Ever Best Android Apps Collection

Small Street

Keep your street filled with happy citizens by building shops, apartments, restaurants and finding them the perfect job in the game Small Street for Android.


Over 40 different shops and buildings
5 unique business types

Earn money by stocking and selling goods

Build townhomes and keep your business staffed
Complete tasks to earn bonus rewards
Customize citizens look and clothes
Earn achievements

Tap Safari

Do you have what it takes to grow a small grassland to a world class safari park? Create a magnificent safari park filled with exotic animals in Tap Safari for Android.


Over 70 exotic animals
Breed and Crossbreed animals
Unlock attractions and animals
Strategically place sidewalks and rivers
Hire rangers

Annoying Orange

Are you ready for some fruit carnage? Flick characters from the popular YouTube series in Annoying Orange: Carnage Lite for Android.


Flick Banana, Apple, Cantaloupe and more to their deaths
Bonus multipliers cutting board, blenders, and the almighty “Vent Hood of Death”
10,000,000 Watt microwave
Over 50 unique voice clips and animations

Rocket Weasel Free

Something has gone horribly wrong during class. Mr. Weasel’s students have been captured, help him save his students in the physicspuzzle game Rocket Weasel Free for Android.


Interactive puzzler
64 levels (full version)
Colorful characters
Friendly farm animals

Epic Defense

Withstand the attack from Orcs by calling on the powerful element defense tower in the game Epic Defense for Android.


Rich story background
21 levels
2 different modes
3 difficulty levels
A RPG-like upgrade syste


Fling Squids across the battlefield in the action strategy/RPG game SQUIDS for Android. Go up against corrupted shrimps and crabs by building your team of heroes.


Unique mix of classic RPG elements and turn-based tactics
Four different classes: troopers, scouts, shooters and healers
Win turn-based battles by using strategy and skill
Special ability-boosting helmets
Heroic boss battles
Gorgeous detailed levels

Tilt Racing

Wanna race? Race your way to victory in the game Tilt Racing for Android. Compete in head-to-head races, time trials and massive career mode.


6 race modes
10 different tracks
6 different cars
Accelerometer and Touch Pad controls
Astonishing physics

Mage Defense

Protect the castle from monsters in the tower defense game Mage Defense for Android. Strategically place mages outside to protect the castle.


Fantasy-style characters
50 stages of enjoyment
Four factors to beat monsters
20 types of monsters

Skater Boy

Do you have what it takes to be a skater boy? Accelerate and jump over obstacles in the game Skater Boy for Android. Pull off a few crazy tricks in the air to get some extra points.


90 cool levels
3 different terrains
Various cool tricks
Simple graphics

Domino’s Pizza USA

Want pizza for dinner tonight? How about Domino’s? Order pizza from anywhere with the official app, Domino’s Pizza USA for Android.


Order from almost any Domino’s in the U.S.
Access to all the menu items
Find coupons
Automatically saves your most recent store

N7 Music Player

Looking for a new way to play your music? N7 Music Player offers a unique way to browse through your music collection. Use multitouch to zoom in and out to view your music in full album covers or text.


Multi-touch music albums plane
Music catalog showing: artists, genres and albums
5 band graphic equilizer
Automatic and manual album art download
Filtered file browser
ID3 tags editor
Music widget
Lockscreen widget

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