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Keeping and Troubleshooting Your Laptop computer Battery

The true life of a laptop battery will differ with computer utilization habits. For most customers, it is not unusual to expertise distinctions in battery life, of wherever from just underneath 1 hour to more than two several hours in each sitting. If you are going through shorter battery existence cycles, say 10 to 15 minutes, it may possibly not but be time to order that new battery. There are a number of components to take into consideration when determining if the time has come to replace your battery. This information could also utilize to that new battery that you…

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Computer Power On Self Test

Once the computer is powered up,the first job is to check whether all the components of the computer are properly working or not. This job is done by BIOS through a series of tests known as Power On Self Test(POST in short form). POST is carried out by BIOS which resides on the computer motherboard. The primary objective of POST is to provide diagnostic information about the computer to the user. Sequence Of POST When the computer is switched on, BIOS is activated first. BIOS is a hard coded program,embedded on the motherboard,which boots up the computer. It also store…

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