How To Connect Huawei Usb Modem To Android Tablet

Here we take Huawei E153U Modem for Example:

If your E153 USB Modem is the carriers limited version you need to unlocked it first, or you can buy a unlocked Huawei E153U Modem directly from

Steps for connecting android tablet to Huawei modem:

First, Huawei E153U Modem Unlocking

1. Plug the modem into the pc. Wait for modem auto detection and driver installation.

2. Run Teraterm Pro or Hyper Terminal, select serial then search the assigned com port for your modem (usually have two…try one).

3. Type “ATZ at u2diag ^ = 0” then press enter. If an “OK” message is displayed then go to step 5. If no message is displayed go to step 4.

4. Restart Teraterm or hyper terminal; select the other com port assigned for the modem then repeat step 3.

5. Unplug the modem from your PC.

Second, connect Huawei E153U USB modem to android tablet

6. Plug the modem into Herotab mid 816 wait until the signal bar appears at the top task bar.

7. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators

8. It will search available 3G networks in your place. Select your specific Network operator.

9. Then Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and press menu button then select New APN

10. Configure your APN

11. Scroll down and check whether the MNC and MCC numbers are there, if not, press the menu and select the discard and repeat the steps 7-10 (for new APN).

12. Save the new APN.

13. Activate APN by selecting it (until the green circle at the right side)

14. Wait for the 3G logo at the top task bar.

15. Open your internet browser and enjoy surfing the net.

Note: when using hyper Terminal or Teraterm Pro for Huawei E153 you will experience that when you type at the text editor it seems like your Keyboard is disabled but it is not.

For the hyper terminal to see what you are typing go to file menu > Properties then on the displayed dialog go to settings tab then click ascii setup button then check the “Echo typed characters locally” and click OK.

For the Teraterm Pro: I just typed “ATZ at u2diag ^ = 0” even it seems that the keyboard is disabled then i pressed enter then an “OK” message is displayed. Then I continued through the steps and I’ve got my Huawei E153 working.

For details about how to unlock Huawei modem you can also refer to this instruction:

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