Can You Get Genuine Ipods Or Other Apple Electronics From China-based Wholesale Sites

As an electronics wholesaler from China, I’m always feeling obliged to answer this question.

While this question is being asked, it’s usually for either of the two situations:
1) the asker wants Apple prodcts and would like to believe original ones are available from wholesale channels in China;
2) the asker ordered original ones and has been given copies, but still wants to make sure original sellers do exist.

A few scenarios:
1) I ordered two phones from them and they sent me a fake iPod which was only 20% value of what I paid for. I contacted this company and asked to correct my order. They never did it and they just ignore me on MSN.
2) The scammed us too. Should have seen your post before we lost money too. Send us a fake Ipod they parated!!!
3) I bought material from that website and never received the right order (fake ipod nano instead of Iphone 3GS). They never answered my emails after I reported them the problem. Here are the details of the company….
Such examples can go on and on. Hanging about a lot in several wholesale forums, I’m just too familiar with this type of complaints.

The answer is, no, you can’t get real iPods, no matter how seriously it is confirmed by your wholesalers. The odds are, they are 100% knock-offs.

Shocked? Let’s see why. Currently two types of genuine iPods are available in China:
1) those being for sale in franchise stores in China
2) those smuggled from Hong Kong especially

The fact is none of the online Wholesalers is allowed to sell Apple cell phones or players: these electronics sell only in real stores. As for smuggled Apple products, they are highly risky. On the one hand, the customs could hold back your goods for legal issues, meaning although you have paid money, you probably wouldn’t receive your order. Anyway if what your wholesaler wants is a long-term business relationship with you, it won’t risk selling smuggled products, otherwise it faces losing money to you for you haven’t received their goods. On the other, iPhones on Hong Kong market are different from those in other countries. I’ve seen buyers complain the goods they ordered couldn’t be used in their countries.

Next time you want an original Apple, you may go to a local store or shop in Apple official site.

Some may think knock-offs are worth a try. Well, just remember there”re many types and versions of knock-offs by different manufacturers. Normally knock-offs are much cheaper than the original. But the copy prices could also be widely varied from one knock-off to another. If you do fall for knock-offs however, be sure to reach out for a local helper. If you wish to retail Apple knock-offs, remember to tell your customers the truth.

Though it”s highly risky to buy real Apple electronics, it”s safe to buy Apple accessories, like chargers, speakers and cases. But safe is not 100%. It”s always necessary you have a trustworthy partner in China.

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