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T-mobile Usa To Axe More Employees For Improved Wireless And Data Services

After the collapse of its proposed $39 billion merger with AT&T earlier this year, T-Mobile USA sought to assure the public that it is in a position to recoup and maintain its customer base. The providers President and CEO, Philipp Humm, explained that his company made substantial progress during uncertain times, and will compete aggressively to win and retain customers by delivering compelling 4G services all at a great value. Then in February, the company announced several planned strategic investments, including a $4 billion network rejuvenation. However, while that is all great news for T-Mobile customers, it seems as though…

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Android – Whatsapp Messenger Journey

We are use to with the market of the messenger like skype, Yahoo!!, etc. Even, if we take the look for the market of group messaging has changed at extreme level. However, one company has inaudibly formed a franchise for messaging that has become debatably the market chief while tracking its own personal as well as exceptional path. But, nowadays, WhatsApp Messenger has delivered an outstanding 1 billion messages/ day. WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, etc. This cross platform capability of WhatsApp Messenger has puts in front of any other sovereign messaging apps. WhatsApp Android is foremost and leading…

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Jailbreak Iphone Explained

The Apple iPhone is a hot device right now. Its newest release, the iPhone 4, has sold 3 million units in just a few days after release. Apples PR people (and CEO, for that matter) say that they control the software that goes on the device in order to make certain that the user has the best possible experience; they produce a fast, stable system, and want to keep it that way. Others suggest that Apple maintains this control in order to maximize their own profits. No matter which assertion you accept, some dont want to live in Apples walled…

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