Choosing The Right Wireless Driveway Alarm For You

One method to prevent security breaches and protect your family member or employees is by installing a wireless driveway alarm system. Its essential to install a driveway alarm for an absolute safety securing the most vulnerable locations of the property. A driveway sensor alarms are the excellent way to protect the driveway.

Many wireless driveway alarms with different features and price flooded the market and it becomes an uneasy task to choose one. To make a good decision on your security needs, you have carefully assembled information on the different types of alarms available.

Besides protecting your walkway or driveway, driveway sensor alarms also alerts you when your kids is headed to the pool, if you have one, or the whirling stairway while they are not at under your supervisory. The most practical and easy to install is perhaps the wireless driveway alarms. But, its really necessary to choose an alarm with a long range of sensor, so you can be set to a maximum possible range in your area. Some sensors can reach for a few miles away. Pick a system that can work efficiently with several sensors and receivers.

The driveway alarm sensor should be installed at 2-3 feet above the ground, for an efficient. It can mount it on a tree, on a building or a post up to 6 feet from the driveway or area to be monitored. The good quality wireless driveway alarm always includes a lifetime guarantee.

To get a successful purchase there are few things that you have to do. First, you have to determine the minimum transmission distance. You should measure the distance between the vehicle sensor and the indoor receiver. The adept system can transmit the signal up to 1000 feet in open area and about 2300 feet through walls.

The next step is deciding whether you want a driveway monitor that will detect cars, people and animal or jut vehicle. Some sensors designed to ignore small animals under 30 lbs
You also need to determine whether this wireless alarm will be a standalone alert or be a part your home automation system.

Find out if theres an obstruction, such as hills or trees, which can reduce the transmission capacity. However, in presence of hills and trees, its wise to find a new location where the transmitter and receiver distance is less interrupted or not at all. Calculate how many sensors and receivers you needed and required. Its essential detail for who have multiple driveways and large houses.

The last thing to do is ask some important question to the salesperson such as are the sensor or transmitter is waterproof? Or, will it work in the dark or in absence of power shortage? Ask him to will the multiple driveway alarm system record each transmitter signal.

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