RoboCam-F12 – Wireless camera for your home and office with Night Vision, Audio, Alarm

RoboCam-F12 Wireless IP Camera (network camera) allows you to monitor remotely your home or business from anywhere in the world. Users do not require networking or any technical knowledge to set up RoboCam. Connect the camera into a router, run the installation CD (or install the software downloaded from ) and you are in control! RoboCam can be viewed on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone & tablets

With RoboCam no IP address, DynDNS settings, no Router configuration. Start monitoring with a push of a button!

Robocam-F12 is a PLUG’N’PLAY Wireless IP Camera with NIGHT VISION which comes with Infrared LED allowing to capture in complete darkness & record to the Micro-SD card, in addition to other great features.


No Networking or technical knowledge is required!

Wireless Connection to your PC with secured ID/Pass

Get Push Notifications to your iPhone, iPad, Android on sound & motion

Night Vision: RoboCam is equipped with 2 lens (one is used for day time and other one is for night time). The camera is equipped with infrared LED which allows to view & record in complete darkness of up to 9m.

2-Way Audio: Listen & talk to people next to Robocam-F12. The camera is equipped with a built-in mic. Also users can connect a speaker (not included in a package) to the audio jack. This great feature allows users to talk to their cameras from anywhere in the world.

Built-in PIR sensor triggers alarm, detects & records Movement & Sound to the Micro SD-card, iPhone, PC

RoboCam supports up to 16 cameras simultaneously!

Up to 20 users can connect to each camera at a time using a user’s privately-setup secured password

Recording feature: Users can record on a micro SD-card or record directly to your PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad, other supported mobile devices.

If you are looking for a security server to keep saved video footage RoboNAS is perfect for you. Besides storing video recordings the RoboNAS can be used as your media server!!!

RoboNAS is Plug’N’Play – Super Easy to setup Security and Media Storage with high quality case and compact design for homes and offices.

This unique device can be used as:

Network Attached Storage with capacity up to 3 TB

Network Video Recorder for 8 IP / Network Cameras recorded simultaneously with up to 3TB hard drive for video storage

External Hard Disk Drive and USB 3.0 Enclosure

Video & Music Media Centre in your living room/ office. RoboNAS Supports DLNA for Smart TV, XBox360,PS3, iTunes music/video server

Private Server for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone

Where to buy RoboCam in the UAE:

If you want to inquire about Robocam drop us email to

Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets, A Must For Better Computing Experience

Gadget feature was initiated with Windows Vista operating system to make the computing experience better and with Windows 7 this has been improved a lot. Now, there are hundreds of gadgets available for the Windows 7. By default, Windows 7 comes with several handy gadgets like Currency, Feed headlines, Weather, and Calendar. Apart from these, there are also many useful gadgets for your Windows 7 desktop. In this article we will discuss more about this. To fix OS issues, it is always recommended to get in touch with a computer repair company. There are many such computer services companies that offer reasonably priced tech support for all sorts of PC issues.

All CPU Meter monitors all of your CPU cores. This gadget supports up to eight cores and it is very simple to use. The job of CPU Meter is to monitor your memory usage as well as CPUs. With this high-end gadget you get all the important information into a small space. In addition, you can also change the background color of this tool to meet your preferences.

Cant live without social networking? If yes, then Facebook Explorer is a definite choice for you. You can configure it to run in a smaller or larger width and one of three heights. Even you can also indicate how often you want updates. Facebook Explorer allows you compact view of your own status as well as information of your friends activities. Your status could also be updated in the flyout with this gadget.

Another must have gadget for Windows 7 is the Ultimate Explorer. It lets you search popular sites from your desktop. This compact little gadget allows you to search contents in Google, YouTube, Wikipedia as well as eBay, Amazon, Digg, and many more. The gadget also comes with a flyout calendar and events feature. And there is also a flyout Help section.

The Launch Control gadget for Windows 7 is another very useful gadget. This is very effective way of having shortcuts and it works the same way as the quick launch area on your taskbar. You can pin almost anything with this gadget. There are three tabs per default to switch between, but if you need more, you can create your own. There are Apps, Utilities and Control tabs where all necessary shortcuts could be pinned.

Would you like to catch up on the news while working? The MiniTV gadget is right there to meet your needs. It allows you to choose from a number of stations such as NBC News and C-SPAN, and more.

These are some of the top gadgets for your Windows 7 operating system.

How To Fix Px DLL Errors On Your Computer

PX.dll is a file used by the likes of “Roxio”, “Winamp” & “Windows Media Player” to playback WAV files. (Wave Audio Files). Despite the file’s importance in being able to create high quality audio playback on Windows PCs, to Fix px.dll Error, it’s continually causing problems for many Windows computers.

These problems are mainly down to the way in which several pieces of software will try and use the file, but can also be caused by Windows problems. to Fix px.dll Error, you should look to follow the steps outlined in this tutorial. The errors which px.dll may cause will likely include: “px.dll Not Found” “This application failed to start because px.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.” “Cannot find C:\Windows\system32\px.dll” The error you’re seeing will be caused by your computer not being able to correctly read the file, or settings it uses to run. The problem you have is that because the file is continually being loaded by various different programs on your system, it could have been misplaced, to Fix px.dll Error ,corrupted or damaged – leading to many potential problems. To fix this, you should first look to repair any programs which are showing the error, and then fix any of the potential settings problems inside Windows. The first step to repair the px.dll errors on your computer is to first re-install any programs which are showing the error.

To do this, you should click onto “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs” and then locate the applications which are causing the errors. Once you’ve found the programs, click onto “Remove” next to them and follow the uninstall process. This will get rid of any part of the program that’s causing an error, allowing you to re-install the software and hopefully fix any of the problems that have been on your PC. If you do this and still find the error, it’s then recommended that you replace the px.dll file on your PC with a new one from the Internet. The next step to Fix px.dll Error is to then use a “registry cleaner” program to fix any of the problems that your compute inside.

A registry cleaner is a software tool which has been created to scan through the registry database of Windows and resolve any of the errors / problems which are inside. Registry cleaners are popular programs for solving a range of Windows errors, and work by fixing any of the errors inside the registry database of your PC. The registry database is a large storage facility for all the files, settings & options that your computer will use to run, and is where a list of DLL files is stored for your PC. To fix the errors you’re seeing, you need to repair this database to ensure Windows can read all the files it requires properly.

If you have any problem in the field of registry clean up and to Fix px.dll Error , you can click into our website to have a view of the professional suggestion and advices that we offer you with our sincere heart. Our company’s aim is to help the user to avoid the registry problem and help them to to Fix px.dll Error, making their computer run in a smooth way, Please click your mouse and speed up computer right away!

Why Everyone Should Have A Digital Camera

It seems harder and harder to find developers which will develop film from film cameras, and from a merchant perspective, you can see why. Developing film camera requires a dedicated section in the store for which people are trained well which obviously requires significant expense and attention. Also consider the seasonal changes, during Christmas and the summer months, there will be increased demand for the service however during the other months demand is low.

Another reason for the downfall of the film camera is the lack of computer functionality. More and more people are online these days and are more trusting in their PCs and the world wide web (after all you are reading this article on the internet) and as such they like to have cross functions between their camera and their PC.

Finally consider trends and convenience. The trend is indeed digital within this world and obviously convenience in todays world is ideal. In our busy lifes we do not have time to go to a developer and then pass the film on to professionals to edit the photos in a fashion you desire. Digital cameras give more freedom and are the way of the future.

Unlike film cameras, digital cameras require no developer to become involved and this therefore puts you in complete control. Also digital cameras are not very complicated and are therefore a win win situation from a consumers and merchants perspective. From the merchants perspective, they need to advertise the digital cameras in their stores and train staff on their features which will be very similar with a few key differences which salespeople should know. The bottom line is, the convenience factor and cost factor of the digital camera far outweigh the film camera, and eventually you will find it very hard to come by a film camera in your town.

Digital cameras also have computer functionality ability in spades. Not only can you upload your photos and email them to your friends etc, you can also download editing software for a few dollars or you can indeed download free software to edit your pictures in every imaginable fashion. You can obviously adjust light settings and play around with the colours in the picture, but you can also add items into the frame and tamper with the background. All these functions result in a significant ability to change the mood of your pictures from romantic, to comic, to serious.

Finally bear in mind the present state of the art technology in digital cameras and the future technology which will be utilised. Presently digital cameras offer red eye reduction, image stabilization (for unsteady hands) and face detection technology. With regards to the future, who knows what will happen, expect there to be supplemental features such as GPS and MP3 players built in, and expect a dramatic increase in picture quality and editing ability.

If you do not own a digital camera, go and buy one now!

Wireless Charging Devices Cannot Be Buried, And Tablet Pc Users Desperately Need Them!

In response to the needs of consumers, the first you can think about is the mobile power, which requires only one data cable to connect to the device to recharge adequacy energy. Some shortcomings also come along with the issue. The mobile power will lose its all functions without the data cable.
Wireless charging devices have the ability to charge without the data cable at any places and at any time. Of course, perhaps there existed so many rules of wireless charging devices causing consumers cannot use uniform wireless charging devices. As a result, wireless charging devices have not become the mainstream mobile charging device
In fact, many people are often lying in bed in a long time on the phone talking. If the mobile phone is run out of battery, you’re normally not going to change the previous position to connect to the charging pad. At this moment, the users need to use the wireless charging devices, so that they can enjoy a more comfortable and flexible time, no longer worrying about the limited usage time of tablet PC. For a college student, the ubiquity of tablet PC and owing a tablet PC are not surprising things. College students have a common that they are often staying up late playing games or chatting with friends.
In fact, if consumers will own the wireless charging devices that can be supported without the energy, that will make consumers can use tablet PC for a long time without the power, either. Of course, you might say that power bank can do that, too. However, a data cable will make a big difference.
Wireless charging is a good technology, wireless charging devices are good products. But what has a deadly shortcoming is that there are so many rules that you must abide by. Moreover, charging your mobile phones and tablet PC will not necessarily use the same piece of equipment. And this is one of the main reasons why it failed to receive the popularity among consumer so far. It is hopefully that competition between the wireless charging devices and wire charging devices would be concluded at an early date, so that consumers can experience the fun with wireless charging device at ease in the near future. The wireless charging device can be predicted to change the new structure of the digital products market some day.

How to Speed Up Computer

As is known to all, attending to our computer properly and periodically can greatly improve computer’s performance. Consequently, we should realize how to speed up computer. Here, I would like to introduce some to you.

1. The prohibition of the unused IDE channels

Right click “My Computer” – “Properties” – “Hardware” – “Device Management” – ” IDE ATAPATA controller ” and then separately enter main and minor IDE channel, choose ” advanced set ” – ” current transfer mode “, after that, just change the item of ” device type ” to ” no ” .

2. The optimization of Visual effects

Right click “My Computer” – “Properties” – “Advanced ” – “Performance ” – “settings ” -” Visual effects “, adjust to the best performance, or only reserve the necessary items.

3. Scan hard drive and clean up undesired files at least once per week

During the period of ordinary operation, various annoying registry errors will gradually creep into your system, giving rise to problems such as slow speed, blue screens, deadlock, etc. And with time, the errors could lead to pc is very slow. This will need us to deal with it. Then, I’ll tell you how:
Click “Start” – “All Programs” – “Accessories” – “System Tools” – “Disk Cleanup”

4. Clear away webpage history

When IE visits webpage, it will produce a page history day by day. Sometimes storing several days of webpage history may be useful, but too many will make your computer run slowly.

5. Remove Computer’s Registry

Registry is an important database of the Microsoft Windows for storing system and application settings. And over time, it becomes overloaded with duplicate files and errors. Hence, removing Registry is imperative.

Take Registry Winner for example. Registry Winner, an advanced multi-language registry cleaner in pc diagnosis and repair, can safely optimize the system’s speed and make your PC in perfect performance! As follows:

Open the software
Click “Junk Cleaner” which can help you remove unnecessary files and programs

6. Update Windows

Indeed, it’s really annoyed when your computer needs to reboot after downloading updates. Running the most up-to-date version of Windows can keep PC running smoothly.
Click “Start” – “All Programs” – “Windows Update” – “Custom” – “All Available Updates” – “Install Updates”.

In brief, I hope these ways I just discussed may help you optimize computer and let you have a preliminary understanding on why pc slow.

Whatsapp Messenger Installation – Android Tablet

As per the report, since last few years area of using mobiles phone has raised by many points; and due this it has created on more class of community which is using the smartphones. Till the today on this WhatsApp Android platform we have discuss the advantages of WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Plus and many more.

So, today we will familiar you with something new regarding the WhatsApp for Android. Be ready to know how to utilize Whatsapp application for an android tablet. Following is step by step for using WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet.

The basic is that if the WhatsApp app is not installed on your tablet then it is very simple to download it from android market. So, in the first step one has to reach to android market to download WhatsApp Messenger.
Then in second step simply install the file expert for this application.
In the next phase open the file expert
Select the first page
Once you have opened that then need to wait for its loading.
After loading the application , jump to select whatsapp messenger application for your tablet.
Now the main step comes where you have to connect your phone and copy the apps out; however, this phase comes only when you have a laptop or PC.
Paste this app
Start installation

In case if you dont have a system (Laptop and PC), then you can use drop box for purpose of uploading it. However, once the uploading has been finished you can download it.

Now, the key phase come when the application will required input for a number,use tge number of your phone. So, in this case you will get a twxt with a verification pin. Simply, you need to paste this pin for the whatsapp messenger on your Android tablet.

This is easy when you have contact for whatsapp. But what when no contacts, so that time where to put contacts on android tablet? Dont worry following is solution for this question

Take your android phone -> open file expert -> settings.
Apk settings -> Hidden apk system (Makes it show)
Select the tab of my app from file wxpert -> open
Then let it to load and you need to have a look any contact, contact storage, apk, contact sync
Copy files -> Paste them android tablet ( medium can be used anyone either pc
PC, Bluetooth or dropbox)
Start installation.
Fill up your contacts
Save those filled contacts

So, see how it is too simple for installing Whatsapp Messenger on your android tablet.

Ways to speed up computer

Are you looking to speed up a slow running computer? Alright, take a few quick minutes out of your busy day and find out what works the best to improve the performance of your computer… safely & quickly!

You see, your Windows based computer contains a section on it called the registry. The registry records all sorts of things you do on your computer. This will range from what files you’ve downloaded, removed, etc. to software you’ve installed and/or removed. This is all fine and well, except for one problem… the registry WILL become too full and/or will get corrupted with harmful viruses or spyware!

Run scheduled scans. Everyone has, or at least should have, virus protection. Viruses can tinker with the very foundations that make your computer run. Removing viruses is essential. The same goes for adware. This can be frustrating as it can degrade the performance of internet usage and can use disk space on your computer. Get an adware checker and run this scan every week.

Another option so you can get more space in your disk drive is to use the Disk Cleanup Utility. This utility is present in all Windows operating systems. All you have to do is to go to the Start menu, click on Programs, choose Accessories, System tools, and finally, Disk Cleanup. Running the Disk Cleanup will show you files and programs that are ready to be deleted. You can delete the recommended files such as temporary files and it will not affect how your computer runs. This process will help you get some disk space back and therefore increasing your PC speed.

Another major area you should clean is your registry. This causes a lot of computer slowdown due to excess files. Its a must to clean the registry in order to have efficient and smooth computer performance. You registry holds all the information from installations, updates, and upgrades. This can grow to an enormous size if you use a daily update feature for software such as antivirus programs. You can easily edit your registry by typing “regedit” into the Windows Run Command Line. This will allow you to delete individual registry lines.

However, this action is highly dangerous if you are not precise. If you make a mistake, you may seriously damage your PC and increase computer slowdown. So, proceed with caution or get a registry cleaner tool. Now that your removed unnecessary files, try to free up more resources to increase PC speed. The tutorial Ways to Increase PC Speed provides more easy to follow techniques to stop computer slowdown and improve overall performance.

As part of everyone’s computer maintenance plan, it is recommended that all computer owners perform a registry clean every month to protect against, loss of data, crashing and general slowness of the computer. Click here to see how others fixed the overall performance of their computers.

Affordable Consumer Electronics And Goods For The Small Business

As a small business owner, you probably know what a hassle it can be to shop for electronics and other business goods. You need products that are dependable, affordable, and easy to use. Computers, office equipment, mo bile phones, and many other business necessities are available both online and off-line, so you have many options to consider.

Tips for In-Store Buying

When shopping for electronics or computers at a local store, compare brand names, features and pricing carefully. Sometimes a low price means sacrificing the quality or features you really need. For instance, if you’re planning to buy a computer desk, consider the design of the desk and all its features. Does it have drawers or shelves to make organization easy? Does it have a pullout keyboard or a desktop keyboard? Also, consider the size of the desk and the quality of its materials (steel, solid wood or particle board).

When buying a computer, consider brand name, size of the hard drive and memory, as well as any pre-installed software it may contain. Avoid buying computers that have “advertising” menu bars pre-installed on the Windows screen. These tend to hang up often and are not worth the hassle although they are usually lower in price. Look for reputable brand names such as Dell, Pentium, Acer, and Compaq. Dependable laptops are available from these companies: Dell, Averatec, Compaq, HP Pavillion, Acer, Gateway, and IBM.

Avoid rebate offers. Rebates are often more trouble than they’re worth, and your name might get added to hundreds of mailing lists! Instead, shop around for a great value up front to get the PC or laptop that will meet your needs.

Refurbished Products

With refurbished electronics or computers, find a reputable company that has a good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Some companies will advertise refurbished items, but will not follow through with a guarantee. Before buying a refurbished item, check for a guarantee and do a little research on the company to find out if other customers were satisfied with the products and service. If buying refurbished computers online, use the search engines to find out as much information as you can about the company.

Buying Electronics and Computers Online

Shop around online for great bargains on brand name electronics and computers. If you’re pressed for time, there are discount home electronics online superstores that carry almost everything you’ll need for your small business. Some of the products you might find include cables, office equipment, TV and video accessories, scanners, GPS, power protection products, mobile phones, digital recorders, formatted diskettes, CDs, and more.

Online electronics stores for small business can offer you better prices because they have few overhead costs when operating on the Web. You can usually expect to save up to 20% on items.

You’ll find shopping online to be a great time-saver because you can shop from your home or office without visiting busy stores.

Use these tips to find electronics, computers and other products for your small business at great prices without sacrificing quality.

Turn A Windows Pc Into A Mini Home Wireless Network

A home wireless network doesn’t need to be complicated to set up. In fact, if you just want something simple and easy and aren’t concerned with having a high level of security or more than a few devices connected to the network, you can turn a Windows PC into a WiFi hotspot by using one of a few choices of free software.

To set this up, the basics are pretty much the same for all three software programs: just download the program, follow the instructions, and hit “Start.” You do need to have a wireless card on the PC, which is what is used to transmit the WiFi signal instead of receive it.

Virtual Router Plus is a free, opensource software program that can be used on a PC with Windows 7 or newer, including Windows 8. It can take any wired or wireless connection and transmit it securely to any WiFi device. Make sure to use a password with at least eight letters.

The program uses WPA2 encryption, which is the most secure type of encryption for a wireless network. The computer transmitting the signal also needs to stay awake and running for the other devices to receive a WiFi signal, so you may need to adjust your power settings on the computer transmitting the signal.

Connectify is another free software that will transmit wired and wireless signals. It can even be used to boost your WiFi signal at home if your router isn’t powerful enough to reach all parts of your home. Connectify offers a pro version that will allow you to transmit 3G/4G signals and drag and drop files that you want to share with all devices on the network. You can share files between devices even when you don’t have an active Internet connection.

The pro version also allows you to customize the network so you can limit what each device receives, including bandwidth. Connectify can be used on PCs running Windows XP and newer, up to Windows 8.

Virtual WiFi Router is another free program to create a mini home wireless network. This program can be used on PCs running Windows Vista and newer up to Windows 8. It also has a display to show you who is using the network you create.

All three programs are relatively straightforward to set up, however, if you follow the instructions and the program you choose isn’t working for you, or if you would prefer to use a more permanent and secure network with a router, you may want to look at getting help from a computer tech support company that offers home wireless network support.