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Best Practices For Android App Development

According to a recent report published on, Android finished 2013 strongly, showing year-on-year share growth across 12 major global markets including Europe, USA, Latin America, China and Japan. The constantly growing popularity and market share of the mobile operating system will encourage many enterprises to invest in Android app development. With more and more companies entering the app market, mobile app development on Android has become both challenging and competitive. So enterprises, nowadays, must implement several best practices to effectuate their mobile application development. Best 6 Practices for Mobile Application Development on Android 1) Concentrate on Aesthetics The aesthetic…

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What’s in store with Android 3.0

Android is probably the most popular operating system available to tablets. Android tablets are already taking over the market, even if the iPad is still the king of the hill for now. 2011 is expected to be the year that tablet sales will really take off and it is not a coincidence that Google is aiming to launch Android 3.0 early this year. The latest version of the mobile operating system dubbed the Honeycomb will soon be the system that powers every capacitive Android tablet in the market. But what is it about Android 3.0 that Android tablet buyers are…

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Static, Electronics and Humidifiers

Touch a doorknob, person or pet after rubbing your feet over a carpet, and ZAP, you feel a static electricity charge. Static occurs when electric charges accumulate on an object’s surface. Electrons are exchanged and one object becomes electrically positive and the other electrically negative. Static is usually created when two materials rub together or move apart. Touching another object with an opposite charge, or a ground (neutral charge), makes electrons flow and you feel the little zap. Static shock takes place more often in winter when the air is cold and dry. The amount of voltage involved in static…

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Top 5 Most Ordinary Computer Problems

If you have a computer, then you have most likely suffered from computer problems. Most people have accepted that there computer will finally hurtle due to a virus or some huge mistake. However this is a legend. Your computer is build to last more than a decade. However you must keep well tune for it to make its third birthday. yet, most people would rather buy a polished new computer rather than spend an hour trying to fix computer problems on there 2 year lap top or desktop. After another two year after their purchase lack of preservation will cause…

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Proven Ways On How To Make My Computer Faster

Computers are interesting and are a great invention for making our daily lives easier. We need to keep them in top running condition. However, because sometimes they accumulate a lot of garbage from the internet, this will ultimately affect performance. When this happens you begin to think – why is my computer so slow? Is it possible for me to learn how to make my computer faster? Yes you can, if you can follow the steps outlined below. Basic Steps On How To Make My Computer Faster Clean up the disk Uninstall programs not needed Defragment the hard drive Run…

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Advantages Of Having Computer Cooling Fans

Laptop or computer cooling fans are generally very critical parts of a computer system. These pretty much tiny package like components of the laptop or computer bring about a lot in ensuring your entire computer device is working on the best condition or not. Definitely you have not heard about or viewed a personal computer being delivered to a purchaser, or being released from a personal computer store without having cooling fan. This is due to the fact cooling the CPU is simply as crucial as having your laptop or computer to operate for you to retrieve the document which…

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United Kingdom online website for Laptops, Tablets, iPads, Desktop computer Personal computers, Pri

When planning to acquire a new computer system you might not actually require a disk drive. Take into consideration a computer that merely has a CD/DVD mix drive. Flash drives, exterior hard disk drives and cloud storage space available on the Internet make it much easier for you to conserve important documents without jumbling your computer’s hard disk drive. This can conserve you money and lower the weight of your laptop computer./p> Inspect to establish if you could adjust memory and RAM on the laptop. You may not need to now, but you may would like to in the future….

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iPhone App Development Facts And Statistics

Now the gadget has become common among the people of all kinds. People of almost all fields can use their iPhone for their studies, business, entertainment, exploration, etc. with a number of available apps in the app store which are helpful for their purpose. This made the device more common. This eventually increased the scope of iPhone application development. iPhone is one of the fastest growing application development platform compared to the other similar platforms. Even though the device it a bit costlier than the other devices of similar specification Apple allows the users to make maximum use of it…

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Get Rid Of Computer Freeze

What is the cause of my computer freeze? I always ask myself. This is usually when it loads so much programs and suddenly the computer shuts down or freeze. It getting annoying that i can not save my work. The only thing I can do is to restart the computer, So, what cause computer freeze? Computer freeze due to hardware and software. Hardware problems such like overheating, bad RAM, etc is not so often. If you encountered hardware problems, the best way is to replace the hardware. A corrupt registry is the most common cause! Registry is an important part…

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