Great Android Application Development Tips

Android is one of the most innovative amongst the smartphones and tablets. Android technology offers several exciting future opportunities.

Android application development process is quite easy to kick start with the help of SDK. The entire content of the Android source code is accessible online, with extensive documentation and a friendly community. A treasure of tools and demos for IDEs will make easier an otherwise steep learning curve. There are some advantage even further with 5 tips to make the most of your android application development process.

Use Android’s Platform Patterns
How can you encourage people to share information using your app. The usual method is via platform intents. It is advisable to expose intents to your application and there are myriad of intents from which your app can benefit. The most popular is the generic intent – ACTION_SEND option. Proclaim that you provide with an ACTION_SEND option and watch how users rush to your app via normal message and picture sharing applications.

Rely on Hierarchy Viewer To Create Views
Using View Hierarchy you can easily explore activity UIs and it can assist you visualize complicated layouts. If you aspire to take advantage of this tool, youll either require an emulator or a phone with an Android OS development version. This tool will support you during the entire development cycle of your layouts along with styling development.

Initially youre offered with a roster of components. By choosing any of these you are introduced with its associated tree view layout.

Capture PNG/PSD
Several useful data can be exported to assist you when youre compiling or fixing your designs. You can keep a screenshot object model of the latest view hierarchy tree or can also export the current state as an assimilation of layers available to switch off and on, or move as layers in a PSD for use via Adobe Photoshop.

Use Themes
Themes are meant to assist you in managing styles in an entire app. To design your app with strict styling early during the development of your app will enable you easily deal with device idiosyncrasies at a later stage when you will develop your app for the best performance on various resolutions and sizes of screens.

Offer Translations
Android market is an essential part of global smartphone. You can pitch a greater section of audience by simply offering translated title and narration for your app in this market. Start from the user base and gradually move on to offer localized text for particular regions that appears to be of interest in your application. You can see and download details particular to specific locations in the Android Market.

Standardize Naming Convention
In the res/values/directory you’ll find attributes. Create some logical and sensible guidelines and then stick to them. In this way, later on down the line while an important bug fixing, your development partner would be able to find unassisted items.

Whether you hire Android Developer for android game development or any other application, these tools and tips can help them optimize android application development process.

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