Buying Electronics By Online Shopping

Many people wonder if shopping online is the place to buy electronic items, both large and small. The answer is quite simple – yes – you will get the best prices for both small and large electronic products through this type of shopping.

A recent research study was done which asked nearly 20000 people where they believed they could get the best service and price when buying electronics. The results were overwhelming more people preferred going online to shop for both small and large consumer electronic products.

Why People Have Problems with Retailers

Many individuals prefer shopping online because they have less than favorable opinions or experiences with big name stores selling electronics. The national chain stores have problems with the sales staff in the electronic departments. They don’t seem to be trained well and often are unable to give shoppers information in a low-pressure way. It just seems to be a staff college students working part-time for extra money trying to sell high-end electronics to consumers. And frankly they are not good at sales or electronics.

Most people are generally willing to spend more for consumer electronic products when they get well-informed one on one service they want. This is why shopping online is getting better marks than the big retailers in customer satisfaction.

Advice When Buying Large Electronics Online

A few tips will make your experience with buying large electronics online even better. No matter what website you go to take time to read both customer as well as professional reviews. Some of the customer reviews are very revealing not only about the product but also the service offered on the website. People seem to be much more open and honest about their opinions and reviews when they are offered the anonymity of the internet.

Return Policies

Prior to buying anything online, it is best to check the website’s return policy. They will vary greatly from website to website. Usually except for computers, there is no time limit for bring some things back and some big name stores will ever let you return items to their local stores which saves on shipping for you.
On the other hand, some websites have very limited return policies. Once you open the box they will not take it back. So it is vital to read the return policies before buying electronic products online.

Also always remember most retailers both online and off will charge people a restocking fee sometimes up to 20% if the item has been open unless it is a defective product.


These are often a real pain but they are part of shopping especially if you want to get the best price possible. Several of the big box stores will allow you to apply for rebates online by just filling out a form – no hassle whatsoever.

Extended warranties

In one word – “no” – as they are not a good return on your investment while doing online shopping. They are a great waste of money due to the fact that most of today’s products are very reliable so extended warranties in very few cases pay off for you.

There is one exception and that is rear-projection micro display TVs. You need to consider a warranty that is extended when buying one of these due to the fact that the repair rate is about 3 times more than a flat panel TVs. Better yet use a credit card that doubles the manufacturer’s warranty at no extra charge.

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