How To Reset Linksys Wireless Router

Step 1: Search for the reset button on your Linksys Wireless router.

You will find a small red colored reset button on rear panel. Generally Linksys models have the reset button at the back of the wireless router. In case of WRT series of router, they have tiny in size red colored hole on the back panel. In case of new E series broadband router E4200, E3200, E1200, E2500, E1550, E1500, the reset button is at the bottom side of the broadband router. You will require to turn the device upside down.

Step 2: According to the reference book of the router you require to press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. Use a ball point pen or paper clip. I will recommend you to press and hold it at least for 30 seconds. While pressing the reset button, you will be able to see the power led will begin blinking.

Step 3: Release the reset button and rest for 30 seconds.

Step4: Take out the power wire from the back side of the router. Stand by for 10 seconds and plug it back in.

Step5: Rest for 30 seconds till all the leds turn ON and power led will become stable.

Step 6: Now insert the Cd for reinstallation. Or you may set up your device manually, with out cd. Just open the settings page and modify the settings to create a new network.

How to unbrick Linksys wireless router:

Push and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
Do not let go the reset button and take apart the power wire. Keep it unplugged for 10 seconds while you are still pushing the reset button.
Plug in the power wire while you are still holding the reset. Press the reset button 30 seconds after plugging the power cable.
Stand by for 30 seconds and see if the power light becomes continuous.

If the power led is sstable then try to access the settings page using the default IP address Make sure that your pc is connected with the Ethernet cable for the reconfiguration. Do not adjust the router settings using a wi-fi computer. Use wired pc instead.

There is another techniquesetting the router. If you are able to access the settings page of Linksys wireless router then you can reset the wireless router using web based setup page.

Click on “Administration” tab then go to “Factory Defaults” sub tab. You will see the option to “Restore factory defaults”.

If the power light on your broadband router is flashing continuously then there is a problem with your device. It might be bricked. Try to reset the broadband router 2 – 3 times and check to see if the power led becomes solid.
If the power light is still flashing then you can try 30-30 reset on your broadband router.

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