Does Wireless Computer Monitors Exist

The recent trend in consumer technology over the past couple years has been towards wireless technology.Quality wireless mouse can be bought under $20, wireless keyboards less than $30 and most of the newly released stand alone printers and Multi Function Devices have built in wireless features.When buying new peripheral equipment for your computer it is almost expected for the device to have wireless capability built in.There are also Bluetooth devices such as headsets to complement your wireless home network, manifesting the advent of wireless technology.

The Benefits of wireless technology are fairly obvious, some examples are

A well organized desk without worrying about cables of any additional electronic devices being purchased. – No need to spend the effort running wiring through walls, floors and around obstacles. – Freedom to move around with your device as you please. – Rechargable batteries mean that you don’t need to keep purchasing new ones. The prices are competitive with other wired counterparts.

With the growing number of wireless keyboards, printers, phones, scanners, etc. would you come to think about wireless monitors?There would almost certainly be a large consumer demand for such a product if it were to be released.

There is a need for an amount of information to be transferred from a computer to its monitors in order to display images in high definition.The required bandwidth is higher than that is required by wireless keyboards and Bluetooth devices.Right now the major manufacturers yet to create a computer monitors with built in wireless capability although transmission rates have started to approach the speed required for a wireless monitor.

In the meantime, if you are dead set on getting a wireless monitor there are a few adapter’s on the market that might do the job.There are several VGA to usb wireless adapters that you can simple plug in to your devices in order to support wireless connectivity.They generally work fairly well but if viewing full screen video on the monitor sometimes the quality can deteriorate due to bandwidth issues.These adapters can be bought through amazon or other electronics shops.

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