How Addition Programs Your Computer

Computers are such an integral part of the developed world that in the year 1999, widespread fear of systems failing at midnight on January 1, 2000, sent millions of people in a panic to purchase water, generators, and canned food.”

“Addition powered the code needed to control a computer’s ability to re-program bank accounts, municipal electric grids, and water systems.”
“Binary math is the basic part of a computer coding system, where the addition of two numeric symbols, zero and one, are used to represent all real numbers.”

” Binary math is used in the computer’s language because it can easily communicate on and off, which are the only two true conditions of an electric circuit.”

The speed of this communication is processed at a much higher rate when dealing with only the addition of zeros and ones.

Understanding binary math requires simple addition within a linear algebraic formula.

“When the addition is executed, the on and off or yes and no command is sent to a computer’s communication center.”

“Computer programming also uses hexadecimal code, which is used for communicating commands such as color, through the addition of a series of numbers one through nine and letters A through F.”

“The combination of binary and hexadecimal numeric systems creates bits and bytes, which use addition to create storage units in computer language. ”

“One byte is equal to eight bits, and the addition of bits or bytes to a processor will increase the speed of a computer.”

The commands sent to a computer for a specific task are sent through binary math addition.
“The series of zeros and ones are decoded through rapid addition, which then sends commands to the computer to display things such as: a font’s size, color, and style. ”

Addition is the main calculator of binary math; without it computer programming would be lost.

“A more in depth example of how this code is determined through addition can be shown through how the word “AT” is formed.”
“A sequence of zeros and ones are assigned to each letter of the alphabet; the letter “A” in PC’s and Mac’s is O1000001 and “T” is 01010100.”

“The word “AT” would then be formed on your computer screen after the addition in binary code summed together the total of O100000101010100.”

“The addition is performed through an arithmetic logic unit, also referred to as an ALU, to sum the numbers final sequence.”

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