Grace Audio Schooner Wireless speaker review

Grace Audio Schooner Wireless speaker review Lets talk about the Grace Audio Schooner line of wireless outdoor speaker systems shall we?

These speakers are great for our outdoor hot tubs, pools and saunas. There is no problem in hooking them up, since there are no wires to deal with and there are no worries with the weather since the speakers are weather-resistant! just purchasing them you will eventually want to buy the aqua sounder ball too for your hot tub or pool. What makes them really exciting to use is there portability and their look. The aqua sounder actually floats in your pool or hot tub and is fun to play with with your friends or family. It has a volume control right on the ball and a cool looking blue light that looks fun underwater at night! Based on the price and the ease of set up, these are great wireless outdoor speakers for the money. You will look forward to using them as much as possible. Schooners Weatherproof Wireless Speakers, are also a great addition to your lakefront property.

This speaker system is advertised to be easy to set up and provide great sound. They really are easy to set up, just take them out of the box, place them where you want and turn them on. It really is that simple with the Schooners! One of the best bangs for the buck on the market today. You can spend many times the cost of these and still not see the advantage in sound quality. Typically the best sounding outdoor speakers are patio speakers and rock speakers. But they require an amplifier to power them and wires to bury but if you can go wireless for a great sounding option, why do all that work?

With all the wireless outdoor speaker options on the market today, it is hard to find the best option for your needs. Hopefully you will get a chance to check out the Grace Audio Schooner line of outdoor speakers and see for yourself the ease of set up and the great sound quality that they can provide. If you want to enjoy your outdoor space with your favorite music we suggest giving these a listen and see for your self!

The Outdoor Speaker Guy