Growth Of Android Phone In The Smart Phone Sector And Scope As An Android Developer

Other Phones does not have an application store as vast as android market. People want a phone where at the same time they can play games, check mail, connect with social networking sites. So android smart phones are selling like hot cakes in the market. Android is steps ahead of other operating system. The applications on Android are ten times better than that on the Symbian. In addition, Google releases regular updates for the Android OS, unlike others. So people no more wish to buy phones investing money in other cell phones. There is an option of wireless charging which only the android phones are providing.
Android expanded its dominance of the global smart phones market. Android phones are the most dominant phones in the market and it is estimated to capture 80% of Indian market by 2015. So there lies ample scopes and opportunities for android developers. For being trained in android candidates should have good expertise in Advanced Java. And here by expertise we do not mean the theoretical knowledge of Java. Developers should have strong programming and Java implementation skills. So they should undergo technical training in Java from a reputed Organization.
Android applications are developed using the Java language. Java incorporates many of the powerful features of those powerful languages. Some of the Javas important core features are:
Its designed to be platform-independent and secure, using
virtual machines
Its object-oriented
Android relies heavily on these Java fundamentals. The Android SDK includes many standard Java libraries (data structure libraries, math libraries, graphics libraries, networking libraries) as well as special Android libraries that will help one develop awesome Android applications. But for that the developer should be properly trained.
Approximately 70% of people are using phones which have android. As of now it is one of the most popular Mobile Platform. Android gives a world class platform for creating application and games for android users as everywhere as well as an open market place for distributing to them instantly.
There is a huge demand for android developers and companies are facing a dearth of mobile development talent. There are more demand than supply because there exists a lack of quality mobile developers. Android growth is at its peak in terms of hand set sells and applications available. Applications are made using Java and Eclipse tools. According to market survey it is found that people are more intended towards the application that helps them to connect with the social networking site, micro blogging and can be customized as per their likes.
So for all the java developers here is a great scope and opportunity for you to shape your career in android provided you have got sharp technical skills. For that students should receive a technical training in android that helps to sharpen their programming and implementation skills. As per the statistics:-
400million activated android devices
1 million activations per day
12 devices activated at every second
The foremost quality that an android developer should possess is excellent command over java programming, and they use it to leverage the platform. In addition should have solid application testing skills and good communication. So all the Freshers who are willing to make their Career as a software android developer should go through a practical android training program from a reputed training company to learn the art of programming and technical implementation that educational institutes fail to provide.

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