Funny Iphone Tricks

Amusing, fun and entertaining IPhone tricksare some of the most popular options programmers have been offering to iPhone users. Not only are they fun, theyre also interesting, if we consider them from a technical point of view. The producers of these apps thought of an innovative way to show users that there are more things that can be done with an IPhone than just the smart phone functions.

IPhone tricks go beyond such classic iPhone features as the touch screen functions of browsing through artists and songs or pictures.These are the classical and basic functions that iPhones offer.The best tricks, however, are also related to the unique functions of the touch screen display that the iPhone offers.

For example, the popcorn trick creates the unique effect of realistic popcorn popping in the screen of the iPhone. It goes hand-in-glove with another special trick, which is the beer glass effect. This latter trick gives the impression that the iPhone screen is a beer glass. The illusion of beer is so realistic, especially if the iPhone is directed one way or another, that the liquid actually seem to pour.

Once you pour the beer out of the phone,metaphorically speaking, the iPhone glass remains empty and you can still see some of the tiny remaining beer bubbles on the edges of the glass on-screen.

These tricks have been delighting many iPhone users and now actually represent the central reason for which many people chose to buy their own iPhones.

Besides the two tricks mentioned above, theres another one that should entertain you a sort of masterpiece of illusion. This is the x-ray trick. The x-ray trick is considered outstanding because it involves your hand in the trick. Its very simple to do. Just place your hand in the front of the iPhones camera. You will then see your hands bones, as if you were exposed to an x-ray machine.

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