Forrester.

Between 2003 and 2005 the total amount spent by Europeans on online goods grew by 50%. The forecast from Forrester also says that the amounts will likely continue to grow with a rapid speed through the coming years.

It will probably not come as a surprise that over 10% of the total amount of 100 billion Euro’s spent on retail in 2006 came from purchases of electronics. This means that over 10 billion Euro’s were spent on electronics in Europe alone!

Those figures don’t only sound exciting, they are exciting and thanks to the large volumes of cheap electronics coming out of China these days it is very possible to buy products for a low price and sell for a very very high price.

And, as you are selling products online setup costs are minimal making the actual take home profit even higher.

But how can you find wholesale electronics companies that can supply the cheap electronics that you need.

In previous years you might have had to buy a ticket to China, meet with a whole lot of suppliers and then order a container load of an item.

Recently though things have gotten easier and there are many wholesale dropship companies online that will happily supply you with all the cheap electronics you need in small lots, and even one piece orders. Some will even send items directly to your customers.

To ensure that you’re getting a good deal you need to check out both the wholesale supply company AND the product you are thinking of stocking.

Questions you should ask the supplier include:

*Do you hold your own stock?
*Do you have a QC process?
*Do you provide delivery and/or product warranties?
*Who else has used you, where can I see reviews of your service?

Things you should be wary of with products include:

*Whether or not it will work in your region
*The types of warranties it carries
*Whether or not it is a counterfit of a brand name item
*What the price is compared to similar items on the market (eBay is a great place for price comparisons)

If you have several similar items that you are considering buying it is a good idea to do a price comparison of all of them.

However, it is usually a good idea not to take the cheapest option as that supplier may not be providing you with the best level of service and quality control which will leave you and your customers unsatisfied.

Quality control programs and shipping and manufacture guarantees are so important that it is usually worth paying what looks like a premium for a company that provides them. This way, if there is a problem with their product they will refund you and you can keep your customers happy while not loosing any money in the long run.

So how do you do a price and services comparison?

The best way to do this is with an excel sheet.

Head up columns in the column section:

*Shipping Time
*Photos/Descriptions Included?

Each product goes into the rows and gets graded according to the criteria that you have set.

The real cost of buying/listing the item can then be seen and you can make an informed decision.

Once you have found several or even one company that has your interest you could order one piece of electronics to ensure that the quality is up to scratch.

If you are seriously looking for a business opportunity that has high pay outs then you have found your match.

More and more people are making their purchases online and if you can offer quality products at reasonable prices and advertise your products you are just a few steps away from making it big-time.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there now and start looking on Google for the electronics suppliers that are sure to be your next step towards financial freedom.

Led Lighting Can Be Accessed Wireless Internet

LED lamp, LED display, LED lighting as an energy-saving has gradually come into our lives. But you know, through the LED light line can be connected to broadband networks, which has become a reality in the current scientific research.

Accesses wireless internet under the lighting.

A laptop computer placed under light exposure, there is no network cable connection, no wireless network card, but online video is still smooth playing.This was occurred at yesterday in semiconductor institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Why will appeared this kind of situation? It’s secret lies in the ceiling, the blue LED lights.

Network signal is through the light transmitted to the computer . Though this way, the current maximum transmission rate of the Internet can reach 2 MB per second.

In addition to connecting the networks, LED lights also serve as the commander of all kinds of household appliances. At present they have realized regulate variety of electrical switches and controls. These two technologies have been displayed in the Expo in Shanghai Aviation Museum and the Ecological Museum.

High-speed switches to transmit information. The LED light is how to though light signal to transmission network and control signal t? Experts said that LED lamp is a new lighting and traditional lighting devices, it is not only save power, but also through high-speed switching, issued modulated signal, to complete the information and instructions transmission.

Non-stop switch action will not affect the normal lighting,? the answer is no. Researchers introduced that the per-second switch speeds can even up to 200 million, the naked eye couldn’t feel.

To overcome flight Internet access problem.

Nowaday people enjoy wireless network services, they are also constantly fear that it electromagnetic waves may adversely affect the human body, and use environmentally friendly LED lighting line was able to completely eliminate this concern. No electromagnetic wave will not interfere with surrounding electronic equipment, aircraft wireless Internet problems will be resolved, even under water, the LED lights come in a bunch of lighting, can complete the network signal high-speed transmission.

Experts said that and compared with the current wireless technology, LED lighting access internet is only the potential technique. Because of its special information transmission, in the future, it will reach G per second access speed. It is understood that the United States, Japan and Europe have begun on the development of LED wireless communications technology , which may will become an important direction for future development.

Copyright (c) 2010 Steven Jiang

Reselling Or Drop Shipping Electronics From Reputable And Reliable China Supplier

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Telecommunications Skills Demand In The Uk And Europe

Telecommunications firm on the national and international level have infiltrated every corner of the European continent. From London to Sarajevo, companies providing data and communications networks to individuals and businesses have become more prominent than ever before. With high demand for streaming data services, cellular phones, and Internet providers has come a need for IT professionals with telecommunication skills. The skills necessary to succeed in the telecommunications field include high technical aptitude, strong communication skills, and an ability to take complex IT issues and simplify them for clients and non-IT personnel.

Companies have opened up thousands of IT jobs in the telecommunication industry, which has created a wide-open job market for IT professionals. However, IT professionals should not take for granted the increased number of positions. After all, UK and European universities are beginning to graduate increasing numbers of IT graduates who are looking for telecommunication jobs straight out of skill. As well, international applicants from North America, Africa, and Asia are flooding into Europe to find more cutting edge jobs. IT professionals interested in working in the telecommunications industry should consult with ITS European, one of the best IT recruiting agencies in Europe.

ITS European has been recruiting IT professionals for companies in the telecommunications industry for nearly fifteen years. The agency has grown from a regional IT recruiter in southeast England into a well-respected international recruiting firm for the UK and Europe. Professionals interested in jobs in the telecommunication field are in the right hands with ITS European’s experienced group of recruiters. With decades of IT recruiting experience, these recruiters utilize interviews and technical testing to find the right connection between IT professionals and corporate clients. As well, recruiters are able to speak a variety of European languages, including Spanish and French, in order to facilitate regular communications with companies big and small.

For many IT professionals trying to break into the telecommunications field, their best point of access is ITS European’s targeted recruiting campaigns. Telecommunications companies that are in need of specialized skill sets from IT professionals coordinate with ITS European to find the best candidates in Europe. Companies looking for IT professionals that want to gain experience in telecommunications can attend an ITS European job fair to find great contract workers. IT professionals looking to make it with an international telecommunications firm on a permanent basis can find their dream job through one of the agency’s targeted recruiting drives.

Stay In Touch With Your Near And Dear Ones Through Telecommunications

Living in the UK, you can often feel a little cut off from the world; living on an island, away from mainland Europe, we are quite a distance in physical terms from the next country. When this is compared to living in a central European country such as Germany, you will be within mere miles of the next country at all times.

Like a majority of people in the UK, you will have your own home in which you will need a phone line. A phone line is an essential piece of equipment in a modern home. If you need to be in contact with anyone else on this small island that we live on, you can get in contact with them via your Home Phone.

Mobile comparison

This is equally true of a mobile phone, however, if someone needs to in contact with you to be sure that you are at your home address, or needs to contact someone in the house that you live at, rather than you specifically, then a home phone line is the best option.

There are a whole range of great home phone deals that you can choose from, each giving certain advantages over the others depending on your needs or desires for such a service. For example, some services provide discount for evening and weekend calls, whereas others give discounts on call costs for international calls.

As with a mobile phone contract, some phone contracts allow favourite numbers, where you can select a group of favourite numbers that you call regularly, which will allow you to save money when phoning them.

All of these great deals can be had by contacting the phone provider directly, either by phone or by going to a designated store or reseller. However, for even better deals, shopping online is a must.

Online benefits

The benefits of shopping online are vast and ranging, with the biggest being the savings that can take place. Take this into consideration; when shopping in a store, all of the employees in that store have to be paid a salary. In addition, every piece of equipment in the store has to be paid for and run on electricity every day. Also, the store itself will either have been bought outright at considerable cost, or rented at a lesser but still significant cost to the owner.

When you compare this with setting up an online service, you can see where the savings can be made. With limited employees needed to run the whole of the UK’s online services for a company, salary costs are reduced, along with the cost of store and equipment rental or purchase, with sometimes only a single base needed for the organisation of a company’s operations.

The Telecommunications Sector In Africa

The telecommunication sector is another area for your investment in Africa. The rise of business potentials and more foreign investments sparked the telecom revolution. Since more African countries have undergone liberalization and privatization, telecommunication infrastructures have improved drastically. Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa and Kenya are the those countries to name a few. Many African governments privatizes their former state-owned enterprises to give way to the growth of the said sector.

As of now, South Africa is the main point of telecommunication in the whole African continent. Although the country has been making an accelerated move into the region, the area is still too big. There is a wide range of people in need of communication links, and the need for better communication system keeps on increasing. To create more progress, Africa needs to connect to the whole world. And for upcoming investments, communication is essential to make business success possible.

According to International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Africa only has two telephone lines per 100 people. A very poor data compared to Europe’s four for every 10 people. They also said that growth in Africa’s telecommunication sector is yet to be experienced. But after five years, the sector is steadily growing. The region showed a considerable development specifically in mobile communications.

While fixed line telecommunication systems are developing at a rather stagnant pace, the development of wireless and mobile communication technologies and the heavy investments made in the telecommunications market have tremendously improved the growth of the sector. In 2004, only 6 percent of the total number of Africans own a cellphone, but now there are a lot of them. There are now more than 82 million mobile users in Africa: Nigeria’s mobile market is growing at over 100% per year. Mobile telephony has a positive and significant impact on economic growth, and this impact may be twice as large in developing countries as in developed countries.

The government was able to address the problems why telecommunication service was then poor. Before the development, low penetrations are caused by: 1. lack of investment, 2. investment inefficiencies, 3.) inadequate private sector involvement, 4. foreign exchange scarcity, 5. poor management incentives and 6. insufficient regional development. But all of these are defunct now. More investments are entering the region, thus, creating more growth in different sectors including the telecommunications.

Africans are not just the group beneficial of this growth, business firms are also absorbing something from it. Communication is a vital factor for one’s growth in business. It connects people and business. This is why telecommunication sector is another opportunity for people who have an interest of investing in Africa.

With the technology being introduced to the continent, a potential huge market is born. In no time, people will embrace these innovations. Instead of a luxury, it will become one of the primary needs, just like what happened to other countries. The demand for better communication will grow and everything else will follow.