Cautions To Avoid Event Wireless Internet Failure

It is no less than a nightmare for presenters to stuck amid a meeting or while demonstrating a keynote on stage due to internet failure. Event sponsors and exhibitors are sensitive about the internet connectivity as much of the success of their participation in the event depends on a fast, reliable and uninterrupted event internet service. With the failure of wireless connectivity, the event organizer’s reputation also puts into a stake. The post-conference meetings become fiery with the sponsors and exhibitors bombarding their questions one after another such in a rapid fire round and the exhibitors sitting on the hot-seat has no clear understanding of what went wrong.

To avoid any such unforeseen situation that might turn fatal for your event business, you must consider addressing the following at the planning stage of your event:

To manage wireless connectivity at an event is more complex than to manage a regular office or home internet connectivity. Here you need to do detailed analyses of the space usage, do proper capacity planning and calculate the number of participants at the planning stage itself.

It is always a good idea to include the networking team in all pre-conference meetings. They can help you find potential loopholes at an early stage and let you avoid any mishap during the event.

High-density areas like lobby, keynote and session rooms should be closely monitored; these areas attract more people and the wireless technology also has its limitations. Thus it requires high-density wireless network services in these areas to cater to the needs of the event exhibitors and visitors.

It is also a good idea to educate and pre-inform the attendees about the availability and limitation of wireless connectivity in the event. This will minimize the possibility of internet failure due to heavy user traffic.

Keep tracking different social networking sites for connectivity comments during your event. This way you can track any network malfunctioning at an early stage and take necessary step to make it work properly.

To avoid connection failure, avoid adding complexities to the connection process like sponsor splash screens, password or registration pages. Moreover, these also make your connection slow.

Ask your event internet provider to give a post-event usage report containing useful information that includes bandwidth usage, capacity, number of connected devices etc.

For show organizers, managing the internet services within the venue becomes a really tough job at times, especially when the event is organized on a big scale. However, to enjoy hassle-free management, the organizers can also chose mobile wireless internet services. These pocket-size devices feature high-speed connectivity, multi-sharing options and offer seamless service even during high-bandwidth requirements. Additionally, these lets you free from managing the connection manually as it requires no additional network hardware setup.

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