Highpower High-speed Flash Products – Nicefoto Wireless Studio Flash Nflash 680a

Photographers are distressed by the outdoor uncontrolled light when taking photos outside. Take an imagination, photographers need to hold a flash on the light stand with no power cable which disturb them, or make them feel press with this flash. The wireless Nflash 680A studio flash light which is petite that it is just a light head; users don’t need to take a heavy power pack with them for outdoor photography. In addition, there isn’t any cables surround in the flash, so it is really convenient. Small, light weight and durable flash light which is affordable and easy to operate and fast refresh rates, this flash sleek and stylish exterior.

A powerful, professional wireless studio flash that goes anywhere with no power cords, no cables, no tethering. So here I have delved into the technical aspects of this NiceFoto studio flash light.

Nflash series flash of the world’s leading design concept, working system and the flash is an organic whole to power supply system. Away from the traditional outdoor photo light strip line with the shackles of the power box, saving more than 50% of the workforce, than photography work will be more freedom, more relaxed, more efficient.

Nflash three functions: Wide range 1/1-1/64 power output adjustment, 5-speed high-speed flash fast shooting. Adjustable speed high frequency flashes, multi-function combine to make your photographic inspiration fullest.

The Nice nflash 680A is a moonlight with a lithium ion battery built into the flash head. It has an integrated radio trigger, Bowens S accessory mount and IGBT circuitry.

The main features about the NiceFoto n flash 680A Portable Wireless Studio Flash

-n flash 680a Wireless studio flash full power is 680W/S, Every 5 seconds to flash a cases, continue to flash more than 500 times. It can support high-speed flash, capturing fast transient screen, record each moving moment, allows the photography more exciting.
-Dimming range covers seven aperture, precisely regulated power output.
-It can support continuous shooting speed of 25 / s flash work, capable of the world’s top high-speed continuous shooting camera design.
-It can support high-frequency flash work; nflash wireless studio Flash support 25 times per second flash, Strobe times and strobe speed can be adjustable.

With the wireless studio flash, you don’t need to take a heavy power pack with you for outdoor photography; it is so petite that it is just a light head. Moreover, there isn’t any cables surround in the flash, it is really convenient. Besides outdoor photography, it is also convenient for studio photography. Let us imagine, with the flash, you just need to hold it on the light stand, no power cable which disturb you, or make you feel press, isn’t it perfect?

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