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Boating Electronics for Newcomers

Although there are many types of boating electronics, there are really only three boat electronics basics that are necessary to enhance safety and make boating more enjoyable. You should begin with a VHF marine radio, a GPS system, and a fish finder. Marine VHF Radios Although boats that are less than 65 feet in length don’t have to include VHF radios, everyone should actuallly have this equipment. Those who plan to go more than a couple of miles off shore should seriously consider adding an HF or single side band mobile satellite phone or radiotelephone, along with an EPIRB (emergency…

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The Complete Guide to Equipping Your Boat with Electronics

Whether you are wishing to go boating for pleasure on your own craft, you are the owner of a yacht or you wish to go out for a day of fishing, you will need to make sure that you have the proper boating electronics gear to man your vessel. You will need to be aware of that which surrounds you, both above and under the water. In addition, the brilliance of knowing where you actually are. There are several choices of boat electronics available for your use. All sea going watercraft should have an automatic identification system. This is a…

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