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Android is prepared and promoted by the search engine giant, Google. Android is the world”s fastest growing mobile operating system today. With the launch of a numbers of new smartphones based on this OS by a lots of mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc, it has acquired top position on the mobile market as well as among the all mobile platform, Android is one of the best OS ever due to being open source.

Today, Android has attained its own marketplace, where there are more than 450K applications already uploaded by thousands of mobile app development firms as well as third party app coders and designers. Android is widely used in majority mobiles today; Google recently reported that they are activating more than 700,000 devices each day. If we take an example then out of 10 smartphone, 8 smartphone are based on this platform, so you can judge, how Android is growing and why people are prefer Android smartphones and tablets than further platform excluding for Apple iPhone.

Sources and researchers have already reported and are saying that one day, Android will be the monarch among all mobile platform; it will be the only platform in the market which will be used by all mobile makers. Android will beat the Apple”s iOS soon, a report says. Even I love to use Android powered smartphone, I have my own Galaxy S2 by Samsung smartphone, recently I have upgraded the latest version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, it”s an unbelievable, it”s a marvelous, it”s a dazzling, I have never seen the features which Android is offering in any other mobile OS.

If you are having Android devices or not, and if you want to want to earn a lot money then this is the best occasion for you by developing and uploading Android app on Google Android Marketplace because there are millions of Android device holders are installing app each day. And for that you need an app which offers unique features and innovative functions.

But how can this possible to make a successful app, don”t worry today in market there are thousands of mobile app development agencies, which are offering innovative Android solution at within your means but you have to hire precise app developers or company, who/which are offering reliable solution for your entire app development project. You may contact us for this job; we are here since last 7 years. Just go through our website and send free quote via inquiry form, we will develop for you at most affordable cost.

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