How To Share The Dm500 With A Cdma Wireless Ethernet Card

DM500 is a satellite signal receiver which is produced by DreamMedia Inc. Using a DM500; you can enjoy TV programs around the world. Since DM500 is such good object, how can we share it with our friends just using a common CDMA wireless Ethernet card?

Before we operate on the sharing project, we should make the basic hardware requirement ready. You need a laptop, a CDMA wireless Ethernet card, a coaxial cable which has Registered Jack on both of its end, a projector and a DM500 of course. If you have got all the objects mentioned above, lets start to build the sharing system. You have to follow the steps in order to make your system stable and work efficiently.

1. Turn down all the equipments; link the DM500 to the satellite antenna. Then connect DM500 and projector. Connect laptop and DM500 using the coaxial cable. Attach the CDMA card to laptop. After the processes above, you can turn on the equipments. Remember, the turning on order of equipments must be first DM500, then projector, finally laptop.

2. Set the network parameter. You have to set up the CDMA Ethernet card first. Do not let the autorun software installed on the card begins to run. Firstly, have a right click on the My Network Place icon (If your operating system is Windows 95 or Windows 98, the icons name is Network Neighborhood), then left click on the last option. There is a wireless LAN network option, right click on it and turn to the advanced options under the characteristic option card. Turn down the Windows firewall, click on all the sharing options. There will be a warning window when the DM500 connects laptop, click on Yes. Do not turn on CDMA card right now.

3. Set up the Internet protocol (TCP/IP). Change the IP address to, modify the netmask to Then gill in the form about network parameters on DM500. The first line should be filled in The second line should be filled with The third line should be and the last line is Remember to store the modification.

4. Turn on the CDMA card though My Network Space. Do not let the cards own software run, or you cannot succeed.

5. Wait a minute and you can see the lights of Ethernet card, laptops Ethernet card and CDMA card are on at the same time, now your job is done!

Congratulations! Now you can share the DM500 with any network equipment.

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