How To Extend Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Area

A wireless keyboard connects to a desktop or laptop computer through a Bluetooth connection. This is different from wireless connections that require a wireless transmitter (typically provided with the wireless hardware) because the Windows computer already has a built in Bluetooth connection that reads the signal being produced by the keyboard.

However, the built in Bluetooth connection is not typically very strong; this forces anybody applying the laptop keyboard to stay within a few feet of the computer. If someone using the equipment wants to increase the radio output range of the wireless keyboard they actually need to increase the strength of the computer’s Bluetooth connection. This allows the individual to move the keyboard further away from the system. You can travel to Bluetooth Well-Suited Phone to learn more about that theme.

Power on Bluetooth Keyboard

Power on the wireless keyboard and the computer. The wireless keyboard has a power button directly in the corner of the hardware (it is going to blink on, signalling the device has completely powered on – if laptop keyboards does not turn on the batteries need to be replaced). Wait for the operating system to completely boot before proceeding.

Connect Bluetooth Antenna

Insert the Usb data cable into the Usb port of the Bluetooth extending antenna, then plug the opposite end of the cable into the Usb port of your computer. The Usb data cable comes provided with the extending antenna. This antenna is going to significantly extend the output radius of the Bluetooth hardware.

Install Bluetooth Driver

Place the installation Cd into the disc drive of the computer, then close the drive. Momentarily the driver installation wizard appears for the screen. Click “Next” for the installation welcome page, after that read through and accept the license agreement. Click “Next” again for both the installation name and location, then choose “Install” to install the driver on to the computer.

Power on Bluetooth Antenna

Power for the Bluetooth extender antenna (if needed, like some antennas don’t have a real power button installed). Powering on this antenna independently extends the Bluetooth range several fold, enabling any person applying the laptop keyboard to move the laptop keyboard to any location in your home and still utilize it on your computer. If you would want to find out more particular information about this subject, you definitely have to visit Gps bluetooth cell phone.

Although major people using a wireless keyboard will stay close to the linked computer, it is helpful to extend the wire-free link of a Bluetooth adapter at the time when laptop keyboards will probably be used in several spots throughout the home, or from an extended distance. The entire installation procedure just takes a few minutes to completely, leaving any person using the hardware more time to finish their computing tasks.

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