Gadget of the Month The Giles & Posner Hot Stone Grill

In my experience, few cooking gadgets survive the test of time. The cappuccino frother and smoothie maker loitering in the gadget dungeon of my kitchen pay testament to their usefulness. With this in mind, it was with some scepticism that I slapped a couple of plump chicken breasts on the Giles & Posner Hot Stone Grill. The last time I encountered this “Neolithic” cooking technique was in a little coastal eatery in the Algarve. A fin lab of cow sizzled on a hot stone before my hungry eyes. Having experienced an authentic hot stone in action, I approached Giles & Posner’s attempt to replicate such dining theatre with the distinct air of a connoisseur.

What makes cooking using the Hot Stone Grill especially healthy is that no fats or oils are required. The high temperature of the hot stone seals the meat, locking in its natural juices. Although it did require a smidgen of oil on the first couple of cooking trials to prevent sticking, grilling progressed well without oil in subsequent attempts. The end result was a flavour that had me reminiscing about the warm Med; the chicken breasts were moist and tasted light and fresh. You don’t get those flavours using an oiled pan. Although the Hot Stone Grill makes for an effective rapid solo cooking experience, it’s particularly good at a party. The invitation to come and try my hot stone may have left my guests thinking massage rather than meat, but we enjoyed a good fun evening. It’s like a fondue party, especially if you have a variety of meats for friends to choose from. Add in a selection of sauces and you’ve got a dinner party where your friends do all of the cooking!

Not being the tidiest of chefs, and being distinctly allergic to washing dishes, it was a relief to find that a simple wipe down of the hot stone surface was all that was required. At just under 30 and with a built-in bread warmer, the humble hot stone has been brought into the 21st century, alive and sizzling.

– The Giles & Posner Hot Stone Grill costs 23.99. For more information visit the website at is empty

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