Android Reader For 3dp Flip Book Launched

Good news to Android phone/tablet users that 3DPageFlip solution had released a new Android reader app for flip book in 3dp format, which is a special eBook format developed for 3D flip book by 3DPageFlip. 3DP is a specific flipbook format designed for convenient 3D flipbook reading on different platforms like PC, Mac, IOS, Android.

Smart phones and tablets are gaining popularity these days as a means for extending the functionality of desktops and laptops. Compared with traditional computer, today’s mobile devices are compact, lightweight, and not only smart enough for productivity but also ideal companions for reading while on the go. In the past, if people want to enjoy reading while going out or on a business trip, they need to carry heavy books with them. But technologies have change all this. Now you just need a smart device like android phone or tablet and have apps installed in those devices, then you can carry on with your reading habit without physical books any time you want and wherever you are.

As we know, 3DPageFlip devotes to develop professional 3D eBook creation tools, its applications help to build wonderful 3D page turning publication for digital publishing, making digital reading fun. 3DPageFlip has committed to the development of both mobile platform and desktop platform, and this time the release of 3D PageFlip Reader for Android ( is another milestone. 3DPageFlip reader for Android is especially developed for 3D flipping book, and it is compatible with only 3DP format eBook. Only if you get an Android device, with this new Android reader installed, you can fluently read any existing 3DP format of flipbook generated by 3DPageFlip software. Install the free 3D PageFlip Reader for Android to work with 3DP flipbooks on your Android tablet or phone. Then you can easily access, manage, and share a wide variety of flippingbooks with slide feature!

3D PageFlip Reader for Android is complete free for anyone, now you can get it from 3DPageFlip site or Google Play, go ahead to enjoy your reading on Android!

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How to send SMS by using Android SMPP SMS Gateway

When you want to connect your IT system to the mobile network you have three basic options: IP SMS connection; GSM modem connectivity and Android SMPP connection. If you have a relatively small SMS traffic (less than 1000 SMS a day), you should choose the latter. This article describes through the example of a specific product that what you need and what you should do if you want to send SMS with an Android-based SMPP SMS Gateway application.

For SMS messaging using any kind of SMS software you need to install and configure one or more Service Provider connections. For this purpose the Short Message Peer to Peer protocol (SMPP) connection is a possible method. The SMPP protocol can be used to connect your computer directly to the SMS Center of the Service Provider (SMSC). By this way you can send and receive SMS messages over the Internet or over a private IP network.


In order to send SMS messages from your corporate system by using SMPP connection you need some kind of SMS gateway software (for example Ozeki NG SMS Gateway). Obviously, you need a PC (this software requires Windows operation system) on which you can install this SMS software then compose and send messages. In case of Android SMPP connection there is need for an Android smartphone (Samsung, HTC, LC, Sony Ericsson, etc.) and an Android SMPP SMS Gateway (such as Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway) installed on your phone, as well.

Sending SMS

First of all, make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the Internet, because you need to download the application from Google Play. You can use WI-FI or your Mobile Internet. After you have installed it, you need to launch it.
In the next step is to connect your SMPP SMS Gateway to the computer. How does this happen when using Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway? After launching the application you will see some important information in the top left corner of the screen: Host name, Port number, Username, Password. You need to type these parameters in the management console of your SMS Gateway software (like Ozeki NG SMS Gateway). After you logging into your SMS software, add a new service provider connection by clicking on the appropriate menu item. Select the SMPP Connection then click on the install button. The Configuration panel of the SMPP Connection will appear. On the SMPP server settings tab you need to specify the followings: Host name, Port number, Username, Password. Use the parameters that can be found in your Android SMPP SMS Gateway application. In addition, you have to assign a telephone number and a specific service provider name to this connection.
After the basic settings, check the status of the connection by clicking on the logging panel. If you see that SMPP connection has been installed successfully, you are ready to compose and send a message.
Click on Compose a message button then fill in the form appropriately (select the type of your message, enter the telephone number of the recipient, compose your message, etc.) then click on Send/Ok. Thats it! If you use Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway, you will get a delivery report about successfully sent messages, so you can make sure that the recipient has gotten your message.

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Hire Android Developer To Benefit From The Growing Demand For Android

Google Android Smartphone at the top of the league. Android, an operating system based on Linux has caught the Smartphone market worldwide since its inception in 2007. Today, Android is the most popular OS and eliminates the necessity of hire android developers all-time high. In February 2012, an estimated 300 million android devices that are more popular, smart phones and tablet computers are used and more than 450,000 applications are available for download on Android Market applications. Android applications are widely used throughout the world. In December 2011 alone some 10 billion spectacular program is downloaded, the validation of the growing popularity of Android app market and as a way to increase the demand for hire android developers. So it is wise to assume that the Android app Development market fared the best.

The market of yesteryear and Google Android phones, now known as Play Google, the Android world by storm. Google is often criticized for its digital media distribution services. The recent launch of Google Play, which are gated Alma Market Apps, Google Music, Movies and Google eBook store on a platform, the market factors of comfort and truth may app. The Strategic decision is in the first place to rival iTunes and Amazon to prototype, and also for the Android market equity.

Android applications Developers are in high demand during this time. To make android applications, it is necessary for Android developers who are skilled and well trained in the nuances of the market, especially the behavior of users, and the need to hire.

A large majority of Smartphone users can make use of Android applications for pure entertainment, but the dependence of Android applications for everyday tasks such as business cannot be denied. The race for access to the latest applications to offer to significantly enhance the size and habits for Android developers to hire.

Android applications are built on Linux platform that supports Java. It helps to create the third-party application that is very easy to use. Android platform is reaching exclusive features, including plush development, application frameworks, Optimization of virtual machines with features such as camera, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi allows the creation of interesting and useful applications.

One of the marketing strategies for selling Smartphone application development by reducing the building height of the latest equipment technology in the market. A successful implementation depends largely on the notion of a principal and the experience of Android application development. So, when planning an Android developer to hire to ensure that developers are techno freaks, creative and innovative. The explosion of applications for Smartphone applications has led to the creation of a new market for developers with experience in application development. The effect is such that the youth is the developing field of application to select as a full-time career. The need for new applications for Smartphone users has grown exponentially and shows no signs of slowing. Hence the need for developers of Android applications to hire to grow.