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The Pitfalls Of Android Development

The Pitfalls of Android Development Despite the many benefits of Android development, like free tools and easy sharing, there are a number of unseen risks associated with the platform. Certainly Android offers some advantages. You can write applications that are easily published and distributed independently for one. While many developers are turning to Android because it offers exciting new methods of developing applications, some are realizing there are certain limitations to the platform. Here are the 10 most common issues that developers may face and how they impact the development cycle. Platform Changes Generally speaking, the Android platform has been…

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Ways To Market Your Iphone App

Apple has now 300,000 plus iPhone apps available for sale at its App Store. The competition is fierce so in order to succeed you must aggressively promote your iPhone app if you want a fighting chance. Whats the best way to promote your app? You must employ multiple tactics to crack the success code. Simply relying on word of mouth is not enough – you need to get the attention of the news media. How? My solution is to seek publicity to help get the word of mouth going which will then lead to those highly sought after downloads. Heres…

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Learn Android Development via Online Android Tutorial Courses

There is a lot of buzz about some independent developers and newbies who have made between $100,000 to $500,000 by simply creating their first Android application and putting it up for sale on the online Android Market. Most successful iPhone developers have migrated to the Android Market after their success on the App Store, although there are many developers who have directly started to first develop on Android. Android development is easier to jump on to given the fact that it is Java based platform and that developers do not have to purchase an expensive iPhone or a separate Mac…

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